1. An introduction to a White persona

Whites are creative, fun loving, and intuitive and they are most often thoughtful communicators. These people-oriented personas are also innovative and imaginative. Intuition may be one of their strongest attributes as they tend to sense what others need and will attempt to meet the need in a nurturing way. They have an ability to evoke feelings of being cared for in others and come across as attentive and considerate.

Whites are playful by nature, they have a way of finding a connection with most people due to their adaptable, personable and sociable nature. For example, if they walk into a crowded room they will easily find a way to engage and effortlessly connect with people. They also put others at ease and tend to organise people and circumstances to best meet the needs of the person they focus on.

Whites are true people’s people and come across as very friendly and responsive, which can make people almost latch on to them. Despite the fact that people warm up to them easily, they may just as easily be left feeling let down. Since their friendliness comes naturally to them and there is not necessarily deep meaning behind it, your disappointment may be hard to avoid if you are seeking a deeper connection.

Whites often think out loud or use others as sounding boards which might leave an impression amongst the uninitiated that a solid plan is being shared. However, such thinking out loud is a necessary way for a White to process ideas. By no means does their talking about something mean they are fully committed to that thought process. They are simply thinking out loud and you are literally their very handy sounding board. Therefore, it is important to distinguish between their planning and their processing and to refrain from interpreting information a White is sharing too literally unless asked to do so.

Whites might come across as extroverts but their naturally outgoing nature is mostly learnt behaviour. In reality, they tend to be closet introverts, as do all personas except Yellows, in our opinion. Despite their capability to come across as outgoing, they are quite private by nature. They might know a lot of people but their inner circle of close friends will be quite small.

Whites are problem-solvers. They love bringing solutions and organising people, and once they have the freedom to do that, they are at their happiest. Due to their impulsive tendencies, they won’t get excited by plans in the distant future, but much rather prefer to live in the moment. They tend to seek instant gratification. So don’t be disappointed if they show no enthusiasm for your future plans. While Whites have little interest in your long-term agenda, they have no problem placing themselves in the future and almost living as if they are already there in their heads. For them, it is almost reality in a way, so they will be stroking their master plan and will be using you as a sounding board.

The Whites’ ability to think on a multitude of things at the same time is typically reflected in their surroundings, such as their homes or finances. They are prone to clutter and scattering things all over the place. They know that they are unorganised but have their own ways of coping with it. When things get on top of them, they might even pull themselves together for a short while, but once things settle down, they slowly slip right back into their old ways. It is also worth noting that when a White needs to be tidy for another person’s sake, they absolutely can.

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