1. An introduction to a Yellow persona

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A quick glance at a Yellow persona

Yellows are impulsive and dynamic, they like variety and they like to be out there meeting people. They are the most people-oriented persona of all the personas, and also the only real extroverts. They are the life of any party and are easily the spokesperson for any group.

They can appear to talk without giving much thought to what they are saying. Some of the things they come out with can easily offend other people, but a Yellow doesn’t appear to care much, they just move on. Socially, Yellows are likely to be the life of a party, know everyone, want to do everything, stay the latest (they will arrive the latest as well). They appear as outgoing and fearless, which typically impacts their work, making them appear highly successful and influential.

You can often recognise a Yellow just by looking at their living conditions. They can appear to be quite untidy people, simply because their mind is a bit scatty. They are very prone to accumulate clutter and have things all over the place. Also, Yellows can be just as unorganised with their finances and are very impulsive in their shopping habits. They would buy what they want to buy and when they want it, sometimes even when they can’t afford it. However, even though Yellows can be impulsive when it comes to spending, they are also very likely to be making a good living.

Yellows give the impression of being well-off financially, are more than likely to drive a fancy car and dress well, but this is not what makes them popular. Their charm is in their charismatic and magnetic personalities.

Yellows do not appear to be susceptible to stress and don’t really experience it. They appear to have a thick skin and easily move on from one thing to another. They get stressed only in extreme situations when they feel trapped in an environment where they don’t have much choice or autonomy.

It is quite easy to recognise a Yellow by their writing as it is likely to be quirky, entertaining and amusing. If you were to view their profile descriptions on Linkedin or Facebook it is more likely than not to be quite colourful and they will definitely stand out from the crowd.

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2. Managing relationships with a Yellow persona

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How Yellows interact

The popular Yellow persona knows loads of people and can pull strings to make just about anything happen. They hang out with others who have a similar zest and energy, although anyone is welcome to tag along.

From an observer’s point of view, it is quite difficult to distinguish who is an old friend and who’s an acquaintance they met a couple of hours ago. Yellows have an envious ability to make just about everyone feel like they are their best friend.

Yellow personas are independent and autonomous. Although they are almost addicted to being around other people, and the more the merrier, they never appear to be in need of others for their social fixes. They can easily walk into a room of strangers anywhere in the world and, soon afterwards, be best friends with several such people. They will often inspire or instigate socials or gatherings at the drop of a hat, and they will never be short of a bunch of people eager to tag along.

You can unmistakably recognise a yellow in a group of people because they are the life and soul of every party, full of a never-ending stream of jokes and anecdotes, easily juggling conversations with many people.

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Yellows and timekeeping

Yellow personas are able to juggle multiple business and social appointments, and yet still seem to have time for random chit-chat. They are masters at leaving things to the very last minute and then still pulling off a great result. Their lives appear to be a series of close shaves near the bleeding edge! They like the adrenaline rush and that actually makes them think clearly and to do their best work at lightning speed! They secretly enjoy showing off with these last minute wonders and maximise it by their habit of procrastination.

If you are going to have to depend on a Yellow client to provide you with crucial and reliable information, it may be better to try and find it from another source. If you are going to chase them, rather do it on the phone than sending them emails. They are very personable and will never mind the odd phone-call. In fact, if you ask them to do it there and then they probably will, whereas an email might just be rewarded with a few more days of delay.

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What Yellows want from others

Yellow personas appreciate people who can keep up with their pace and their quick wit. People who are up for a laugh and are willing to participate in adventurous ideas without having to deliberate about it for long will be right “up their street”. You’ll be on the same page with them if you don’t take things too seriously.

Yellow personas are accustomed to getting what they want in life.

Yellow personas will test your patience one too many times and will unwittingly make your blood boil with jealousy if you read too much into their behaviour. They never mean to offend or cause aggravation. People who understand this about them and don’t nag them will be rewarded with having their needs met, albeit in the Yellow’s own good time.

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How to communicate with Yellows

Yellow personas think out loud. Sometimes you may be forgiven for thinking that they don’t think twice before speaking! At other times, their wit and their ability to come back at you and blow your arguments out from under you, it will appear like pure genius. They are visually-oriented people who talk fast. They will assume you are keeping up and jump from one topic to the other with or without you keeping up. They are charismatic and extremely persuasive, skilled at getting their way, whatever the context may be.

Yellow personas accustomed to using sweeping and generalised statements to make their case, easily ignoring volumes of detail that some other personas may cherish. Needless to say, these charismatic whirlwinds are accustomed to coming out of a debate feeling like they are the winner. For some people who work with them, this will be refreshing and exhilarating, while others will find it exhausting and bewildering.

When communicating with a Yellow, point out to them how your proposal will benefit them. Here, more than with any other persona, you can subtly focus on the benefits behind the benefits. Yellows are goal-oriented and they will be interested in how your proposal will affect their status and their lifestyles and whether it will make them look good.

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3. Yellow personas and stress

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Yellows and stressors

A Yellow persona will get irate with anyone who can’t make a quick decision. They want to get on with things and don’t want to hear dozens of reasons why things can’t work.

Similar to Red, Orange and White personas, Yellows sometimes have one set of principles for themselves and another for everyone else. So although they will easily commit you to appointments, they will get very irate if you dare to manage their schedules without getting their agreement.

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Yellows and confrontation

A Yellow persona is continuously confrontational but in such a friendly way that you can hardly say no to them. They are normally charming and encouraging but are also likely to take you on if they are not getting their way.

Yellows move on very quickly from any sort of argument or debate and don’t tend to carry grudges.

If they are in a working relationship where things are continuously developing into disagreements, they will be quick off the mark at any sign of a new conflict. They will eventually simply walk away from such scenarios.

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Yellows' irritating habits

To be clear, items listed here may be irritating to some people and quite acceptable for others, depending on their own persona color.

Yellow personas have a few traits that will rub some people up the wrong way while leaving others looking on in awe, or sometimes disbelief!

They tend to blurt out what is in their heads before thinking. This habit lands them in hot water often and can cause hurt or offence. Their outbursts are mostly accidental lapses of thinking before they speak. They would honestly expect people to ‘get’ this about them and to be accepting of it. They can publicly embarrass you or make everyone laugh at your expense and will then be completely confused as to why you are angry with them.

Because they spin so many plates, they often miss doing the things that others might have regarded as important. They have no problem dropping a few plates as long as the ones crucial to them are getting sorted. Some personas will find this process annoying and are likely to perceive the results as sloppy.

Yellows may appear to practice dual standards; one for themselves and one for everyone else. They themselves might like to keep things open-ended and procrastinate on things a bit, but they can get quite animated and impatient when they are waiting for something from you. They may, for example, expect to be kept informed on everything, but will very often leave you in the dark, uninformed. Expect them to change plans at the last minute or to come up with new and more exciting plans!

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How to support a Yellow

Yellows are a walking bundle of emotions but they don’t try to hide it. When they are happy, you and the whole world around them will know it. If you hurt them, they will camouflage their feelings with sarcasm, but it won’t take you long to get down to the bottom of the problem. They are happy-go-lucky people and it would take serious pressure to drive them into stress. Even under stress, they cope quite well and bounce back quickly.

They can be very encouraging people and will not be phased by emotional incidents of others. In fact, they are likely to have some experience in patching things up with people due to their excitable ways, they may have driven a few to tears in the past.

Behind their charismatic bravado, they are affectionate people with huge hearts that care a lot for those close to them.

4. Managing expectations with Yellow personas

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How Yellows make decisions

Yellow personas have built-in sensors to spot significant opportunities, and once they see such an opportunity, there is no limit to what they would do to get what they want. They would approach business in the same way. They make decisions on the spot and on their feet.

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Yellows and budgets

Yellow personas have high standards, good taste, and will probably have gained the income status to be able to afford the best of what they want to acquire. They’d like to believe that they approach money much like our pragmatic Red does, but in reality, their spending habits can be quite random and irrational.

They don’t get attached to money and often regard it as simply a means to fund their seemingly eccentric lifestyles. In their defence, they can make money just as efficiently as they spend it, so they rarely go through dry patches for long. When one does occur, it only fuels their ambition to earn more.

A Yellow persona’s least likely high priority is the budget. If you can demonstrate that your service or solution can place his or her business at the forefront of their industry, or bring them prestige, money is the least of their considerations.

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