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Test your assumptions about someone's Persona.

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Welcome to a new take on communicating!

PersonaCue helps you feel less stressed and more confident in all spheres of your life. You will have more success in your interactions because you will understand yourself and others better. Use this tool and you will soon find yourself intuitively ‘spotting’ someone else’s persona.

Our palette of eight colour personas are easy to relate to, and easy to remember.  Of the eight, three are blended from the five base colours. This makes it easy to see where personality traits are shared between neighbouring personas.

You already depend on that ‘gut feel’ that you get when meeting someone. You unconsciously scan their traits in milliseconds. Their features, gestures, accent, scent, posture, vocabulary, clothing and accessories all provide you with instant clues. The result? You feel drawn or suspicious, almost instantaneously.

PersonaCue provides a simple framework that helps you identify what you are ‘seeing’. Besides being able to manage yourself better, you will relate much better to each of the eight individual personas on the chart.

You may already have taken our lightening quick quiz, but before you log in to see your results, take a moment and read below how to navigate this site. We also explain why we describe you in two colours, and we provide an introduction on ‘reading’ others. Of course, if you cannot stand the wait, log right in and come back here later!

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