1. An introduction to a Green persona

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A quick glance at a Green persona

Greens are the most detail-oriented type and often are nothing short of perfectionists. They are driven by accuracy and work well with system oriented concepts. Details are important to them, and so is getting to the bottom of everything.

Greens are very pleasant to have a conversation with as they are polite, well-mannered and sociable. They keep the conversation flowing and will be keen to know your interests. They love small talk, are knowledgeable about a lot of things, and are fun to be around socially. This is truer if they already know you than if you are a stranger, in which case they may keep conversation rather businesslike.

Greens are very organised, sometimes almost to the point of being pedantic. They are structured, diligent and punctual, and would expect everyone else around them to be the same.

Greens can impose such stringent rules and boundaries that their bureaucratic stance can cause conflict with others. However, they make up for their rigidness with an overall caring nature. Greens tend to be very loyal, except when things have been going wrong for them for a while in which case they can become cynical.

Greens come across as very friendly and outgoing; they will happily chat with anyone who would like to strike up a conversation. Don’t be mistaken, however, that their friendly front means that they are an open book. Greens keep their feelings to themselves and it is difficult to break down these barriers. Once they let you in and feel comfortable with you, they will share certain things with you. Just accept it as a given that this person will never want to sit down and talk about feelings.

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