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As a Blue Persona, you are a sociable well-liked person who is known for being considerate and caring towards others. You have an unusual capacity for going the extra mile and helping others out without expecting much in return. You are loyal, affectionate, and very family-oriented. You are the most tactile of all Personas.

You are gifted at encouraging others, making them laugh, and helping them see things through a positive perspective. With your caring nature, it never takes you long to become the emotional pillar of the groups you are in; be that at work, in your family, or socially.

Although you come across as outgoing and confident, you are, nevertheless, one of the most introverted Personas. Because you give your time and attention to others so selflessly, you need to escape to peace and quiet once in a while to charge the batteries. You tend to bounce back quickly and then you’d rather be in the company of close friends and like-minded people. In general, you prefer intimate relationships that deepen over time than superficial ones.

While you are friendly and outgoing with the people you know, being in the new environment or in a new social circle makes you withdraw and watch quietly until you find your feet. It is not uncommon for you to experience a bit of apprehension before a date. Despite this initial hesitation, once you start to get to know the person and feel you are with someone who is on the same page with you, you feel far more in your element and are sure to wow them with your compassionate heart. In general, getting along with others and making them feel comfortable with you is probably your most important currency in life.

You have no particular need for the limelight or to be the centre of attraction.

You are most likely of all the Personas to stand back and allow others around you to take on the leading role. This is not because you are a pushover, but because your self-worth is not connected to the sheer fact of being at the front line but rather knowing that your input can make a difference regardless of the role you are in. You are an excellent team player and do like seeing others progress. Thanks to your encouragement and ability to unite people, your presence becomes invaluable even though you are not raising the hand to claim recognition.

Regardless of this cooperative nature, you are actually strongly independent, but never at the expense of others. This independent streak may cause you some tensions at times.  You may go along with the majority initially but can perform an unexpected U-turns on the decision afterwards. This can leave those around you feeling rather confused. In these situations, you tend to dig in and become uncharacteristically stubborn.  This particular feature of yours can create friction in relationships as you don’t handle tension and confrontation well and may become aloof, negative or pessimistic in stressful situations.

You tend to crave contentment and harmony in your relationships, social circles and in your family and work. When dating, you may often be the one smoothing over the rough edges of your partner, or simply choosing to overlook her flaws in order to keep the peace. Generally you run the risk of bottling up your feelings while not addressing the issues that really need to be addressed. You may choose to walk away from arguments without solving them, but you have to understand the key thing about issues in relationships – not talking about them is not going to make them disappear. In fact, by avoiding the issue you are growing and building up the resentment. Your way of provoking a discussion can be in the form of bickering and nagging or resorting to sarcasm.

The best practice for you to learn is to nip the issue in the bud when there is no emotional attachment and baggage associated with it. You will often discover that something you were boiling over on the inside, your friend or partner were, in fact, completely oblivious to!  So don’t underestimate the power of open conversation!

You should give women who enjoy heated debates and passionate arguments a wide berth, as such relationship is too volatile and stressful for your peaceful nature and will leave you exhausted and broken. Those around you, including your future partner, will need to understand that your character requires a fragile balance of peace, harmony, space and time. You find it stressful rushing things and need the opportunity to think things through in your own time. The ability to plan and make carefully informed decisions is also a very important component of maintaining your balance.

You can often be the perfect embodiment of the swan: peaceful and graceful on the surface while paddling madly underneath. Your ideal partner will be someone who understands the potential for this side of you and remains supportive and loving throughout.

Overall, in the right circumstances and with the right people you are a fascinating individual who has the capacity to create and cultivate relationships with most personas. When in a relationship, you are a loving, loyal and selfless partner who puts the well-being of his woman as one of his top priorities. You enter the relationships and stay in them for the long haul and you should be settling for nothing less than someone who brings the same commitment and level of effort to the table.



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