1. An introduction to a Purple persona

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A quick glance at a Purple persona

Purple personas are big-hearted, community-oriented people who are practically-minded and skilled at organisation. Their people skills are second to none; they are thoughtful and polite and generally give a great first impression as they tend to make others feel instantly comfortable around them.

There are two sides to Purple personas – on one hand, they are really kind, emotional and sensitive; on the other, they are calculated and systematic. This is an ideal combination for organisation, planning and people-focused tasks. Purples are fantastic at organising and managing people and are very likely to be involved in community events, to volunteering for charities or help out in events that have a good cause.

Purples have very strong perfectionist tendencies and a logical mind. Thanks to their ability to think systematically, they climb the career ladder quite successfully and are generally quite intelligent and academic. Feeling competent and knowledgeable is important to their sense of self.

Socially, Purples don’t necessarily like to be the centre of attention and can be easily irritated by some people’s quest for the limelight.

However, don’t mistake their friendliness for openness, as they tend to hold back at the start of relationships, including those in business. You may feel like they have their guard up and are being reserved and careful, it takes a while for them to develop trust for someone, but once the person has proved themselves thoroughly a Purple persona will welcome people into their lives.

In long-term friendships and relationships, they are intensely loyal and family-oriented and are designed for the long haul. They won’t bow out at the first sign of trouble; rather they stick with people that they have high regard for through thick and thin, and utilise their talents and skills in acts of service.

Purple personas experience a wide range of emotions that they won’t necessarily allow other people to see. This may create the impression that they are quite detached, but that is not how they view themselves. They consider themselves to be quite emotional and it is not uncommon for them to pour out all their bottled-up feelings in one go. However, their displays of anger or severe emotions are very short-lived.

Purples are likely to be quite well organised and their financial matters will be in good order. Their workplace environments will be tidy and structured and they may place a high value on domestic skills and a home that is welcoming.


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