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In the workplace, Mints are statistically amongst the most employable Personas because they are consistently reliable and hard-working. You know how to find a job, even when work is scarce, and you know exactly what to do to keep it too. You have the ability to be reasonably creative, but your real strength lies in well-planned hard work. You are almost always polite and well-spoken and you rarely lose your temper with anyone. However, just every now and then you like to break out of this sensible mould and have a wild night with your close friends.

Your most prominent persona is [memb_contact fields=_Result1] and your secondary persona is [memb_contact fields=_Result2].

Mints are very detail-oriented and solution-focussed. These two qualities make you a very practical person. You are extremely good at understanding and then taking on what has, until now, been another person’s idea. You then have a wonderful ability to help that idea ‘grow legs’ and patiently see through its development. You are very process-oriented and you meticulously refine, improve and check as you go. You are not afraid to voice your opinion, appropriately, or to ask the right question if something isn’t quite working either.

Thanks to your pragmatic approach, the projects that you oversee are completed in a sensible and orderly manner, and you do this effectively through documenting and persistently following up on every detail until every last ‘i’ is dotted and ‘t’ crossed.

As a dating partner, you show a number of the same characteristics. You are likely to be very selfless, kind, a pleasure to be around, and really quite easy-going. You are diplomatic and tactful, so conflicts do not generally arise with you. You are very thoughtful about your partner’s needs and tend to put them on a pedestal, putting their needs before your own. As a relationship progresses, you buy thoughtful presents, which are beautifully wrapped and always given at the most appropriate moment.

Mints are quite traditional and have strong family values. You put thought into the things you do and you like things to be very well organised.

You are not an impulsive person and you rarely do things on the spur of the moment. It’s not that you don’t like to try new things, but you would rather prefer to explore them when the time is exactly right for you. This can create a bit of an imbalance if you are in a relationship with a persona who likes to dive into everything new head first without much thinking.

Other people find you interesting because you do interesting things. You may, for example, be quite musical, a skill you will have picked up without too much fuss due to a combination of technical flair and persistence

When relaxed, you can be very witty and great fun for people to be around. This does not necessarily make you the life and soul of every party, but once in a while you will let loose, quite probably surprising those people who don’t know you very well! You are very loyal and enjoy staying connected to a close group of good friends, with whom you have built strong and dependable relationships over a sustained period of time.

In fact, your lifestyle can appear quite affluent, not necessarily because you earn a huge amount, but because you have looked after your money so well.

In terms of the kind of women you are attracted to, you know yourself that you do not rate the overly talkative types who constantly need to voice their opinions or share their ideas with other people.

A Mint Persona is quite traditional and very well-organised in a long-term relationship or as a parent. There is a clear, established foundation and firm boundaries for acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. Why shouldn’t everyone be able to live in an environment of mutual respect? Why shouldn’t everyone be able to get along with each other? This is how things should be in a Mint world and, with the right person in your life, the chances are that you will find everything falling into place.

If you are ever asked to do something that conflicts with your own strongly held values, it will be a genuine problem for you. Similarly, you would find it a huge struggle to live or work in an environment where things are unruly, loud, contentious, or where backbiting persists.

As you possess a good bit of intuition, you are able to sense undercurrents and vibes. You may not always deal with what you are feeling, and sometimes this builds up in you as stress.

This may be something to watch. Those people who tend to take up all the oxygen in the room, who always seem to need to be heard, will probably be a source of irritation to you, and, if they are men, they are unlikely to find themselves welcome in your orbit.

However, women who like their dates to be polite and well mannered, but also to have some surprises up their sleeves, should be looking out for you as a great match and quite a catch.

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