1. An introduction to a Red persona

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A quick glance at a Blue persona

Blue personas are loving, caring and encouraging at their core. Their intent is delivering loyal service in any context. They are conscientious, to the point of being perfectionists.

Blues are sensitive communicators who value maintaining harmony and peace amongst others above their own priorities. They are encouraging and have a genuine desire to see others become successful.

With a creative edge to their personality comes a certain level of impulsivity, but Blues can be hesitant to act on their own impulses.

It is easy to mistake someone who can be so outgoing for an extrovert but paradoxically, Blues are rather shy and private people. They never seek out the limelight on purpose, they rarely push to promote their own achievements, and although they are great communicators, they also easily become exhausted by engaging others. This can be a source of confusion for people who don’t understand that Blues need downtime away from people, or at least limited to being with only their closest loved ones.

Blue personas are often the undiscovered diamonds in society. They are the cohesive glue that keeps business teams, groups of friends and families close-knit. They are tactful and considerate of other people’s feelings.

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