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Whites are fun, thoughtful and intuitive communicators of our spectrum. Studies have shown this type of Personality to have a lot of oestrogen in their systems. While oestrogen is often seen as the reason that women can multitask better than men, men with White Personas have similar levels of oestrogen. In short, this allows you to ‘see the bigger picture’ better, to be more creative, and to be more intuitive and thoughtful in your relationships.

Your most prominent persona is [memb_contact fields=_Result1] and your secondary persona is [memb_contact fields=_Result2].

As a primary [memb_contact fields=_Result1] secondary [memb_contact fields=_Result2] persona, you are likely to create unique, unusual experiences for your partners or dates, and surprise them with romantic gestures. You always follow your heart and have a natural ability to make your date feel at ease. Organising the things around you is also a gift that comes easily to a White Persona. Waiters in restaurants, for example, are easily charmed by your friendly attitude and give you great service. That said, intuition is one of your strongest attributes. You will sense what your partner needs and do the right thing in a nurturing way. This ability to make your date or partner feel cared for means you are likely to be a very attentive lover.

White Personas are very playful by nature, and can even be perceived as flirtatious when you are uninterested in pursuing a relationship, as you have a way of finding a genuine connection with pretty much everyone. You have an adaptable, warm and sociable nature that allows you to walk into a room and effortlessly connect with everyone in it.

The flip side is that people will easily warm to you but might just as easily be left feeling let down. This is because, as a White Persona, you are a real people person and come across as very friendly and responsive. This can result in people placing too much meaning on what for you is simple friendliness, and misunderstanding your intentions; almost latching onto you. This can be true with dates but also with everyone else that you meet, and new friends may place more importance on your communications than you intended. Add to this your tendency of thinking out loud and you have ample room for misunderstandings or for people being left disappointed. Thinking out loud and using people as a sounding board is part of your thinking style. It helps you to ‘hear yourself’ say things, and you read how people respond to your ideas and then make adjustments.

However, most other Personas will take what you say literally and expect you to deliver on it. It would be wise of you to tell people you are just thinking something through if you say things that may sound to them like a commitment. This is in no way a negative attribute; simply something you should be aware of, to simplify the dating process.

Your Persona is likely to come across as extroverted due to your friendly and outgoing manner. In reality, you are a closet introvert and, despite your capability to come across as outgoing, you may be quite reserved or even shy. Your confidence is learnt behaviour. What people may not understand about you is that you need time alone in order to re-charge your batteries. You may occasionally feel pressured to socialise when you’d prefer to be taking some down-time, and if this resonates with you, it would be good for you to develop some coping strategies. Letting friends and dates know that you do value peace and quiet as much as fun and activities may be a way for them to get to know and understand you better. It is also true that you are likely to know a lot of people, but your inner circle of close friends may, in fact, be quite small.

As a White Persona, you are extremely good at remembering conversations, and you can often remember exactly what was said, almost word for word. Audio is your main thinking style, meaning you are likely to take longer than others to speak, to use longer sentences, and take longer pauses. Those who are more visual thinkers and faster talkers will tend to interrupt you and talk over you.

You need to either get used to this or develop the ability to talk at a pace that others are comfortable with. You have a very useful ability to be busy with multiple things at one time. However, this ‘disorganised’ way of thinking typically has a reflection in your surroundings. Your home may appear prone to clutter and your finances may often be confused. You know that you are ‘disorganised’ in this manner and you do have your own ways of coping with it. In fact while others might get frustrated by this trait in you, you know it is your strength. When things get on top of you, you may have a period of impressive organisation, but once things settle down again you slowly slip back into your old ways. You are aware of this ‘weakness’ and genuinely try to battle it with various coping mechanisms, be it a detailed calendar or diary or new filing system. While this constant quest for self-improvement works for you, it can be a source of conflict in a relationship.

As a White Persona, you are an intuitive problem-solver. You love suggesting and implementing solutions and organising people. In an environment with the freedom to fill that role, you are the happiest you can be, and you are likely to create romantic or fun dating opportunities. You are very aware of all that is going on around you and have strong gut feelings which you know you can totally rely on.

You are an impulsive, spontaneous being and will not get too excited by plans in the distant future. You prefer to live in the moment, which makes you vibrant and exciting to connect with. However, any future dates or partners with a love of long-term planning, like booking next year’s holiday, may be disappointed by your lack of enthusiasm, and it’s only fair to let them know you prefer to live life in a more “off-the-cuff” style.

Although you aren’t keen on planning the future in any great detail, when it comes to your dreams and aspirations, you operate very differently. You are a perpetual dreamer in every area of your life and can visualise your ambitions for your career, relationships, travels, and experiences. More than any other Persona, you have the ability, quiet personal confidence, and patience to be quite comfortable for your plans to take years to come to fruition.

You can imagine your future life very clearly, and your dreams and hopes are as vivid to you as real life. Coupling this with your need to think out loud and you can see how you might be creating the impression that you are unreliable, which can hurt your credibility. Developing an awareness of this behaviour will help you to manage any potential repercussions. Making sure others believe you can deliver on your promises is crucial for maintaining your stable long-term relationships.

The fact is that as a charming and engaging White Persona, you can potentially go on a date with any other Persona and have a genuinely great evening. However, there are a few clear partnerships that will work better for you in the short to medium term, and as a more relaxed and spontaneous person, you will get along better with those who share your ethos in life. A White Persona makes a caring, loving and thoughtful partner, and your idealistic nature makes you perfectly suited to an equally original and open-minded soul.

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