To give you a thorough understanding of how other personalities will interact with you, it is important for you to know how your own personality affects the communication dynamic.

As a Mint persona, you seek someone to match your need for order, structure, responsibility and consideration towards other people. You value these things the most in people, and the lack of these in someone is something you find very disconcerting.

Of course, you’d be interested in looks and build and so on, but faced with a few reasonable choices you’d go with the guy who creates a fun but peaceful and stable environment, one who is organized and takes responsibility for his actions, and one who isn’t in the habit of offending or judging people. The slightest hint of any prejudices will set your alarm bells going. You’d want to find out how this guy conducts his life, his relationships and his finances. The man’s behaviour, language and thoughtful gestures are all likely to give you a bearing on whether he is suitable for you or not. It would be best you trust your internal gut-feel throughout a dating experience.

You are likely to want a guy to romance you into accepting a date. While you like having your life organized and knowing where it’s heading, you do appreciate an odd romantic, impulsive adventure here and there. Bear in mind that it is not your nature to be impolite or overly direct, so if some charmer has managed himself through your elimination process and is now face to face with you on a date, it will be harder for you to get rid of him. You are not really comfortable with conflict and may succumb to going with the flow to see what happens. Sometimes this can lead to things you didn’t intend – it is not uncommon for Mints to find themselves s in a full-blown relationship with someone they didn’t plan on getting deeply involved in the first place. To make sure that doesn’t happen, stick with your criteria and hold out for someone who ticks all your boxes.

In the workplace, Mints are statistically amongst the most employable Personas because they are consistently reliable and hard-working. You know how to find a job, even when work is scarce, and you know exactly what to do to keep it too. You have the ability to be reasonably creative, but your real strength lies in well-planned hard work. You are almost always polite and well-spoken and you rarely lose your temper with anyone. However, just every now and then you like to break out of this sensible mould and have a wild night with your close friends.

Your most prominent persona is [memb_contact fields=_Result1] and your secondary persona is [memb_contact fields=_Result2].

Mints are very detail-oriented and solution-focused. These two qualities make you a very practical person. You are extremely good at understanding and then taking on what has, until now, been another person’s idea. You then have a wonderful ability to help that idea ‘grow legs’ and patiently see through its development. You are very process-oriented and you meticulously refine, improve and check as you go. You are not afraid to voice your opinion, appropriately, or to ask the right question if something isn’t quite working either.

Thanks to your pragmatic approach, the projects that you oversee are completed in a sensible and orderly manner, and you do this effectively through documenting and persistently following up on every detail until every last ‘i’ is dotted and ‘t’ crossed.

As a dating partner, you show a number of the same characteristics. You are likely to be very selfless, kind, a pleasure to be around, and really quite easy-going. You are diplomatic and tactful, so conflicts do not generally arise with you. You are very thoughtful about your partner’s needs and tend to put them on a pedestal, putting their needs before your own. As a relationship progresses, you buy thoughtful presents, which are beautifully wrapped and always given at the most appropriate moment.

Mints are quite traditional and have strong family values. You put thought into the things you do and you like things to be very well organised.

You are not an impulsive person and you rarely do things on the spur of the moment. It’s not that you don’t like to try new things, but you would rather prefer to explore them when the time is exactly right for you. This can create a bit of an imbalance if you are in a relationship with a persona who likes to dive into everything new head first without much thinking.

Other people find you interesting because you do interesting things. You may, for example, be quite musical, a skill you will have picked up without too much fuss due to a combination of technical flair and persistence

When relaxed, you can be very witty and great fun for people to be around. This does not necessarily make you the life and soul of every party, but once in a while you will let loose, quite probably surprising those people who don’t know you very well! You are very loyal and enjoy staying connected to a close group of good friends, with whom you have built strong and dependable relationships over a sustained period of time.

In fact, your lifestyle can appear quite affluent, not necessarily because you earn a huge amount, but because you have looked after your money so well.

In terms of the kind of men you are attracted to, you know yourself that you do not rate the overly talkative types who constantly need to voice their opinions or share their ideas with other people.

A Mint Persona is quite traditional and very well-organised in a long-term relationship or as a parent. There is a clear, established foundation and firm boundaries for acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. Why shouldn’t everyone be able to live in an environment of mutual respect? Why shouldn’t everyone be able to get along with each other? This is how things should be in a Mint world and, with the right person in your life, the chances are that you will find everything falling into place.

If you are ever asked to do something that conflicts with your own strongly held values, it will be a genuine problem for you. Similarly, you would find it a huge struggle to live or work in an environment where things are unruly, loud, contentious, or where backbiting persists.

As you possess a good bit of intuition, you are able to sense undercurrents and vibes. You may not always deal with what you are feeling, and sometimes this builds up in you as stress.

This may be something to watch. Those people who tend to take up all the oxygen in the room, who always seem to need to be heard, will probably be a source of irritation to you, and, if they are men, they are unlikely to find themselves welcome in your orbit.

However, men who like their dates to be polite and well mannered, but also to have some surprises up their sleeves, should be looking out for you as a great match and quite a catch.


Your most compatible matches

[memb_contact fields=FirstName] primary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result1] and secondary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result2]

[memb_contact fields=_ClientsName] primary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result11] and secondary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result21]

In all cases, except perhaps for two Reds dating, a guy with the same persona as your primary or secondary will be a compatible match.


As a Mint persona, you are likely to be on the outlook for a charming and patient guy with good manners. The style of a Blue, Green or White persona is best suited to satisfy this need. A guy with a Blue persona is likely to be the kindest and most considerate.  A guy with a Green persona is going to be the most organised as well as financially and emotionally stable, which are qualities you are likely to appreciate. And lastly, the imaginative playfulness of the considerate and kind White persona will also be strongly appealing to you.

Click through to see your three most compatible matches below:  Blue, Green or White. You can also consider a Mint.

As a woman with a Mint Persona, you will instinctively warm to a Blue guy as he has a similar temperament to your own. A man with a Blue persona will be considerate, outgoing and warm-hearted. He will warm to your equally friendly and composed demeanour. You both are very social and personable people and you will find yourself very much in sync with your values, principles and outlooks on life.

The romance with a Blue man is likely to take off very quickly as you will relax and immensely enjoy his company. You will find yourself well-matched in your family and personal aspirations and for both of you, your relationship will be of significant importance. Your Blue man will easily relate to you as you experience the world in a similar way to him and he will put his best foot forward to court and romance you even as you progress into a more settled relationship.

You both have a similar outlook on what kind of relationship and family you’d like and for both of you, those things hold the priority above anything else. You’ll be pleased to discover a devoted and reliable partner in your Blue man. He will work hard to provide a comfortable life for both of you and will truly make you feel special, cherished and cared for.

There is great potential for the two of you to become each others’ best friends and confidants. Men with Blue personas will go out of their way to try and understand their partners and what they need. Your relationship will be punctuated with frequent little thoughtful gestures that will remind you of this guy’s love for you.

You are likely to be more organised, more capable and more conscientious than your Blue mate, but he will graciously adapt and fit in with how you prefer things done. He will neither feel threatened or try and out-do you on anything.

The challenge for you in a relationship like this would be to not become resentful for having to take care of certain things like the budgeting, scheduling and planning. Rather take it as a compliment that your Blue mate thinks you are good at those things and that he trusts you. Blues like routine so once he has an understanding of how you’d like things done you’d hardly ever have to chase him for anything.

There is very little in this man’s character that you will find off-putting. He is friendly, considerate, a great listener! You will quickly feel on the same page with this man as he sees and experiences the world in a very similar way to you.

You are a very good match for a Blue guy as you will bring only the best out in him. He might be likely to become passive aggressive in a relationship where there is a lot of confrontation. He does not like confrontation but he can become stubbornly resistant.

However, your style is not aggressive and with your patient consistence, you are likely to bring the best out of this man as no other female Persona can.

As a Mint Persona, you are not the most affectionate of people. You’d like to be pampered and shown affection but probably not in public. On this front your Blue guy will do for you what you can do for him to get organised. He will likewise draw the best out of you, without demanding from you anything you wouldn’t want.  You will both love your ability to get lost with one another in your fairytale-like world of affection.

When it comes to showing care for loved ones and friends you will be known as a couple who can lift others just by being around them.  Your Blue guy has a big heart and you have very capable hands. Your Blue guy has a tremendous capacity for making others feel loved and cared for, and you have the most practical knack for organising things around them. As a couple, you are likely to grow very special long term friendships.

As a woman with a Mint persona, you are kind, friendly and warm-hearted. You like to have your life well organised but not without some romance and fun in it. When you encounter a man with a Green persona, you will warm to his friendly but composed demeanour. He is not likely to be a flamboyant ladies man but that does not mean he doesn’t know how to court a woman. You are well suited to each other on a lot of levels and will find yourself on the same page with many important aspects of your life. You are both conscientious dynamos who effortlessly insist on getting things done promptly and efficiently. You are wired similarly and are likely to have great insights into what the other needs. This will create great capacity for working well as a team. However, you may also find yourself competing for tasks or clashing on the best way to do something. You are likely to quickly work out who does what best and will embrace your roles to the full extent.

You are the more personable one in the relationship and will probably manage your social calendar, while your Green man will rise to the challenge when tough issues have to be sorted out with others. However, when it comes to your own relationship, you both will be inclined to avoid conflict. This tendency can cause problems down the line as you will be facing the same unresolved issues resurfacing over and over again. The quicker you realise that issues between the two of you are best to be discussed out in the open, the less bickering you will encounter.

You both have a similar outlook on what kind of relationship and family you’d like and for both of you those things hold the priority above anything else. You’ll be pleased to discover a devoted and reliable partner in your Green man. He will work hard to provide a comfortable life for both of you and will truly make you feel safe and cared for.

More so than you, a Green man is very detail-oriented and there is no task that he would shy away from handling. He is a man’s man who will bravely tackle anything that needs to be done around the house. His focused way of thinking and analytical approach to whatever job is in front of him makes him a wonderfully skilled handyman. This man’s abilities go way beyond what you might have been expecting at a first glance. Be it plumbing, electrical or anything to do with fixing or renovating, this man will find ways and means to do it, if not himself, then by sourcing the right professional. You can rest assured that none of those things would ever fall on your shoulders – your Green man will discreetly take care of everything and in most cases before you even spot there is a fault with something. And the best part? He won’t expect any recognition or praise in return.

A Green man’s structured and practical outlook on life creates a very orderly and comfortable environment for the lucky woman he picks. He will happily take over anything to do with bills, organizing of routine day-to-day living and will even do a big share of household chores without having to be nagged at.

Your Green guy is a very down-to-earth and level-headed guy who will view your relationship as a partnership of two equals who are there for each other not only when the bad days strike but also on a day-to-day basis. While he is certainly not the most romantically-inclined man you’ll meet, he believes that actions speak louder than words and will aim to show you his love and devotion through small, but very helpful practical gestures.

Covering your bed in flower petals is not something this guy is likely to come up with on his own initiative, but he will happily check your car every morning before heading off for flat tyres or dead battery so you can start your day stress-free. It might not be enough for women of other personality types, but as a Mint Persona, you are not blinded by vanity to miss out on how thoughtful and considerate those gestures truly are.

While this man’s romantic gestures are not going to be extravagantly flashy, it doesn’t mean he is not bothered to make an effort. He simply views romance through the prism of his practicality-oriented personality. Just like with everything he puts his mind to, he doesn’t do things half-heartedly when it comes to romantic gestures and is likely to do a lot of research to find the best gift (that will still be practical) or experience to treat you to. However, those gifts and surprises will mostly to be linked to a specific occasion rather than done out of the blue.

You are likely to come across some challenges with this man in an emotional department as he struggles to openly show his emotions while you, on the contrary, wear your heart on your sleeve. If you take the time to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, you will quickly discover how to meet half-way when it comes to talking heart-to-heart. Your Green man will never be the kind of guy to enjoy talking about the feelings, but your kind and gentle nature will help him to open up eventually. The key here is to not push it. You will have to accept it as a given that by nature this strong-willed and composed man doesn’t swing between moods and prefers to carry the cross of his emotions on his own.

Once you learn to accept that, you will have a strong and stable man by your side who’ll be forever loyal and protective of you. You both have a great capacity to fulfil each other’s needs in a relationship. There is hardly any other man that would create such a stable and safe environment for you while being a supportive, respectful and understanding partner. As a Mint Persona, you have a vast potential to give a Green man a cosy warm home and a caring and loving relationship. Your warm-hearted and encouraging nature will quickly make you his confidant and supportive ear. For both of you, this union can be a mutually beneficial relationship in which each partner feels valued and cared for.

When you meet a guy with a White Persona, you are more likely than not to take an immediate shine towards this guy. He is friendly, likeable and very approachable. You will find yourself getting on with him superbly well on relational and social levels. He has a genuine interest in people and seems to effortlessly know how to get on with pretty much everyone. He is easy to talk to and will engage you with stimulating and interesting conversations. Before you know it, you will feel relaxed and at ease in his company.

You might find yourself in a committed relationship with this guy very early on. Neither of you are into mind games and you are naturally at your happiest when in a loving union with a like-minded person. Your relationship will be growing from strength to strength as you are exploring each other’s worlds and there’ll be plenty of romance. You both are thoughtful caring people and showering each other with attention, consideration and affection will quickly deepen your connection.

Although you are in no way shy, you are likely to be slightly more reserved and traditional than a White guy is but he won’t regard that an issue. He’ll be surprising you with his creativity and innovative approach to everything, be it dates, gifts or experiences. He will be impressed by the way you can orchestrate even the most complex of the plans into an effortless flow of events. He’ll bring fun and adventure to the table while you’ll set the wheels in motion and actually make things happen. You will quickly come to appreciate the role dynamic of this potentially fruitful partnership.

You will admire his out-of-the-box thinking while he will appreciate your level-headed practical approach to things. While he might be dreaming up his next venture, you will already be rolling up your sleeves and getting things done. This union will wonderfully balance out your personalities as well as your strong and weak sides. Whites lack structure while you have taken organizing to an art form. You, on the other hand, sometimes lack vision of a bigger picture. A White persona can inspire you and broaden your horizons in a way like no one else can. Combined together, your skills and abilities can create an incredibly strong and mutually beneficial union.

Your White man is a dreamer, this is something he will never grow out of. Like a child, he looks at the world with fascination seeing adventures and opportunities where other people might not see anything. However, some of their dreams remain exactly that – dreams. You have the capacity to steer this man in the right direction and help him realize his full potential. Unlike many, you won’t be judgemental of his tendency to dream big and not following through on some of the things. Any time he uses you as his sounding board, you will be genuinely interested in what he has to say and won’t hesitate to actively participate in the brainstorming process. You also won’t hesitate to give him a reality check when he is getting carried away, and he will come to depend on you for it. You would do it in such a diplomatic way that he won’t feel offended. Rather than feeling criticized, he will consider your constructive criticism mixed with double portions of TLC indispensably helpful. Your ability to manage his unstoppable creative process and finding ways to channel his ideas into a practical application will set a very strong foundation for your relationship.

As a Mint Persona, you will instinctively warm to a guy with the same personality type as your own. There is very little in this man’s character that you will find off-putting. He is friendly, considerate, a great listener and an even better organiser, just like you! You will quickly feel on the same page with this man as he sees and experiences the world in a very similar way to you.

This is a union that will not lack in romance and affection. In your own considerate way you will often engineer thoughtful little surprises for each other. Emotional closeness is an important element of a relationship for both of you, and this union will provide plenty of it. Once you establish a close bond, it will feel like you have the ability to know how the other is feeling and what they are thinking. You won’t feel the need to either lead or to be lead. A partnership of two Mints is typically a union of two equal partners who see themselves as best friends but with plenty of romance! 

You will certainly connect from the place of your key strengths. Both of you are practical and studious individuals, fairly technical in the way you think and how you approach things. You will value these skills in each other and be each other’s biggest supporters.

You will each have discovered how to attain success for yourself through hard and consistent work. So whatever is the next long-term goal that you are tackling, be that another degree, a small business or that next promotion, you will always be aware of having your biggest fan in your corner. Discipline and determination are qualities that you will admire in each other as you both understand what it takes to achieve success. Neither of you will be accustomed to having had things handed to you on a plate. You’d both be accustomed to getting what you want through hard work, and that is the way you like it.

As a couple, you are sure to be popular and well-liked. Your friends can best be characterised by quality as opposed to quantity. Those likeminded people who are likely to count you as friends probably have been your friends for years, and will be for years to come. A nightmare partner for you would be a guy who often says and does inappropriate things in public or amongst your friends. All three of your least compatible matches are pretty much experts of provocative behaviour. Your fellow Mint shares the same values and principles and will match you in your impeccable social graces.

A particular feature of a Mint/Mint is how effortlessly you will acquire financial stability. Neither of you are overly ambitious or greedy, but you understand the value of good fiscal discipline and will cleverly grow your wealth. Out of all the personas you are most likely to be experts at taking advantage of every single loyalty and points scheme available. Your joint money savvy and aptitude to budget and save will be unrivalled.

This is a relationship that will blend in and work well from early on. The only area that could cause friction lies, ironically, in one of your biggest strengths – your composure. Neither of you are particularly comfortable with conflict as you are too considerate and would never want to hurt each other’s feelings. However, in your particular case, it is better to risk an offence and clearly verbalise the things that are bothering you than sitting on an issue until it brews into something bigger. While this is only marginally possible between two Mints, it can nevertheless cause long term damage in an otherwise precious partnership if it does occur. So being simply aware of this tendency can go a long way.

A Mint man is definitely a candidate to pay close attention to. This man understands your outlook and value system like no one else and has a huge capacity to greatly enrich your life with a meaning emotional closeness and a strong shoulder to lean on when needed most.

Your least compatible matches

Click through to see your least compatible matches below:

[memb_contact fields=FirstName] primary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result1] and secondary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result2]

[memb_contact fields=_ClientsName] primary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result11] and secondary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result21] 

The guys who need not apply are the ones with the larger than life egos and accompanying personalities. So it’s probably a no-thank-you for Mr Red, Mr Yellow and Mr Purple. A Red is likely to be simply too confrontational for you as a peace-loving Mint. A guy with a Yellow persona will be perceived to lack depth and emotional substance as they often speak before consulting with their faculties. You’ll often find yourself confused and puzzled by an inconsistent Purple who will seem like a chameleon to you when it comes to his mood changes. As a budget-conscious Mint, you will also find some of the Yellow and White’s impulse purchases rather disturbing. While a Purple would be relatively similar to you in your spending habits, you will struggle to build a meaningful connection with him as you’ll often end up feeling ‘locked out’ for no obvious reason.

Your least compatible matches are Reds, Yellow and Purple. Click through below to read about them.

Disclaimer, and a reminder of our T&C's: We are providing you with information and context. If you really want to make a relationship work, you probably can. We are making you aware of what effort might be involved and the dynamics you may face. Bear in mind that it takes two to tango! Also consider that we aren't aware of your potential partner's culture, experiences or any other dynamics. Our content is based purely on personality traits, based on your answers to our quiz.

On the surface, a Red guy will appear as quite a catch and will lure you in with this charming and intriguing character. He will appeal to your logical and practical nature with his assertiveness, analytical and decision-making skills as well as his principle of fairness. Just like you, this man hates waste of time and likes for things to be done promptly and the right way. If you were working as a team in an office, you’d be one super productive duo, but when it comes to romantic relationships, there will be very little to your union that would call for romance.

While you do have some common touch points, there is hardly anything besides them that would spark much interest in both of you. You both have a clear idea of what you want from a relationship and neither of you are capable of providing it for each other in full. By and large, you will want a quite settled life, planned holidays and a stable lifestyle, and you will be puzzled that this man never switches off from the drive to ‘conquer the world’ and by his drive for change and improvement. For a Red guy, there is nothing in your world that he doesn’t already have and these men tend to have a very practical approach as to whom they allow into their space. He will regard your peace-loving nature as safe and unadventurous and your desire for a stable life as a lack of drive and ambition.

Out of all your bad matches, this guy is probably not the worst one, but there is very little in this relationship that YOU would find fulfilling. This partnership could work relatively successfully for a career-obsessed Red who wants a quiet and warm house with a gentle and caring wife solely as an escape plan from his quick-paced and demanding life. That life, with all its adventures and conquests, will always be a priority in his books and a wife with a Mint persona will serve as nothing more than a convenient arrangement.

He will rarely regard you as an equal partner and will have a fulfilling life outside of your relationship. So the dilemma here is whether this kind of a set-up is something that you really want. From a Mint perspective, this relationship robs you of your desire to have a close emotional connection with someone who values you and what you bring to the table.

While your ambition levels will hardly rival with those of a Red guy, you know your self-worth and settling for being a part of the décor in someone’s life is not something you’ll find fulfilling. Your Red guy will very quickly outweigh and out-argue you to the point where you’ll feel that you can’t get a head-start with this guy on any aspect in your life. You have a very delicate sense of tact and a very tuned-in feeling of what’s fair and what’s not, and both of those qualities will be put to the test with a Red guy.

You won’t feel like you are being treated with the respect you deserve when this guy behaves in his typical beyond-abrasive manner, completely ignoring the fact that such communication manner is deeply uncomfortable for you. In his defence, he will rarely be doing it on purpose, but his consistently provocative and irreverent manner will have the effect on numerous paper cuts – one won’t kill you, but hundreds will make you bleed heavily.

Because this man has difficulty with expressing his emotions, talking to him about yours is not going to have the desired effect. On most occasions, you will feel that rather than being part of the decision-making process, you were bulldozed into arrangements that he sees beneficial. While you don’t have a problem with a man taking the lead and calling the shots, being part of a relationship where your opinion is not being taken into consideration will be deeply dissatisfying for you. Even if you try to influence this guy by micro-managing him or suggestively hinting on what you think would be the best decision, you will be faced with the same results – he will adamantly do what he thinks is best.

Your nature is not confrontational and fighting your way into being in the decision-making position is not something you are comfortable with doing or would even be bothered to do. You will quickly learn that there is no debate or argument you can win with this guy and this dynamic of having to fight for every inch of your space in this relationship will be exhausting for you.

While this union is not going to be a turbulent roller-coaster (your gentle nature will avoid confrontation and will resort to keeping the feelings under covers rather than throwing them in the open), this is a partnership that is not likely to start in the first place due to the lack of spark and even if it does, is likely to die a slow quiet death due to the lack of mutual interests, outlooks and desires. If you do decide to give this partnership a go, you have to be prepared to make it work entirely at your expense as a Red guy will stubbornly hold his positions and won’t meet you even half-way.

It would be hard to dislike a Yellow guy when you meet one. They have magnetic personalities and are expertly equipped at being charming. They have an innate ability to heat up the temperature of any room they enter, sometimes by pleasantly livening it up and other times by inadvertently throwing a cat amongst the pigeons with their words. Yellow men know what they want in any context and they are confident that they know how to get it.

There is no way for you to keep up with this guy. Be it in a conversation or overall outlook and aspirations in life, this guy will outweigh you like a heavyweight boxer outweighs a bantamweight. He is a textbook extrovert and his life runs at a much quicker pace than yours. You recharge your batteries in solitude while this guy gets energised in the maddening crowd. Before you know, you’ll feel emotionally and mentally depleted in this guy’s company.

While you might be tempted to go on a couple of dates with such a charming and entertaining guy, you will soon discover that he is too shallow for your liking. He will have done amazing things in life and has plans to do even more yet. His life might seem like a carnival but you will quickly discover it lacks things that you value in a relationship. Because this guy’s life moves at a speed of light, there is little time left to develop what you consider a deep emotional connection, there is no space for long meaningful chats or time for enjoying simple things life has to offer.

He, in turn, might feel that you’re missing out on the bigger picture by concentrating too much on detail. He’d be impatiently waiting for you to cut to the chase while you unpack something from the one end to the other. You’ll rarely find the conversation fulfilling as he’ll be repeatedly cutting you short and hijacking the conversation in the direction HE finds interesting. This basic dynamic will inevitably leave you with a bad feeling in your mouth and a solid dislike towards this guy.

If for some reason you last through the bumps of your two personas finding a dynamic that suits you both and find yourself dating this guy, we’d love to say that things will get easier, but unfortunately you are on a downward spiral with this guy.

You don’t have common ground to stand on with a Yellow guy when it comes to crucial values, outlooks, principles and even simple things like time-keeping. On top of that, you will severely struggle with the way he takes risks, prioritises things in life, handles finances and goes about his living environment. You are not a tidiness freak, but a Yellow guy can take scattering things about to a whole new level. He’d own really nice things and have tastefully furnished surroundings but you’d get the feeling that he is a bit careless in looking after his belongings. In a situation where you live together, you’d be constantly faced with random clutter that he is never bothered to tackle simply because he’d rather do something fun than go cleaning. He is just too busy with his next exploit to want to care.

He has the same carefree attitude to time-keeping. He will be habitually late and won’t even be apologetic about it. In his eyes, it is always an important cause that delayed him. You will find this behaviour not only annoying but also highly disrespectful

His delightfully impulsive ways might invariably spill over and affect his finances, something that you would find very unsettling if your own financial stability was wrapped up with his. Ironically, Yellows tend to make a lot of money because of their drive, persuasiveness and unbendable optimism. But they spend it just as quickly. This is of no concern to them as they know they can make it again, but for you such instability can be very stressful, especially if there are children involved.

A Yellow guy will find a lot of your character traits to be off the mark of what he’s looking for. You value structure and organisation in your world, this is how you achieve things in life and make things happen. Such a way of life couldn’t be further from what he’s looking for. He is never going to slow down and any attempts to micro-manage him, especially in the early stages of a relationship, will bring down the curtains of this partnership for him. To-do lists and set ways of having things done is not something he will voluntarily allow into his life.

This union is very unlikely to happen in the first place as you will quickly discover that a Yellow guy doesn’t have the substance you are looking for in a partner, and his short attention span will make him quickly leave you behind as he dashes off to embark on his next adventure. If for some wonderful reason you end up dating this guy, be prepared to have your principles and values bent beyond your wildest dreams, and in most scenarios, not in a positive way.

Both you and a Purple guy are pretty much individually minded and independent in how you think, but unless there is something that clashes with your values you might often go along with what the majority wants for the sake of harmony.  You are more inclined to follow rules and traditions while your Purple guy might be a bit of a maverick who might often do the opposite to what everyone might expect.

Both you and a Purple guy would have some form of artistic streak in you, which may manifest itself in a uniquely individual dress sense, an interest in the arts or photography, or a good eye for aesthetics. This artistic sense comes in handy where you want to express your deep-rooted sentiments without running the risk of offending others by what you say. This also provides you both with an outlet to expressing moods or emotions.

Purples, paradoxically, may tend to be a bit quieter than you are, as you can be quite chatty. But, when a Purple lets loose with a volley of well-placed comments you may only work out what he had meant hours later! His speech is often shrouded in quick-fire metaphor and laced with satire or sarcasm.

So, now that we have briefly introduced you to the Purple let’s have a look at what will make this a potentially successful date and conversely what can go wrong in this relationship.

Both of you are romantically idealistic of who you might successfully end up dating. This is especially true of the Purple in this equation. This fixation might cause you to overlook some of the obvious plusses. We’d suggest that if there is some chemistry or interest present that you turn down the volume of your preconceived notions and just enjoy the individual for who they are. You may get a much better perspective if you relax in this manner.

If this man takes a liking to you, you will soon feel the effects of his romantic impulses. He can sometimes become quiet-ish when he draws in to his own thought world, this is something you’d need to get used to with him.  But when he is present with you, you will be entertained by his quick wit and kept riveted by his advanced knowledge on so many topics.

On the quiet, both of you tend to be fiercely independent. Even though both of you might portray a very compliant Persona to others, they would be foolish to think you’d always go along with their wishes. This guy is likely to spark a mischievous side to you. When you are in each other’s company you will have endless fun, as if you are in your own little bubble.

You’d have to watch yourself that you don’t get drawn into his bad habits, though. For example, when he gets engrossed in his own world of projects or solutions or causes he tends to neglect much going on around him, even to the point of not eating. The best scenario is if you remain together in these times and keep things going and that without resentment or a bad attitude. The worst scenario is if you drop into the same pattern and also let things slip. The two of you would need to have some understanding and system around this. If you don’t you may miss key appointments, leave important bills unpaid, and generally spiral in and out of having a cluttered environment, which others might consider as untidy.

Both of you may have strong tendencies of subtly wanting the other to fit into your pre-conceived mold of normal. You’d be likely to push for things in subtle ways. Mr Purple will be far more persuasive in trying to change you into conforming to his ideal vision of a partner, and though you might comply for a while this will inevitably cause you to wander into feelings of resentment. On the other hand, your tendency of passively arguing your corner through the dropping of remarks and hints is likely to always be noticed by the Purple but also to be ignored out of principle.

Neither of you are particularly confrontational in nature. And to preserve the peace you may rather frequently sweep things other the carpet. This is not something that would be sustainable, as it will cause you both a lot of stress. Best to find for yourself some way to communicate about your feelings.

The positives of a relationship like this by far outweigh the negatives.  So this relationship with a Purple is well worth pursuing. It would, however, serve you as a couple really well to make sure that you are both fully aware of their own blind spots, as well as your partners. If you both decide to love and care for one another unconditionally you are well able to shelter yourselves from the issues mentioned creeping in. But where you allow issues like these to creep in they are more likely to become the norm than not, in which case you may spiral into years of relative unhappiness without knowing how to improve the situation.