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You are a Green Persona – the perfectionists of our spectrum.

Your most prominent persona is [memb_contact fields=_Result1] and your secondary persona is [memb_contact fields=_Result2].

Greens are the most detail-orientated personality type as you are driven by accuracy and work well with system-orientated concepts. Details are extremely important to you, as is getting right to the bottom of something. When you have a project to work on, you want to understand it fully and won’t rest until you have the whole thing cracked from start to finish.

This rigorousness works well in systems, finance, engineering, or any other field that demands strict attention to detail, a passion for discipline, and a clear understanding of processes. It also means that when you turn that finely-honed attention to other areas of your life, you can achieve a great deal.

As you are very accomplished at handling your financial affairs, and because you appreciate the finer things in life, it is highly probable that you drive a lovely car and live in attractive surroundings. You appreciate quality and are more than willing to save for as long as it takes to be able to afford it. You rarely have financial trouble, due to your ability to logically plan ahead. Such financial acumen allows you to weather difficult circumstances, should they arise.

The only possible downside of this trait is that, compared with other personality types, you do sometimes come across as being rather careful, if not downright tight, with money.

Not surprisingly, your shopping habits are very sensible, calculated, and at times, a little frugal. In a relationship, this is an area that may lead to frustration if your partner has a more frivolous outlook on finances. Their carefree attitude to money will be very difficult for you to comprehend.

You are normally able to keep an entertaining conversation flowing, and you definitely have a keen interest in other people’s interests, which can be very appealing. Unfortunately, it is sometimes the case that your attention to detail spills over into conversations, and this won’t be what some people are looking for. The whole story of something that happened to you five years ago, complete with carefully-explained detail, however well-told, may fascinate another Green, but other Persona types may find this tedious if not exhausting. Nonetheless, your love of small talk, combined with your wide general knowledge, can make you great fun to be around socially.

There is also the danger that others may experience you as slightly aloof. You are friendly towards everybody, but not necessarily friends with everyone.

Be aware that it can sometimes be difficult for people to break through your seemingly tough exterior.

It is certainly the case that you struggle when people become emotional around you. A direct show of feelings can leave you feeling deeply uncomfortable, if not agitated. So, if conversations start to take on a personal and, particularly, an emotional quality, you are often the first to leave the room, possibly preferring to stand outside with the people smoking rather than having to hear how someone really feels about something. On a date, it is best to be aware that at the first show of emotion you are likely to put up your guard.

However, there are definitely times when you will stand your ground rather than walk away. This is likely to be when someone puts forward a point of view with which you don’t agree or cannot allow passing without comment. Facts that are wrong, arguments that don’t add up, and your antennae start twitching. When this happens, you are perfectly capable of having a fairly serious argument. Watch that you don’t become too dogmatic on these occasions.

It is also possible that you have internally appointed yourself as the police of ‘what is fair’. You can become quite a stickler on these kinds of topics, and the more someone tries to throw you off the scent, the more you are capable of digging in.

Again, take care with this as someone new might draw the conclusion that you are not capable of flexibility, and that you are possibly even stuck in a rut.

As a Green Persona, you are very organised and tidy in how you work, both at home and in the office/workplace. Not surprisingly, you have high expectations from everyone else around you. You will expect everyone to understand the importance of having everything tidy and in its rightful place. Obviously, it makes everything so much easier to find when you want it. No lost keys or wallets for you. This quality inevitably spills over into your dating life.

You are extremely punctual and would expect a date to be exactly the same. A good thing, you probably think. Again, it is perhaps worth examining just how this quality plays out in you. Without necessarily being aware of exactly what you are doing and how others are affected or even perceive your behaviour, you may impose often unspoken rules and boundaries on the other person. This can create a feeling of conflict if you push these rules to the point of being bureaucratic.

However, when you lose your temper, you are sometimes capable of saying things that can, in the longer term, cause harm. You are your own worst enemy when it comes to stress, as in most cases, it is something that you have subjected yourself to.

You tend to put yourself under a lot of pressure, and when something doesn’t go the way you had hoped or expected, you beat yourself up for it, with the resultant anxiety. There is also a tendency to check and recheck things, and you refuse to leave anything up to chance, which again can contribute to stress if left unchecked.

You will make a good match for a woman who is on the lookout for a long and stable relationship. You have a strong sense of loyalty and you are definitely there for the long haul. You are family-oriented and prefer stable relationships to meaningless flings. On top of your loyalty and strong family values, you are highly likely to become financially well off as time progresses. Even if you are not the highest of earners, your discipline and care when it comes to money will put you in a place of relative wealth, compared to others.

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