1. An introduction to a Mint persona

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A quick glance at a Mint Persona

Mint personas are hard-working people with impeccable manners and a creative streak. They are polite, soft-spoken and evenly tempered. As work partners, Mints are very selfless, charitable, nice-to-be-around and easy-going people. They are diplomatic and tactful, so conflicts do not arise easily with these people. They are very thoughtful about the needs of others and may even put some of them on a pedestal.

Mints are quite conservative and have strong family values. They are very loyal and stay closely connected to their friends and family. They are traditional in their ways and would want a family that has an environment of respect and of people getting on with one another.

If Mints are asked to do something that goes against their values or principles, they will struggle with that and won’t do so easily. They would also struggle in an environment where things are unruly, contentious, loud and backbiting. They have strong intuition and can sense undercurrents and vibes.

They put thoughts into things they do and like things to be organised. They are not impulsive or likely to do things on the spur of the moment. It’s not that they don’t go and do new things, but they will explore when the time is right for them, rather than throwing everything out of the window and diving head first into the unknown.

Mints are very detail oriented, like Greens, but also solution-focused, like Whites. Those two qualities combine together to make them very practical people. They might not be the most creative persona but they are very good at taking other people’s ideas and putting legs on them. They like to see projects completed and do that quite effectively through their tendency to document everything, follow up, and follow through.

While Mints might appear like steady and predictable people, they will surprise you with a wild streak that comes out once in a while when the circumstances are right. In general, these people are well-rounded and value maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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