To give you a thorough understanding of how other personalities will interact with you, it is important for you to know how your own personality affects the communication dynamic.

As a Blue persona, you are charming, relaxed and warm. You have a live and let live attitude that makes you well-liked by most people. You are never going to try and ‘put it on’ for a date. You value honesty and integrity too much. So with you it is the case of ‘what you see is what you get’, but you’d never portray such an image in an arrogant manner. Although you have a mildly impulsive streak, you are more likely to want to make sure that a potential relationship will last the distance. For this reason, you are likely to take dating seriously.

Most dates will be pleasantly surprised when they experience how creative you can be in responding to the needs of others, and how easily you do thoughtful things to please them. You are observant about what others are experiencing and can be swift and practical in the way you come to their aid.

You have a genuine interest in others and you remember the finest details that are shared with you. Most people around you will feel cared for and listened to, and as a result, feel drawn to you. The same can be said for your dates.

Although you are quite outgoing, a first date may yet perceive you as a bit reserved. It is more of a case of you wanting to be polite, happy to let someone else talk, and being genuinely interested in what they have to say. Once you relax in someone’s company, the real you will more easily shine through, and that real you can be expressed in a delightful sense of humour and a willingness to try new things.

Overall, you are thought of as a very likeable person, and it is easy for most guys to see themselves in a relationship with you. For your part, because you favour harmony and stability, you may tend to move too quickly into the relationship phase with someone that you get on with.

You are more comfortable with the idea of a settled relationship than with the dating scene.

Be sure to give yourself enough time to see that you are really with the right guy, even when he feels like Mr Perfect initially.

As a Blue Persona, you are a sociable well-liked person who is known for being considerate and caring towards others. You have an unusual capacity for going the extra mile and helping others out without expecting much in return. You are loyal, affectionate, and very family-oriented. You are the most tactile of all Personas.

You are gifted at encouraging others, making them laugh, and helping them see things from a positive perspective. With your caring nature, it never takes you long to become the emotional pillar of the groups you are in; be that at work, in your family, or socially.

Although you come across as outgoing and confident, you are, nevertheless, one of the most introverted Personas. Because you give your time and attention to others so selflessly, you need to escape to peace and quiet once in a while to charge the batteries. You tend to bounce back quickly and then you’d rather be in the company of close friends and like-minded people. In general, you prefer intimate relationships that deepen over time than superficial ones.

While you are bubbly and outgoing with the people you know, being in the new environment or in a new social circle makes you withdraw and watch quietly until you find your feet. It is not uncommon for you to experience a bit of apprehension before a date. Despite this initial hesitation, once you start to get to know the person and feel you are with someone who is on the same page with you, you feel far more in your element and are sure to wow them with your compassionate heart. In general, getting along with others and making them feel comfortable with you is probably your most important currency in life.

You have no particular need for the limelight or to be the centre of attraction.

You are most likely of all the Personas to stand back and allow others around you to take on the leading role. This is not because you are a pushover, but because your self-worth is not connected to the sheer fact of being at the front line but rather knowing that your input can make a difference regardless of the role you are in. You are an excellent team player and do like seeing others progress. Thanks to your encouragement and ability to unite people, your presence becomes invaluable even though you are not raising the hand to claim recognition.

Regardless of this cooperative nature you, are actually strongly independent, but never at the expense of others. This independent streak may cause you some tensions at times.  You may go along with the majority initially but can perform an unexpected U-turns on the decision afterwards. This can leave those around you feeling rather confused. In these situations you tend to dig in and become uncharacteristically stubborn.  This particular feature of yours can create friction in relationships as you don’t handle tension and confrontation well and may become aloof, negative or pessimistic in stressful situations

You tend to crave contentment and harmony in your relationships, social circles and in your family and work. When dating, you may often be the one smoothing over the rough edges of your partner, or simply choosing to overlook his flaws in order to keep the peace. Generally you run the risk of bottling up your feelings while not addressing the issues that really need to be addressed. You may choose to walk away from arguments without solving them, but you have to understand the key thing about issues in relationships – not talking about them is not going to make them disappear. In fact, by avoiding the issue you are growing and building up the resentment. Your way of provoking a discussion can be in the form of bickering and nagging or resorting to sarcasm.

The best practice for you to learn is to nip the issue in the bud when there is no emotional attachment and baggage associated with it. You will often discover that something you were boiling over on the inside, your friend or partner were, in fact, completely oblivious to!  So don’t underestimate the power of open conversation!

You should give men who enjoy heated debates and passionate arguments a wide berth, as such a relationship is too volatile and stressful for your peaceful nature and will leave you exhausted and broken. Those around you, including your future partner, will need to understand that your character requires a fragile balance of peace, harmony, space and time. You find it stressful rushing things and need the opportunity to think things through in your own time. The ability to plan and make carefully informed decisions is also a very important component of maintaining your balance.

You can often be the perfect embodiment of the swan: peaceful and graceful on the surface while paddling madly underneath. Your ideal partner will be someone who understands the potential for this side of you and remains supportive and loving throughout.

Overall, in the right circumstances and with the right people you are a fascinating individual who has the capacity to create and cultivate relationships with most personas. When in a relationship, you are a loving, loyal and selfless partner who puts the well-being of her man as one of her top priorities. You enter the relationships and stay in them for the long haul and you should be settling for nothing less than someone who brings the same commitment and level of effort to the table.




Your most compatible matches

[memb_contact fields=FirstName] primary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result1] and secondary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result2]

[memb_contact fields=_ClientsName] primary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result11] and secondary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result21]

In all cases, except perhaps for two Reds dating, a guy with the same persona as your primary or secondary will be a compatible match.


As a harmony-loving Blue persona, you are well matched with other peace-loving personas. Green, Mint and Purple personas will share many of your family-oriented values and your healthy respect for traditions. A Mint persona, equally, will add that and a dimension of order and planning that your sometimes unorganised world can do with. Or, if you want to be wowed by an ultra-efficient man’s man that will still be caring, you may want to consider a Purple or a Green persona.

Other personas like the Orange, Red and Yellow have a more irreverent approach to traditions and social norms.

You may tend to take your time making decisions, preferring to think things through properly and considering how things will affect other people before you act. Greens, Mints and Purples will share this concern for others, while Orange, Red and Yellow personas will just get on with things and do what they please.

The compatible matches mentioned all want to maintain peace and stability, and like you, they prefer to take things slowly and not act hastily, while the personas listed as poor matches for you are risk takers. They are individuals who would rather see things changed at the slightest sign of dissatisfaction than leave them as they are. Letting them into your calm world can easily upset its balance.

Click through to see your three most compatible matches below:  Green, Mint, or Purple. You can also consider a Blue.

As a woman with a Blue persona you are kind, friendly and warm-hearted. You like to have your life well organised but not without some romance and fun in it. When you encounter a man with a Green persona, you will warm to his friendly but composed demeanour. He is not likely to be a flamboyant ladies man but that does not mean he doesn’t know how to court a woman. You are well suited to each other on a lot of levels and will find yourself on the same page with many important aspects of your life.

A Green guy is likely to be a man after your own heart as he is confident but not in an arrogant way. He comes across as a friendly, chatty and helpful guy who’s knowledgeable about a lot of things, strives for perfection and stands for what he believes in, which are all very appealing qualities to you. This man’s reserved but thoughtful nature will resonate well with your caring and peaceful character.

You both have a similar outlook on what kind of relationship and family you’d like and for both of you, those things hold the priority above anything else. You’ll be pleased to discover a devoted and reliable partner in your Green man. He will work hard to provide a comfortable life for both of you and will truly make you feel safe and cared for. A Green man is very detail-oriented and there is no task that we would shy away from handling. He is a man’s man who will bravely tackle anything that needs to be done around the house.

His focused way of thinking and analytical approach to whatever job is in front of him makes him a wonderfully skilled handyman. This man’s abilities go way beyond what you might have been expecting at a first glance. Be it plumbing, electrical or anything to do with fixing or renovating, this man will find ways and means to do it, if not himself, then by sourcing the right professional. You can rest assured that none of those things would ever fall on your shoulders – your Green man will discreetly take care of everything and in most cases before you even spot there is a fault with something. And the best part? He won’t expect any recognition or praise in return.

A Green man’s structured and practical outlook on life creates a very orderly and comfortable environment for the lucky woman he picks. He will happily take over anything to do with bills, organizing of routine day-to-day living and will even do a big share of household chores without having to be nagged at. He is a very down-to-earth and level-headed guy who will view your relationship as a partnership of two equals who are there for each other not only when the bad days strike but also on a day-to-day basis. While he is certainly not the most romantically-inclined man you’ll meet, he believes that actions speak louder than words and will aim to show you his love and devotion through small, but very helpful practical gestures.

Covering your bed in flower petals is not something this guy is likely to come up with on his own initiative, but he will happily check your car every morning before heading off for flat tyres or dead battery so you can start your day stress-free. It might not be enough for women of other personality types, but as a Blue Persona, you are not blinded by vanity to miss out on how thoughtful and considerate those gestures truly are.

While this man’s romantic gestures are not going to be extravagantly flashy, it doesn’t mean he is not bothered to make an effort. He simply views romance through the prism of his practicality-oriented personality. Just like with everything he puts his mind to, he doesn’t do things half-heartedly when it comes to romantic gestures and is likely to do a lot of research to find the best gift (that will still be practical) or experience to treat you to. However, those gifts and surprises will mostly to be linked to a specific occasion rather than done out of the blue.

Because this man is so laser-focused on details and logic, romance doesn’t hold much weight in his books. And neither do excessive displays of emotions and feelings, be they positive or negative. You are likely to come across some challenges with this man in an emotional department as he struggles to openly show his emotions while you, on the contrary, wear your heart on your sleeve. If you take the time to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, you will quickly discover how to meet half-way when it comes to talking heart-to-heart. Your Green man will never be the kind of guy to enjoy talking about the feelings, but your kind and gentle nature will help him to open up eventually.

The key here is to not push it. You will have to accept it as a given that by nature this strong-willed and composed man doesn’t swing between moods and prefers to carry the cross of his emotions on his own. Once you learn to accept that along with his sometimes overly close attention to detail, you will have a strong and stable man by your side who’ll be forever loyal and protective of you.

You both have a capacity to fulfil each other’s needs in a relationship. There is hardly any other man that would create such a stable and safe environment for you while being a supportive, respectful and understanding partner. As a Blue Persona, you have a vast potential to give a Green man a cosy warm home and a caring and loving relationship. You have a huge capacity for being encouraging and inspiring, your warm-hearted nature will quickly make you his confidant and supportive ear. For both of you, this union can be a mutually beneficial relationship in which each partner feels valued and cared for.

When you meet a Mint man, you are more likely than not to take an immediate shine towards this guy. He is friendly, likeable and very approachable. You will find yourself getting on with him superbly well on relational and social levels. He has a genuine interest in people and there are very few individuals who wouldn’t find this guy to be an absolute sweetheart. He is easy to talk to and will engage you with stimulating and interesting conversations. Before you know it, you will feel relaxed and at ease in his company.

It won’t be uncommon for both of you to fall into a committed relationship very early on. Neither of you are into mind games and both of you are naturally at your happiest when in a loving union with a like-minded person. A Mint man will effortlessly feel like that person. Your relationship in the initial dating stages will be easy and fun, there’ll be plenty of romance and you will be inseparable. You both are thoughtful caring people and showering each other with attention, consideration and affection will quickly deepen your connection.

Unlike some of your bad matches, this guy finds his fulfilment and contentment in life through his family. He will strive to provide a comfortable lifestyle for both of you, but career is not an obsession for him. He doesn’t live to work, he works so he can enjoy life and spend as much time as possible with people that matter to him.

Due to the strengths of their character, Mints typically do very well at work and creating a certain level of financial stability doesn’t pose much of a challenge to them. So you can rest assured that not only will your Mint guy provide for you, he’ll be there with you at the weekends to enjoy the lifestyle he created.

You might find a Mint guy slightly less reserved and traditional than you would be. He is likely to take the lead, be it in conversation or in the relationship in general, but he does so in such a gentle and non-invasive way that you will easily surrender to him without feeling like you are giving up on anything. It will be a union of two equal partners and you will contribute to the relationship on equal terms. Due to the strengths and weaknesses of your characters, the best way to balance out this partnership is by letting him be the decision-maker on anything to do with planning and finances, while you take over the emotional and social side of your relationship.

You are quite creative and innovative in how you approach things and romance holds a high priority in your books. You appreciate novelty and spontaneity more than your Mint man does so you will have to be the one to fuel your relationship with exciting experiences. Having said that, a Mint guy is not a stranger to organising leisure activities, but he is likely to have a more practical approach to most things than you. He likes for things to be planned, budgeted and arranged in advance. These are all strong characteristics of his nature and what he does best so before you have a temptation to rebel against such predicted lifestyle, ask yourself whether you can do it better.

More likely than not, you won’t rival your Mint man on this subject and quite frankly taking care of the practical things is not something that excites you, so before you regard it as an issue, recognize what a gem you have on your hands who is actually voluntarily willing to take those worries off your shoulders. If you balance out your strengths the right way, your relationship will be fuelled with thoughtful romantic surprises as well as perfectly planned holidays and experiences to share together.

This relationship can incur minor challenges and more likely than not you’ll be the one stirring the pot. Your Mint guy will often try to micromanage you as in his eyes you can lack stability and consistency in some of the things you do. You are much more relaxed about handling money, time and planning than a Mint and this is likely to cause friction if not handled properly. You are also prone to clutter which is something that doesn’t sit comfortably with a Mint. While you might feel that life is for living and not worrying about silly things, you often end up dismissing quite important issues as ‘silly stuff’, so it won’t harm you to actually listen to your Mint partner as he is much more down-to-earth and efficient than you are in many matters.

Fortunately, these issues are not posing any long-term threat to your relationship if you address them early on in a relationship. Neither of you are confrontational and you both have a great sense of tact so compromising is something that comes easily to both of you. If you make the point of not sweeping the issues under the rug and deal with them as they come along, any problems you might have will dissolve pretty effortlessly.

You and a Mint guy have a lot of touchpoints in common which will make the flow of your relationship smooth and enjoyable. You strive for similar lifestyles and you go about getting it in a similar way. You have a great capacity to be each other’s best friend, trusted partner and caring companion. You will effortlessly bring the right amount of romance, adventure and excitement into each other’s lives and this dynamic is not likely to wear off as your relationship progresses.

This is probably your best match as a Mint guy will feel like nothing short of a soulmate for you. His personality compliments yours in pretty much every area of life and his strong traits tick most, if not all, of your ‘boxes’. This union will be highly rewarding for both of you and is very likely to withstand the test of time.

A Blue woman is one of the best matches for a Purple man as you have the capacity to give this guy everything he craves in a relationship. He is a good match for you, too, and if fact, is the only man that will bring passion, inspiration and romance into your life without upsetting your world’s harmony. You both have a similar outlook on such important aspects as family, traditions, values and personal relationships. You are well matched on what you want in life and how you go about getting it.

You are more family-oriented than any other persona and are at your happiest when in a relationship with someone who understands you and appreciates what you bring to the table. You are one of the few, if not the only persona, who can provide a Purple man with what he will find as a very comfortable and welcoming home environment. Purples are seeking a deep emotional connection as a must-have feature of a relationship the same way you do and this need for a strong emotional bond will help you to create such depth of closeness that most people can only dream of.

From the first time you encounter a Purple man, you will effortlessly get on, be it in the work, personal or romantic setting. He will feel like he is on the same wavelength with you and sees the world in a similar way. So finding common ground with this man is not going to pose a challenge, in fact, you are more likely than not to enjoy his company immensely.

A Purple man is friendly and warm but not in a loud way. Neither of you likes brash, over-the-top or arrogant people and you both value sense of tact and consideration for people’s feelings highly. A Purple man will represent a lot of things you like in men so taking a shine to this bright, creative and romantic man will feel natural.

Purples value people who can match them on intellectual levels and will find conversations with you truly enjoyable. You also have a wonderful ability to make anyone you spend time with feel special and important. You will greatly enjoy chatting to a Purple for hours, having a genuine interest in what he has to say while being a great listener and an interesting contributor to any conversation.

This ability to get lost in conversations will give both of you an opportunity to get to know each other properly and open up. Both of you require time to get comfortable with a new partner before baring your feelings and emotions so getting to know each other through comfortable and enjoyable conversation will give you a wonderful opportunity to get a feel for each other.

The only hiccup you will have to work through pretty early on is the speed at which both of you feel comfortable progressing. Since you are at your happiest when in a relationship, you have no problem swiftly moving from dating to something more serious. You might be daydreaming about your first holiday together or how you’ll introduce him to your friends and family while your Purple suitor will be debating in his head whether you are the best he can do and won’t be in any rush to put a Facebook status on your relationship.

You will be pleasantly surprised to learn how romantic this man can be. You value romance highly in a relationship so an ability to treat a woman properly and make her feel special is something you don’t compromise on. A Purple man will give you plenty of romance, sweet gestures, surprises and anything else it takes to bring a spark into a relationship and his romantic notions are not likely to dry up even years into a relationship.

Besides similarities in outlooks and values, you make a great match for a Purple thanks to your patience, resilience and commitment. With all his virtues, a Purple man requires a special approach to accommodate his quirks. Not every persona will have the patience or desire to give this man an opportunity to open up and not every woman will have the capacity to work around the difficult areas of his character. You are perfectly suited to become a loving and caring companion who will let the Purple be himself. Once you figure out how this man functions, you will loyally support him in any new venture he embarks on and will patiently hang around while he gets carried away with a new big project or cause without becoming resentful. You have the capacity to be the peaceful harbour that this man needs to realise his full potential.  In return, he will shower you with attention, affection and endless romantic notions while being a supportive partner if you decide to pursue a venture of your own.

You can sometimes lack structure and drive in the way you do things and this is where the presence of a Purple man in your life will become very valuable. He is more decisive, more structured, disciplined and organised than you are and is very likely to find a creative solution for any problem.

Purples evaluate their dates not from the point of vanity or shallowness but rather from the place of how the potential girlfriend lives up to the ideal he has created in his head. He is not in a rush to commit not because he is a player with commitment issues but because he doesn’t take dating light-heartedly and if go into a relationship, he does consciously and fully prepared to go the distance. So if you can take a step back and tame your desire to speed things up, you can rest assured that you will be compensated threefold when this man does decide to take the plunge.

You will be pleasantly surprised to learn how romantic this man can be. You value romance highly in a relationship so an ability to treat a woman properly and make her feel special is something you don’t compromise on. A Purple man will give you plenty of romance, sweet gestures, surprises and anything else it takes to bring a spark into a relationship and his romantic notions are not likely to dry up even years into a relationship.

Besides similarities in outlooks and values, you make a great match for a Purple thanks to your patience, resilience and commitment. With all his virtues, a Purple man requires a special approach to accommodate his quirks. Not every persona will have the patience or desire to give this man an opportunity to open up and not every woman will have the capacity to work around the difficult areas of his character. You are perfectly suited to become a loving and caring companion who will let the Purple be himself. Once you figure out how this man functions, you will loyally support him in any new venture he embarks on and will patiently hang around while he gets carried away with a new big project or cause without becoming resentful. You have the capacity to be the peaceful harbour that this man needs to realise his full potential.  In return, he will shower you with attention, affection and endless romantic notions while being a supportive partner if you decide to pursue a venture of your own.

You can sometimes lack structure and drive in the way you do things and this is where the presence of a Purple man in your life will become very valuable. He is more decisive, more structured, disciplined and organised than you are and is very likely to find a creative solution for any problem.

Neither of you have big egos so this partnership will be based on mutual respect and a mutual desire to work hard for the benefit of your family. You have no problem with a man taking the lead and a Purple man will happily rise to the occasion and become a responsible and reliable partner who will make you feel safe and cared for.

You both have altruistic tendencies in you and this trait can bring you together if you find a cause to work for together. Neither of you are self-centred so this union will be characterised by how selflessly you’ll be working towards each other happiness. Like any relationship, this partnership will have its difficult moments, especially in the emotional department as both of you strongly dislike confrontation and many issues can go unsolved for long periods of times, however, none of these difficulties will present a problem that two of you won’t be able to work through. Your mutual respect and consideration for each other’s feelings will help you to find a mutually satisfactory solution without putting cracks into your relationship.

You both have the potential to be a lot of things you expect from a partner and a relationship. As your relationship blossoms, you will be discovering small traits in each other that will only make you admire each other more. Your mutual striving for harmony can effortlessly make this relationship easy and enjoyable, while romantic streaks in your characters will provide you with a deep and meaningful bond. You both seek a partner who will be your best friend, soulmate and trustful companion and the dynamic of your union will provide room for all of those and much more.

A man with a Blue persona is considerate, outgoing and warm-hearted and will take a shine towards your equally friendly and composed demeanour. Being two representatives of the same Persona, you share the same strengths and weaknesses which can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. In partnerships with other personas some of your traits can be effortlessly balanced out but there is little room for balancing in a union of two same personas.

In general, a Blue man can be considered your good match but it will probably be your weakest match out of your most compatible ones. While certain areas of this relationship will work wonderfully, there will be significant gaps that can have long-stretching consequences.

You will find yourself on the same page in many areas of life. You place family highly in your value system and you both have a similar view of what kind of relationship you’d like to have. There will be a strong emotional connection in this union as you both have a tremendous capacity for making each other feel loved and cared for.  You will both love your ability of getting lost with one another in your fairytale-like world of affection and romance. When it comes to showing care for loved ones and friends, you will be known as a couple who can lift others just by being around them.

When it comes to emotions, there is hardly any other man who can create such a loving and caring environment for you while also proudly allowing you space to shine in the areas where you are strong. However, there will be massive gaps in this union when it comes to practical things. You are similar in how you approach finances and time-handling, but in this context it is not a good thing. Neither of you are particularly well-organised or disciplined when it comes to budgeting and planning. Between being prone to occasional impulse buys and not structuring your budget efficiently, you will often find yourself staring at an overdrawn bank account and neither of you will have a capacity to sole-handily change this dynamic. If you don’t address this issue, you may find yourself in financial distress in the long-term.

To make a union of two Blues work, it would be wise to create a good understanding of who will perform what role and for how long. This will serve you well as it alleviates that sense of resentment when one of you ends up with having to do a task not by choice, but by lack of it. While assigning duties might sound simple, another aspect of your personalities might make it more difficult than you’d expect. Both of you despise any sort of confrontation so you might find it challenging to even bring up any of the practical issues in a conversation. You have to remember that not talking about a problem doesn’t make it disappear. You’ll have to develop a habit of addressing issues as they are rising without waiting till they turn into an elephant in a room.

As if those challenges weren’t enough, neither of you have strong tendencies to act decisively. You feel at your most comfortable when given an opportunity to sleep on things for a few days. This would not cause any problems in a relationship with a Mint, for instance, but when two people procrastinate making a decision and committing to it, things can quickly spiral out of control, especially if any of these issues have a time-sensitive nature.

Between struggling to confront each other on things that are bothering you, lacking decision-making aptitude as well as planning savvy, this partnership has a fair share of roadblocks to overcome. However, if you come from the place of strengths that this union provides, you can both work your way through the issues and come out on the other side stronger and more united than ever. We couldn’t dismiss this partnership as a bad match because when things are good between you two, it is a wonderful place for both of you to be. You and a Blue man have an unusually strong chance to create a bubble-like relationship where both of you feel blissfully happy and emotionally connected. It is the most challenging one of your compatible matches, but the one well worth fighting for as the benefits can outweigh the flaws threefold.


Your least compatible matches

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[memb_contact fields=_ClientsName] primary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result11] and secondary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result21] 

The boisterous, extravert Yellow persona will make you feel like you are on the rollercoaster with their overwhelming energy, but you’ll always struggle to feel that this man has your back. The driven Orange persona has such a dramatically differing worldview to yours when it comes to work-life balance that just watching them will exhaust you. And the straight-talking Red persona will overwhelm you with debates that feel more like arguments to you. Not only will these personas drain you and cause you stress, but also you will have a similar effect of frustrating them. You are not matched on drive and ambition with these personas, and their life pace will make you feel like you are constantly playing catch-up with them. Such mismatches will, in time, exacerbate any potential relationship and put it under severe strain.

Click through to see your three least compatible matches below: Red, Orange, and Yellow

Disclaimer, and a reminder of our T&C's: We are providing you with information and context. If you really want to make a relationship work, you probably can. We are making you aware of what effort might be involved and the dynamics you may face. Bear in mind that it takes two to tango! Also consider that we aren't aware of your potential partner's culture, experiences or any other dynamics. Our content is based purely on personality traits, based on your answers to our quiz.

On the surface, a Red guy will appear like quite a catch and will lure you in with this charming and intriguing character. He will come across as a really self-confident male with his assertive style and decision-making skills. This man hates waste of time and likes for things to be done promptly and the right way.

There are hardly any common touch points between you two and there is not much that would spark interest for either of you. You both have a clear idea of what you want from a relationship and neither of you are capable of providing it for each other in full.

By and large, you will want a quiet settled life, planned holidays and a stable lifestyle, and you will be puzzled that this man never switches off from the drive to ‘conquer the world’ and by his drive for change and improvement. This is not the man who would come home every evening, take his ‘work hat’ off and be content just being a husband and a father for the rest of the night. This is contrary to his DNA! He will regard your peace-loving nature as safe and unadventurous and your desire for a stable life as a lack of drive and ambition. Out of all your bad matches, this guy is probably the toughest one for you and there is very little in this relationship that YOU would find fulfilling.

This partnership could work relatively successfully for a career-obsessed Red who wants a quiet and warm house with a gentle and caring wife solely as an escape plan from his quick-paced and demanding life. That life, with all its adventures and conquests, will always be a priority in his books and a wife with a Blue persona will serve as nothing more than a convenient arrangement. He will rarely regard you as an equal partner and will have a fulfilling life outside of your relationship. So the dilemma here is whether this kind of set-up is something that you really want. From a Blue perspective, this relationship robs you of your desire to have a close emotional connection with someone who values you and what you bring to the table.

While your ambition levels will hardly rival with those of a Red guy, you know your self-worth and settling for being a part of the décor in someone’s life is not something you’ll find fulfilling. Your Red guy will very quickly outweigh and out-argue you to the point where you’ll feel that you can’t get a head-start with this guy on any aspect in your life. You have a very delicate sense of tact and a very tuned-in feeling of what’s fair and what’s not, and both of those qualities will be put to the test with a Red guy. You won’t feel like you are being treated with the respect you deserve when this guy behaves in his typical beyond-abrasive manner, completely ignoring the fact that such communication manner is deeply uncomfortable for you. In his defence, he will rarely be doing it on purpose, but his consistently provocative and irreverent manner will have the effect on numerous paper cuts – one won’t kill you, but hundreds will make you bleed heavily.

Because this man has difficulty with expressing his emotions, talking to him about yours is not going to have the desired effect. On most occasions, you will feel that rather than being part of the decision-making process, you were bulldozed into arrangements that he sees beneficial. While you don’t have a problem with a man taking the lead and calling the shots, being part of a relationship where your opinion is not being taken into consideration will be deeply dissatisfying for you. Even if you try to influence this guy by micro-managing him or suggestively hinting on what you think would be the best decision, you will be faced with the same results – he will adamantly do what he thinks is best.

Your nature is not confrontational and fighting your way into being in the decision-making position is not something you are comfortable with doing whatsoever. You will quickly learn that there is no debate or argument you can win with this guy and this dynamic of having to fight for every inch of your space in this relationship will be exhausting for you.

While this partnership could be beneficial for a Red male by taking advantage of your capacity to surround your man with love, care and affection, he is very unlikely to give you the same in return. In his eyes, you will be a trophy wife whose sole purpose is to make his life comfortable. His domineering character will quickly make you lose your sense of identity as you’ll be too busy complying with his never-ending demands and expectations.

This man is perfectly capable of providing you with a very comfortable and secure lifestyle, but for your gentle character that craves self-realization through dedicating yourself to your partner and your family, such arrangement could easily become a golden cage.

While this union is not going to be a turbulent roller-coaster (your gentle nature will avoid confrontation and will resort to keeping the feelings under covers rather than throwing them in the open), this is a partnership that is not likely to start in the first place due to the lack of spark and even if it does, is likely to die a slow quiet death due to the lack of mutual interests, outlooks and desires. If you do decide to give this partnership a go, you have to be prepared to make it work entirely at your expense as a Red guy will stubbornly hold his positions and won’t meet you even half-way.



When you and an Orange guy cross paths, it won’t be unusual for you to find yourself attracted to him. He is a confident man with a vibrant quality to him. You will find his charismatic yet dominant nature, adventurous approach to everything he does and enviable drive to pursue his goals admirable and intriguing. He is knowledgeable about the things he engages people on and is clear on what he stands for.

It is quite possible that you and an Orange guy could manage a first date and enjoy one another’s company, but as you get to know each other better, you will start noticing that you ultimately want different things from life and are on different pages when it comes to ambition, lifestyle aspirations as well as some key principles and values.

Even getting through conversation with this man will feel challenging. Your pace and manner of communicating are rather different. You are a people-oriented person and interacting with people is something you really enjoy doing.

You like long chats that explore all avenues and interesting little aspects of people’s lives. Your inquisitive mind wants details that lie beneath the surface and you make for a wonderful conversationalist with your ability to listen and ask the right questions.

Your Orange date thinks on his feet and holds the bigger picture in mind. He is confident that he can work things out for himself and will be impatient with lots of details in conversation, even in a social context like a date. While this man is by no means rude or abrasive, he won’t be able to resist cutting into your conversation here or there and ‘helping’ you along to get to the point quicker. For you this manner of communication will be off-putting as you’ll be left feeling like your Orange date didn’t have much interest in what you had to say. It is also not uncommon for an Orange to monopolise the conversation so there’ll be times when you’ll feel like you weren’t even given an opportunity to speak. An Orange guy, on the other hand, will find your manner of communication too detail-oriented but not in a stimulating way.

An Orange man is on a life-long quest for improvement. He gains fulfilment from changing and shaking things up, sometimes for no other reason than simply craving novelty and new experiences. His conversation is sure to reveal that this man has big dreams and plans and works hard to achieve them. While you’d find this interesting and even admire his drive, you’d be wondering whether this man ever slows down to enjoy the small things life has to offer. Such a hectic lifestyle is not something that would appeal to you long-term. A well-paced way of living where you get to enjoy the quality time with your loved ones is your vision of the perfect life.

Unfortunately, just like a Red guy, an Orange male is not the type of a man to find self-realisation at home and be content with the husband/father role as his life’s biggest achievement. He does treasure quality times with the family but those occasions are squeezed into his tight schedule that feeds his hunger for success. He doesn’t fully comprehend that your value system is different to his and will quickly discount your desire for domestic comfort as a lack of drive.  He will accept that, as a woman, it is your prerogative to be the homemaker but will, nonetheless, subconsciously hold this against you.

An Orange man believes that time is the most valuable commodity and being overly detail-oriented is a waste of a valuable asset. This will translate into a lot of different areas of your life, be it just talking or trying to get things done as a team. You’ll constantly feel like you are running against time trying to catch up with this guy. For you, family is the number one priority, he can’t feel content without self-realisation. This basic difference sets you on two opposing tracks in life and sustaining a life together will be nothing short of a challenge.

Because this guy significantly outweighs you on ambition, drive and overall life aspirations, he is unlikely to regard you as his equal who motivates and stimulates him mentally and emotionally. While this guy has a softer nature than a Red, his need to dominate is still strongly present and he can be just as pushy when it comes to getting his way. This will do nothing for your need to be included. Being part of the team as well as best friends is something you value highly in a relationship.

It is not unlikely that your Orange guy will want to have a life outside your relationship which will only deepen your discontent and make you feel disconnected and excluded. An Orange man needs a partner who can contribute and participate in his exploits, but because he wants to do this at his pace and on his terms, it will be very hard for you keep up.

This union will be very dissatisfying for you in the first place, as you’ll feel that in order to make it work, you have to give up what you stand for and pretend to be someone you are not. You need a man who will give you respect, consideration and space in his life. An Orange man, unfortunately, can only offer crumbs of those.

It would be hard to dislike a Yellow guy when you meet one. They have magnetic personalities and are expertly equipped at being charming. They have an innate ability to heat up the temperature of any room they enter, sometimes by pleasantly livening it up and other times by inadvertently throwing a cat amongst the pigeons with their words. They know what they want in any context and are confident that they know how to get it.

Unfortunately, you can hardly keep up with this guy. Be it in a conversation or overall outlook and aspirations in life, this guy will outweigh you like a heavyweight boxer outweighs a bantamweight. He is a textbook extrovert and his life runs at a much quicker pace than yours. You recharge your energies in solitude while this guy gets energised in the maddening crowd. As exciting as his lifestyle may look, before you know it, you’ll feel emotionally and mentally depleted in this guy’s company.

You are both very encouraging and friendly people, and yet, just on this seemingly common aspect, you are already a big mismatch. A Yellow guy will tend to see the good in people just like you do, but his manner of encouraging will resemble a form of tough love, take-it-or-leave-it banter. So even while being encouraging, his conversation can have a tinge of sarcasm. For you, being supportive and encouraging is not something you take negligently. You really care about people and how they feel while your potential Yellow man has an attitude of ‘man-up-or-ship-out’ and doesn’t seem to mind the fact that his comments can be on the borderline of being hurtful.

The world benefits from people who are prepared to challenge systems and structures that don’t make sense and are unhelpful. But you wouldn’t necessarily enjoy the company of such challenging and provocative personas.  Yellow men are similar to Red men in this sense. They are prepared to challenge anything and anyone, and polite mannerisms aren’t going to do this for them. They will confront others with wit, cynicism and vigorous debate. And even when they are not in the middle of the next intellectual debate, their communication manner doesn’t change much. This will quickly make a conversation with a Yellow man deeply uncomfortable for you.

Although Yellow personas may seem to not be aware of what reactions they are getting to their brash statements, don’t be fooled into thinking that this is the case.

They just happen to not care what people think. Your tactful thoughtful character will be appalled by such lack of consideration. You don’t see yourself next to a man who goes about in his life by walking over other people’s feelings and values. On the other hand, a Yellow man is looking for someone who is on his wavelength and would quickly discount your gentle persona as not a good match.

If you overlook those discrepancies in your personalities and remain mesmerised by this guy’s charm and glamorous lifestyle, things are not very likely to get any better. Because this guy’s life moves at a speed of light, there is little time left to develop what you consider a deep emotional connection, there is no space for long meaningful chats or time for enjoying simple things life has to offer. He, in turn, might feel that you’re missing out on the bigger picture by concentrating too much on detail.

He has the same carefree attitude to time-keeping. He will be habitually late and won’t even be apologetic about it. In his eyes, it is always an important cause that delayed him. You will find this behaviour not only annoying but also highly disrespectful

His delightfully impulsive ways might invariably spill over and affect his finances, something that you would find very unsettling if your own financial stability was wrapped up with his. Ironically, Yellows tend to make a lot of money because of their drive, persuasiveness and unbendable optimism. But they spend it just as quickly. This is of no concern to them as they know they can make it again, but for you, such instability can be very stressful, especially if there are children involved.

A Yellow guy will find a lot of your character traits to be off the mark of what he’s looking for. You value structure and organisation in your world, this is how you achieve things in life and make things happen. Such a way of life couldn’t be further from what he’s looking for. He is never going to slow down and any attempts to micro-manage him, especially in the early stages of a relationship, will bring down the curtains of this partnership for him. To-do lists and set ways of having things done is not something he will voluntarily allow into his life.

This union is very unlikely to happen in the first place as you will quickly discover that a Yellow guy doesn’t have the substance you are looking for in a partner, and his short attention span will make him quickly leave you behind as he dashes off to embark on his next adventure. If for some wonderful reason you end up dating this guy, be prepared to have your principles and values bent beyond your wildest dreams, and in most scenarios, not in a positive way.