To give you a thorough understanding of how other personalities will interact with you, it is important for you to know how your own personality affects the communication dynamic.

As a Purple persona, you seek someone to match your charitable heart, so a guy who can relate to your passion for doing good work in the community is your best match. Service and people are important to you. Look for clues as to what this guy gets up to with his spare time – a guy who volunteers or is otherwise inclined to contribute to the society in an honourable way is very likely to earn your respect. You have the ability to get along with most people but you will quickly discount those who look to be too loud or too outgoing. You like friendly people and those who look like they will be loyal companions.

Your family is important to you, so keep in mind how they might fit into your circle of family and friends and look for clues as to how you might fit into theirs. However, take care not to structure your interactions with a guy too much like a job interview.

You have the ability to get along with a lot of men so your options are pretty wide. You find a variety of qualities attractive in men. For example, you may find a very direct, but still polite, sort of guy appealing, as you will know exactly where you stand. Or the soft and sensitive type of guy who oozes kindness will also strike a chord in you. The few types of guys who are not compatible with you are not likely to end up on a date with you as you will quickly sense a lack of common ground.  

It is important for you to get a feel of the man’s personality before you decide whether they are a suitable candidate, but when it comes to you opening your cards, you may tend to hold back and not reveal too much about yourself when you first meet someone. Bear in mind that you are on a date and you want to give the guy enough to be able to know if he likes you too. Once you keep a date as a two-way street, you’ll quite easily spot who is right for you and who is not.

As a Purple Persona, you are can be described as an intellectual romantic. You have a strong sense of morality and altruistic passion for the greater good; as a result, you tend to see helping others as your purpose in life.  However, underneath that friendly, loyal and compassionate demeanour lies a very strong individual who will tirelessly fight for what she believes in. Your high ideals and morals are rooted deeply in the values that you hold dear. These ideals cover all aspects of your life including how you want to live and what your partner must be like.

Your most prominent persona is [memb_contact fields=_Result1] and your secondary persona is [memb_contact fields=_Result2].

Your above average intellect and people-oriented nature make you a skilled communicator. People will admire you for your passion and your drive. You have a talent for expressing your ideas with so much energy and enthusiasm that it always has a contagious effect on other people, which, in turn, gives you a magnetic power to inspire and motivate people.

You are likely to be well informed and versed in a variety of subjects and you have no problem expressing your opinion, even if it goes against everyone else’s.  You don’t mind challenging those who talk about things they don’t really understand, which to some people can come across as abrasive. You possess a level of mental dexterity that few other people will possess. This means that you can find it frustratingly difficult to convey your ideas to some people. You run the risk of appearing to be condescending as your natural reaction in situations like this would be to either walk away or dumb down the concept.

Your extraordinary way of viewing things is even further complicated by your increasingly active thought life. You spend a lot of time ‘in your head’, often completely detached from reality.  This tendency often makes you overthink things and takes your idealism too far, often setting yourself up for disappointment. You are also a creative soul who can get so immersed in the project or idea that the rest of the world can cease to exist for a while. This trait, probably more than any other, can create quite a lot of friction in a relationship. As caring, affectionate and attentive you can be, you can easily go to extremes in the opposite direction and upset your partner with the lack of interest and effort simply because your mind is elsewhere. The key habit for you to develop in order to make your relationship as smooth as possible is to learn to pursue your exploits without neglecting other essential things.

You are a rather private person. Even to those whom you hold dear, you can be a closed book. What many people don’t realise is that it is not from a place of being distant and aloof, but mostly because you never want to cause any hassle by expressing your feelings or concerns. Your propensity for keeping your feelings and emotions to yourself can cause you to bottle up and brew on things. By the time they surface, they have so much mental and emotional baggage attached to them, that it is difficult to see things clearly. As a result, your outbursts are ill-timed and come across as cutting or sarcastic. You are equipped with a sharp mind and eloquence with which you could easily take someone off at the knees even if your intention was never to cause any pain or upset.

Of all the Personas you are the most easily misunderstood. You genuinely have access to more resources than most people do. One moment you can partake in high-level creative brainstorming and the next you can focus on minute details. When it comes to people you are generally caring and understanding, but you can also be dismissive and demanding when you go into your shut-down mode. Given that you don’t easily express your own feelings, and that some people may not be quick enough to follow your complicated way of processing and outputting thoughts, it is not uncommon for people to be lost on how to relate to you. Your way of thinking tends to be so different to the masses that you have to forgive the average Joe who in many cases simply won’t ‘get you’.

When it comes to your love life, you have very high standards and expectations just as with everything else in your life. You tend to have a crystal clear idea of not only the type of man whom you hope will capture your heart but even down to the way the romance should unfold. You’d love your ideal man to be a fellow romantic who will stimulate you mentally and will share your altruistic passions. You’d want him to match you in your values and outlook on life.  Never short on imagination, you dream of the perfect relationship, forming an image of the ideal man and placing him high on your mental pedestal.

When on a date, you often start with a flurry of comparisons, exploring all the ways the current flame matches with the ideal you’ve imagined. This progression can be a challenge for a new partner, as not everyone is able to keep up with a Purples’ rich imagination and moral standards. With you being rather private, you may tend to expect to be told more details than what you are volunteering about yourself.  Give the man a fighting chance to win your heart, and give him enough information about yourself to make him look forward to the journey. You have sufficient intuition to not be risking having the wool pulled over your eyes. So, why not kick back a little and give your suitors more to work with.

As a relationship takes hold, your new man will discover you to be a passionately hopeless romantic. Purples do everything they can to be the ideal partner, staying true to themselves and encouraging their partners to do the same. You take your time in becoming physically intimate so that you can get to know your new partner, using your perceptive intuition to understand their wants and needs and adapt to them. You are generous in your affection, with a clear preference for putting the pleasure of your partner first. It is in knowing that your partner is satisfied that you would truly feel the most pleasure. This selfless desire to give and make your partner unconditionally happy makes you a truly valuable and unique partner.



Your most compatible matches

[memb_contact fields=FirstName] primary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result1] and secondary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result2]

[memb_contact fields=_ClientsName] primary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result11] and secondary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result21]

In all cases, except perhaps for two Reds dating, a guy with the same persona as your primary or secondary will be a compatible match.


As a Purple persona, you are in the fortunate position to have access to more internal ‘personality resources’ than most people. While this is great for your work life, it could hamper you in relationships when you switch modes, as some men will think you are inconsistent or moody. For example, when you are concentrating, you can be distant and focused, and when you are relaxed, you can come across as caring and close. The best strategy for you is to go for relationships where the guy shares something of your nature because he will understand you better. The personas that match you best are Blue, Red and Green personas.

A guy with a Blue persona will be slightly less organised than you but will provide you with a loving and harmonious relationship. If family ranks high on your priority ladder, this is the guy who can give you a fairy tale of a fulfilling relationship, as both of you would be inclined to put family above all and work through any issues to preserve it.

A Green persona can become your rock and take the worries off the practical aspects of life, which is something you may value. You will feel like you have a strong, reliable shoulder to lean on and support you in every sense when you need it the most.

If you are very career-oriented, a Red persona will help you engender good structure and will be supportive of your goals and ambitions. Reds can also cope well with you changing in nature from scenario to scenario without being thrown by it, as they are inclined to behave similarly.

Click through to see your three most compatible matches below:  Blue, Green, Mint. You can also consider a Purple

Besides a union with another Purple, a Blue persona is probably your second best match as this man has a similar outlook on such important aspects as family, romance, values and personal relationships. You are well matched on what you want in life and how you go about getting it. A Blue man is a true family man and he is at his happiest when in a relationship with someone he feels understands him and appreciates what he brings to the table. This man is probably the only other personality besides Purples who would be seeking deep emotional connection as a must-have feature of a relationship the same way you do.

From the first time you encounter a Blue man, you will effortlessly get on, be it in the work, personal or romantic setting. He will feel like he is on the same wavelength with you and sees the world in a similar way. So finding common ground with this man is not going to pose a challenge, in fact, you are more likely than not to enjoy his company immensely.

A Blue man is friendly and outgoing but not in a loud way. Neither of you like brash, over-the-top or arrogant people and you both value sense of tact and consideration for people’s feelings highly.

A Blue man will represent a lot of things you like in men so taking a shine to this well-mannered and romantic man will feel natural.

You value men who can match you on intellectual levels and you will find conversations with a Blue man truly enjoyable. This man has a wonderful ability to make anyone he spends time with feel special and important. He will greatly enjoy chatting to you for hours, having a genuine interest in what you have to say while being a great listener and an interesting contributor to any conversation.

This ability to get lost in conversations will give both of you an opportunity to get to know each other properly and open up. Both of you require time to get comfortable with a new partner before baring your feelings and emotions so getting to know each other through comfortable and enjoyable conversation will give you a wonderful opportunity to get a feel for each other.

You will be pleasantly surprised to learn how romantic this man can be. You value romance highly in a relationship so an ability to treat a woman properly and make her feel special is something you don’t compromise on. A Blue man will give you plenty of romance, sweet gestures, surprises and anything else it takes to bring a spark into a relationship and his romantic notions are not likely to dry up even years into a relationship.

Besides similarities in outlooks and values, a Blue man makes a great match for you thanks to his patience, resilience and commitment. While you are typically very focused on whether a potential candidate lives up to your expectations, you have to remember that any man comes with his own set of expectation. And you are not the easiest woman to get on with. You need a man who will give allowances to your more than quirky character without growing resentful and there is no other persona that would have such capacity as much as a Blue man would. He will loyally support you in any new venture you embark on, will patiently hang around while you get carried away with a new big project or cause and will diligently work hard for the benefit of your family.

You are typically never in a rush to commit to a man as you are carefully sizing him up to see if he is what you’re looking for. You often walk away from good candidates simply because they don’t live up to ideals you’ve created in your head. For any Purple woman to succeed in dating re-evaluating sensibility of her demands is a key to happiness. We are not encouraging you to lower your standards or settle for someone ‘good enough’, you just have to logically distinguish between sensible expectations and dreamy ideals and scenarios that you have so carefully and indulgently built up in your mind. When you come across a man that hits all the right important boxes like family values, aspirations for life, the way he treats you and other people, make sure you ask yourself whether all those great things are worth letting go to waste just because he doesn’t hit ALL the boxes, which, let’s be honest, is going to be a challenge for any male.

A Blue man has a potential to be a lot of things you expect from a partner and a relationship as well as the capacity to make allowances for quirks of your character that other personas wouldn’t tolerate under any circumstances. He will create space for you to be yourself without having to make excuses for it. He is a truly easy-going man whose creative streak will give an exciting edge to your relationship so he is well worthy of your attention and should be considerate as one of the primary contenders for a fulfilling long-term relationship.



A relationship between a guy with a Green Persona and a woman with a Purple Persona can work very well and can prove to be a very enduring relationship.

When you first meet there will be little cause for concern from either of you. Except for little things you may pick up in conversation, you will find a Green guy refreshingly friendly and considerate. You will enjoy what seems to be a no-nonsense outlook on life. Unlike some men, this guy won’t annoy you by talking about topics he doesn’t know much about, which is something that really irritates you. In fact, you will be impressed with his superior knowledge of a wide range of subjects. Just like you, this man places a lot of value on family relationships, on common decency and honesty, and on rolling your sleeves up to help make the world a better place.

You will be impressed at how outgoing, friendly and polite this guy is with everyone, and you will sense early on that he could take the pressure off you in social situations by being just that bit more outgoing than you. It’s not like you are shy but you do find people to be a bit tedious at times. If you were to discuss this you’d have a laugh with your Green when you discover he feels just about the same about people. Except, he doesn’t let that get in the way of how he is with people. He hides what he thinks and tends to treat everyone with decorum.

He, in turn, will be intrigued by your allure. You aren’t likely to just lay all your cards on the table, rather this guy will have to engage you and work for every bit of the clarity that he will seek from you. With your feminine intuition, you might have a nice game of cat and mouse with this guy, but it will all be in a good spirit and be enjoyable for you both. You will not find him to be overly loud or arrogant, which would have been a deal breaker for you. This guy, in turn, will not particularly like a woman who is a bit ditsy. Because you are also something of a perfectionist and you are well read or educated, this guy is likely to congratulate himself on finding such a prize of a woman.

You may experience some inner conflict with your own ideals. You may have some strong views on what your ideal guy should be like, and if you really like a guy you may compromise in the hope that he will change. Except, with a Green, you get some early signals that ‘what you see is what you get’. This man is not easily going to change for anyone.

There is a dynamic that will be characteristic of this relationship. Your Green guy will be a bedrock of stability for you, and you will inject softness, womanly intuition and a sense of fun an exploration. It would be great if both of you learn early on to appreciate what each of you brings to the relationship, however, this is probably unlikely. Early on it may not dawn on either of you how the very attributes that you so love about each other will also be the ones that you most struggle with, and argue about. Before we explain this to you it is worth mentioning that a Green guy can make a very strong match for you, and even if these ‘differences’ that we explain in the next paragraphs are large, it would be wonderfully beneficial if you and a Green guy can conquer these, as it will set you up for a lifetime of happiness.

As time progresses your Green guy will start getting to know how you are when you get engrossed in one of your causes, your ideas or your projects. He will be thrown by how distant you become and by how uncharacteristically disorganised all the non-essential things in your life become. When you stop being tidy and you become forgetful about things that aren’t such a priority to you this man will set himself about his task to improve your behaviour. If a Green is the man you fancy our advice to you is to go with the flow and let this man organise you. Explain to him what happens with you and gain his support rather than his disdain.

For his part, this guy will become rather irritated if you were to set out to change him into the image of the ideal guy that you carry in your psyche. Your efforts won’t work. Here again, it will be much more productive for you to try and accept him as he is, to understand him and to love him as he is.

If this loyal individual decides to become your support system you will feel like you have a whole team of professionals behind you. He is efficient, practical, clever and unstoppable.

As neither of you are particularly open about your feelings, this is an area that you would always have to be working on. It’s not that your Green wouldn’t care if you were down or if something was bothering you. He just isn’t very perceptive, so he may not notice. If you add to this equation your propensity to easily feel taken for granted and your propensity to bottle things up, you can see how easily you and a Green guy could spiral into problem areas.

Just like you, a Green has a very strong compass about what is fair and what is not. If either of you should enter into a blame game you would need to have strategies to snap out of this quickly.

Greens are strong men, stable people who will expend enormous amounts of energy to serve the ones that they love. They will create an environment where order and clarity prevails. While this kind of environment may be a difficult one for you it will serve you well and enable you far more than it will detract from you realising your ideals.

As a woman with a Purple persona, you could have a very fulfilling relationship with a Mint guy.

People with Mint as a Persona colour make up a large percentage of the world’s population. They are the most sought after by employers and the most like to keep their jobs when others are getting the chop, and for good reason.

These are pleasant men and women. You Mint guy, although he is an introvert just like you, is an outgoing man who is genuinely interested in other people. You will find him extremely easy to talk to and almost be mesmerized by how much he wants to know about what interests you. These are practical men who’d enjoy nothing more than rolling up their sleeves and getting involved, supporting you and putting wind in your sails when you need it the most.

This man’s Persona fits yours like a glove will fit your hand. Although you love the interaction with people, and gatherings with family and doing things with people, they tend to tire you out quickly. There will be extended times when you get lost in solving problems with your intellect, or times when you spend much time tirelessly working on some social cause.

At these times contact with people is simply bothersome to you and you’d much rather not have to deal with it. Here your Mint Prince Charming will rise to the challenge and step into the breach. And the beauty of this is that he will never perceive this as a chore because he genuinely loves doing it anyway.

At the risk of this piece of writing sounding like something that fits better into a business setting, allow us to reassure you that for you this is a perfect fit. Let’s face it, that for you as a Purple there are times when the world might as well come to a standstill because you are in your own space somewhere else doing what you do best. Most other partners will soon come to resent these absences of yours, and the conflict will often break your pace and get you off track. But not this man. Your Mint Knight-in-shining-armour is sure to be well appraised on where you are at with your quests, and not because you have adequately bothered to keep him informed either. This man is so easy to talk to, and such a good sounding board, with intelligently practical contributions too, that you won’t be able to resist talking things through with him. In fact, he is likely to be your closest confidant. Armed with an understanding of where you are at he will make practical space for you, helping you, and keeping the maddening crowds at bay.

This man is a homebody who loves nothing more than doing things for his loved ones. This will sit well with you as you have identical ideals. Your Mint guy is well capable of making good decisions, he is traditional and has respect for rule and order. When you are otherwise incapacitated because of your mental conquests this man will keep your world running like clockwork.

You are probably the more adventurous and romantic out of the two of you. You can easily use this capacity of yours to bring some well-deserved spice into your relationship. This can range from ideas for weekends away, holidays, or even for spicing things up in the bedroom. These simple gestures will keep Prince Charming on his toes, reminding him of what a gem he has in you, and fuelling his passion for being supportive to you.

You would both need to agree to take care in the area of communicating your feelings. Neither of you would appreciate feeling like you are being taken for granted, and yet neither of you are likely to speak out when issues are bubbling under the surface. Some other personas are more combustible, and more likely to spill their beans of discontent sooner than later. But you two are more likely to let things stew. This will never be a good idea, as the issues that you feel will simply grow larger in your minds as every day passes. This would spiral you into frequent bits of bickering that you can never quite place your finger on, only to erupt into a heated row when you least expect it.

So if you find one of these gems and decide this is the man for you, you are destined for a very fulfilling relationship. But never neglect to have open conversations about your feelings.

From the outset, you will identify with a Purple guy’s sense of humour and his quick fire intellectual banter. For both you and your Purple prospect finding someone to date is a serious challenge as you struggle to find people who ‘get’ you since you both operate on such a high intellectual and philosophical level where most people don’t often reach into. So when a Purple guy bumps into a woman who not only catches on to his humour and intellect but can engage and match him, he will feel like he has found someone special. And you are likely to feel the same when you encounter a Purple guy. This mind connection will go a very long way in securing that your first few dates are fun and engaging.

Typically, Purple personas have high ideals for whom they consider a good match. This can include looks, status, background and other obvious things that most people would think through when looking for a partner. However, both of you are looking for something much deeper and something much more meaningful than the typical things lying on the surface. You both not only hold a long list of specific criteria in mind, but you also have imagined a variety of scenarios in your head of meeting your perfect partner. Your active imagination would have rehearsed over and over how things should unfold and how your relationship should progress. Such pressure in terms of expectations can be hard to handle for some personas and some of them would literally rebel against trying to fit into someone’s preconceived expectations.

But for two Purples such outlook on things is perfectly normal so being subjected to such detailed analysis while trying to fit into someone else’s presumptions will feel quite natural. Since clicking on mental levels is a prerequisite for a successful relationship for both of you, finding each other on the same wavelengths will earn both of you substantial brownie points.

Neither of you are quick to commit until you are fully sure that you are with the right person, so the fact that your date wants to take things slowly will work comfortably for both of you. As you are getting to know each other and trying to figure out whether this person is right for you, you will have plenty of pleasant and fun dates. Since both of you can be quite dismissive at the first sight of your potential partner not fitting into your rigid expectations, we would highly encourage you not to make any rushed decisions when it comes to calling the shots with this guy. Purples are one of the rarest types of personalities so being a rare breed comes with significant side effects like feeling misunderstood and lonely.  Just like you, this guy is looking for a soulmate-like bond where two people spend a life together, not just because this is what people do, but because they complete each other and take each other emotionally and mentally to heights that most people don’t aspire to reach.

When it comes to learning how to communicate, this is a vital skill for both of you to master, as lack of communication is what can put cracks in this otherwise wonderful union. While both of you are incredibly considerate about other people’s feelings including your partner’s, you have to understand that sugar-coating and pretending there is no problem doesn’t make a problem go away, particularly in relationships.

Both of you tend to keep your emotions and dissatisfactions to yourself hoping that not addressing them will keep the peace, but it is only a matter of time before one of you explodes. Neither of you can be objective and logical in those moments so problems are very unlikely to get solved. This can set the relationship on a downward spiral with issues getting out of control simply because they were never addressed properly. This will cause you to go through cycles of being disgruntled and since both of you have difficulty letting things go, even a small issue can grow to become the elephant in the room.

Another area that can potentially cause problems is the tendency of Purples to get fully engrossed and ‘get lost’ in a project, venture or cause. Both of you are altruistic and passionate about helping others like no other persona, so it will be common for both of you to find your partner fully occupied with something other than your relationship. Unless you are both pursuing the same cause (which would ultimately unite you two on every level and even further strengthen your bond), you have to learn to exercise a certain amount of patience and understanding when your partner is going through an intense stage

Your romantic notions will be met with enthusiasm and you will be rewarded threefold for your affections, care and consideration. Once you learn to communicate in such a way that you can openly express your feelings, this is a man that can truly fulfil all of your expectations from a relationship. When two Purples click and fall in love, they form a bond that is very hard to break. They are fully committed and devoted to their partner and make their well-being a high priority.

Don’t forget that such selfless dedication to their passion or a worthy cause is something that attracted you in the first place and something you value and admire in a partner so being patient and supportive is a price you both will have to pay to make things run smoothly.

Once you learn to navigate around the quirks of your characters, there is nothing stopping you from developing a relationship that both of you want. Another Purple is the only man that can understand you, if not fully, then to the point of intuitively giving you what you need. If you have your eyes set on the kind of relationship that gives you the best friend, spiritual companion, passionate lover, devoted partner and a true soulmate, this is the man who has the potential to be all of that and much more.

Your least compatible matches

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[memb_contact fields=FirstName] primary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result1] and secondary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result2]

[memb_contact fields=_ClientsName] primary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result11] and secondary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result21] 

If you are very career-oriented it is possible for a Red persona to be helpful engendering good structure as he will be supportive of your goals and ambitions. Reds can also cope well with you changing in nature from scenario to scenario without being thrown by it, as they are inclined to behave similarly. That may make a Red the least of your worst offenders.

Your least compatible personas may consider you to be moody because you behave differently depending on which ‘hat’ you have on. You, on the other hand, will find them frustrating because of the apparent lack of planning in how they live and approach most things. You will also consider them shallow when it comes to the depth of conversation and what they prioritise in a partner.

Click through to see your three least compatible matches below: Orange, Yellow, Red

Disclaimer, and a reminder of our T&C's: We are providing you with information and context. If you really want to make a relationship work, you probably can. We are making you aware of what effort might be involved and the dynamics you may face. Bear in mind that it takes two to tango! Also consider that we aren't aware of your potential partner's culture, experiences or any other dynamics. Our content is based purely on personality traits, based on your answers to our quiz.

On the surface, a match of a Purple and Orange persona might look quite favourable. Both personas have a creative streak in them, both are romantic and value emotional closeness in a relationship, both are perfectionists and passionately pursue their goals. Both of you are well informed in your fields of interest so engaging in a conversation should be interesting and with plenty of topics to cover. However, these similarities will hardly compensate for massive gaps in value systems, principles and outlooks on life. Besides the above-mentioned ones, there are similarities in your characters that will actually work against you, but we’ll talk about it a bit later.

Most Orange men are dominant, direct, outspoken and don’t wrap things in cotton wool. As outspoken and quick-witted as you might think you can be, you will find an Orange guy in full flight to be an unrelenting force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, Oranges rarely pause to think how their words or actions affect people around them, so needless to say such insensitive candour will cut you deep. Instead of opening up, you will draw deep inside yourself feeling bruised and vulnerable. Unfortunately, an Orange won’t even realise the damage he’s done and will quickly move on. Moving on is not something you do easily.

An Orange suitor will be genuinely surprised if you bring your grudge out to the daylight a long time after the incident. If he acts like he has no idea what you are talking about, more likely than not, he really cannot remember it.

He left the misunderstanding long behind him and hasn’t returned to it since. Your tendency to hold on to his wrongs will irritate and infuriate the Orange. He prefers to approach conflict in a constructive manner dealing with any discontent openly and directly and then starting with a clean slate.

If you think these issues will rise when you are well into a relationship, you couldn’t be more wrong. All it takes is for an Orange to openly state his opinion (which more likely than not will be contrasting different to yours) and before he knows it, he is already in your bad books. He might not even experience the fury of your grudge simply because you will dismiss him right there and then on the first date.

It is very important for you that your potential suitor lives up to the ideal you have in your head and an Orange man can hardly do that as many of the qualities he has are completely opposite to what you like. While with your good matches we were encouraging you to put your ideals aside and to give the man who is interested in you romantically a chance to open up, we won’t sway you from your typical behaviour. You will hardly discover anything you could take a shine to as you will be biased by the qualities you don’t like.

If you manage to ignore the outspoken and blunt tendencies this man can have, you will stumble upon other qualities that you will find just as frustrating. This man will leave you no room for manoeuvring and will give no time for your decision-making process. One of the reasons these men typically do so well in life is thanks to their ability to quickly move from opportunity to opportunity, making quick decisions and not second-guessing them. Their drive and ambition fuel their desire to see quick progress in anything they are doing. Such rhythm is absolutely alien to you and will be highly uncomfortable.

You’ll feel like you are not given enough time and information to make an educated decision and will use the stalling tactic as a natural form of defence. Oranges react highly negatively to any form of stalling and will be putting you under even more pressure to decide or perform.  While there may not be much opportunity for this kind of thing to happen early on in a relationship, there will certainly be plenty of occasions for this dynamic to happen during a relationship.

If you make it as far as being in a relationship with this man, it will be quite a bumpy ride. While you both value emotional closeness in a relationship and both see it as being on the same page with the partner, the problem lies in the fact that those pages are from different books. Orange men are typically attracted to independent, ambitious, feisty women who have a life of their own but will be active contributors to a relationship as well.

An Orange man’s idea of a perfect relationship is a partnership with a like-minded woman who won’t mind him pursuing his work and personal aspirations. They never stop chasing their goals and aspirations even when they are settled in family life. Most of their work efforts are aimed at gaining financial stability and social status as they are very money-driven.

Such a dynamic lifestyle, certain shallowness and vanity, ego-centric approach to life, a separate life outside of the home – all of these factors are not going to sit well with you. Ironically, an Orange man will be highly puzzled and then irritated by your tendency to get lost in ventures of your own. He will also become increasingly difficult when you get passionately immersed into a new project or cause and take away your attention from home as he’ll feel you are working for the benefit of the venture at the expense of your relationship. You might think that to be double standards? Well, perhaps. However, you will feel equally abandoned when your Orange disappears to pursue his goals.

The main issue here is the fact that you are actually very similar in this area – you both get lost in your bubble of activity, not happy letting go of things until they are finished or until you get a breakthrough. When this happens, other priorities will suffer and be neglected. Someone will have to step up and the one who draws the short straw will inevitably start feeling resentment for having to leave the things they value to do the menial tasks.

The reason your similarity is a problem is that there is no one to bring some balance as both of you will be indulging in the same behaviours with painful consequences. On top of that, you both tend to be very dismissive. You – at early stages when the suitor doesn’t live up to your expectations, the Orange – when the ride gets bumpy and the relationship brings more hassle than a pleasure. Since there is no area in this relationship that would work particularly well, there will be nothing stopping you from walking away at the first signs of incompatibility.

If you do progress into a relationship with an Orange, you will have to work hard at creating time for one another, and not to get so lost in your careers or projects that you simply drift apart.  Your two personalities have similar habits when you get engrossed in something that you are enthusiastic about. Both of you are likely to get lost in your bubble of activity, not happy to let go of things until you have finished or until you get a breakthrough. When this happens other priorities can suffer neglect and lead to perpetual conflict.

It is not unlikely that your Orange guy will want to have a life outside your relationship which will only deepen your discontent and make you feel disconnected and excluded. An Orange man needs a partner who can contribute and participate in his exploits, but because he wants to do this at his pace and on his terms, it will be very hard for you keep up.

This union will be very dissatisfying for you in the first place, as you’ll feel that in order to make it work, you have to give up what you stand for and pretend to be someone you are not. You need a man who will give you respect, consideration and space in his life. An Orange man, unfortunately, can only offer crumbs of those.



Ironically, Purples and Yellows approach dating or romance in a similar manner – both are very fussy and demanding in what they want from a potential partner. A Yellow man is driven by physical attraction and is looking for a strong adventurous streak in a potential partner. However, he is nowhere near as specific in his search criteria as you tend to be. You assign deep spiritual and emotional meaning to most things in life and romantic relationships hold an utmost importance on the scale of priorities for you. Unfortunately, a Yellow persona is motivated by appearance and the appeal of the overall package before they get interested in anything deeper. And even when they start digging past what’s on the surface, they are not seeking the same depth of connection and emotional closeness you would. There is little in this man’s character you would find attractive as he pretty much embodies most qualities you don’t like in men and people in general.  

It is safe to say that your lives move at a different pace and focus on different things. Unfortunately too different for either of you to feel at home in the potential partner’s world. There are very few things you would have in common with this man and from very early on will be put off by his loud, opinionated and self-centred character. You will be puzzled and then frustrated by his larger-than-life personality, his outspoken and irreverent nature and his fast-paced lifestyle.

He, on the other hand, will struggle with your reserved and careful nature which is likely to interpret as cold and passionless.

The biggest issue you will have with a Yellow man is how little he cares about the feelings of other people. It is only a matter of time before you will find yourself offended by something he says or take personally a comment or an opinion he passes. Without meaning in the slightest to be hurtful or offensive, he might inadvertently offend you a dozen times in just a short conversation, simply because your outlooks on things are so different.

You are seeking a man who will match you on intellectual levels and while a Yellow guy can be sufficiently intelligent, educated and bright to be a good match, you are unlikely to find the conversation stimulating. Yellow personas enjoy talking and even debating but often do it for the sake of entertaining themselves and getting a reaction out of the opponent. They are flippant and have a short attention span so will hardly have the patience to get to the core of a particular subject.

They’ll jump from one topic to another, often interrupting without even giving their conversational partner an opportunity to finish. You will find such manner of talking disrespectful so even getting past the first few dates will be nothing short of a challenge. The one area where you could have possibly been compatible due to both of you being intellectually-gifted and philosophically inclined is going to disappoint you both as you are so radically different in your communication styles.

Even if your Yellow guy tames his overwhelmingly out-there personality and you close your eyes on the quirks of his character to let you both get past the first few dates and get to know each other, things are not likely to get any easier. You are not quick to open up about your feelings or emotions so even if you find yourself appalled by something a Yellow guy does or says, you are hardly likely to bring it to his attention.

Unfortunately, this sets you on a downward spiral where the Yellow won’t have a clue that he needs to tone things down and you won’t be the one to tell him that. This relationship will be characterised by a treadmill of miscommunications and misunderstandings where two people who mean to do the right thing for each other inadvertently do just the opposite.

As if all of this wasn’t enough to put this partnership on a shaky enough ground, you will stumble upon another unpleasant surprise once you find yourself in the company of a Yellow. These men are the only true extraverts on our spectrum and while they are incredibly outgoing and open, it can come with side effects when it comes to romantic relationships. Some women are comfortable to overlook the fact that their man seeks interaction with other people more than any other persona, and that includes other women. He might not necessarily have any bad intentions and often doesn’t even realise that his friendliness can often be interpreted as flirting. He will see absolutely no problem in chatting away to a waitress while having a romantic dinner with you. Such inconsiderate behaviour will frustrate and offend you so in most cases you will dismiss flamboyant ladies men like a Yellow from early days.

In the highly unlikely event of you and a Yellow guy getting over the mountains of differences and finding yourselves in a committed relationship, there are a few things that this relationship will be characterised by.  You can be flexible in how you relate to being on time, to budgeting, or to keeping a tidy environment. And although most Purples will idealistically believe themselves to be rather organised on these fronts, the reality is that you get lost in space and time when you are engrossed in what you deem to be important.

Yellow’s environment and lifestyle can be nothing short of chaotic even without them immersed into an exciting project or venture – keeping the house tidy, managing finances carefully or making sure they turn up on time is rarely on their typical to-do list. The result will be a family space where there are spurts of really untidy environments, where the paying of bills is forgotten and where appointments are overlooked or neglected. One of you will have to forsake what you are doing to step up to the plate to do these tasks. And whether that is you or the Yellow, if this should have to become an ongoing expectation, you are both likely to end up passionately resenting this.

You are not going to find the traits you value in men in Yellow’s candidacy and your delicate nature and sensible outlook on life will be too safe and predictable to excite a Yellow. This is a union that neither you nor the Yellow will find fulfilling or even remotely worthy of making the effort for.

A relationship between a Red Persona and a Purple Persona is one that fits well into the business arena where the Red may be in a role of a senior manager and the Purple is a trusted middle manager or consultant. It is worth mentioning that this dynamic of a Red being in a senior position and a Purple being in a reporting role is very unlikely to flip. Reds have fierce ambition, drive and will-power to move them upwards the career ladder while Purples have a burning passion for making themselves useful to the world and being worthy contributors. In the work arena this pairing will have the utmost respect for one another and value working with one another greatly. Unfortunately, this dynamic does not translate well into a romantic scenario or a long term romantic relationship.

Personal relationships require a totally different acumen to make them work and qualities that are of value in a work setting become irrelevant in a romantic scenario.  A union that would be so gloriously productive in work cripples in a romantic setting due to the core differences in the value systems of these Personas. You will find a lot of qualities in a Red man very off-putting from the early start. His irreverent approach to things, his provocative tendencies, his sometimes overbearing and pushy nature will alert you and quickly jostle you away.

This man’s argumentative streak will have you pushed with your back against the wall more often than you’d ever want to accept. He loves getting reactions out of people and poking a bear with a stick just for the fun of it, and you’ll be subjected to that behaviour just like anyone else. You will perceive his outspoken and direct manner of speaking as tactless and often critical which will, more likely than not, lead you to dismiss him as a potential suitor very early on. You value people who are considerate of other people’s feelings and a Red man, quite frankly, very rarely has consideration for the way his words or actions might affect other people.

In choosing potential partners, both you and your potential Red guy are much more likely than most to have some unrealistic criteria that your new partner will need to meet. Both of you may also have thought through how a new relationship should ideally unfold. While a Red is looking for a partner who is a ‘complete package’ of hot looks and a fascinating mind, you are looking for a much deeper connection, someone who’d feel like a soulmate. A Red would dismiss such connection as overrated romantic psychobabble as his approach to relationships is quite pragmatic – a new partner needs to bring to the table something that a self-sufficient Red doesn’t necessarily have yet. You view romance as an essential part of your relationship and a Red guy is very unlikely to provide the depth and intensity of it that you crave so much. While chemistry and physical attraction might spark an interest between you two, neither your nor the Red’s expectations of how things should turn out can be met, no matter how incredibly hot and perfect you both may be.

Both you and a Red are seeking a partner who will match you on intellectual levels. Reds tend to be quite academically inclined and are typically clever and wise even if they didn’t come from a privileged background. No looks no matter how attractive, that doesn’t come as part of a well-grounded package could interest this guy for long. However, a Purple version of intellect is a lot more philosophical in nature, with you assigning deep spiritual and emotional meaning to most things in life. Purples spend a lot of their time ‘in their head’, your mind is probably more abstract and complicated than that of any other persona. A Red persona will rarely have the patience to get to know you and even he does, you’ll struggle to connect in the emotional department as you experience the world in polar different ways. Your needs and desires are too unlike to create a deep bond between you so developing a fulfilling emotional connection is going to be very hard if not impossible. Both of you are not quick to bare your feelings and particular qualities of your characters (for example, Red’s outspoken direct, often blunt, nature and your sensitivity to any sort of criticism) are not likely to bring you to the point where you’ll feel comfortable doing that. Rather than opening up to a Red, his invasive, judgemental and often critical manner of communication will push you even deeper into your shell.

This man is very unlikely to inspire you as his approach to life is very self-centred. He works hard to create a high standard of life for himself and his family but outside of his close circle the well-being of others is not of major concern to him.

Your outlook on life is very outward-oriented – you often care for the well-being of other people more than you care for your own. Your altruistic tendencies will puzzle the Red while you’ll view his outlook on things as too materialistic and selfish.

This is a partnership that will not bring you the satisfaction and the special bond you seek from a relationship. You strive for unity where two people become one and connect on emotional, mental and spiritual levels in a soulmate-like manner. A union with a Red is not going to bring you that level of depth and the unwillingness to compromise on what you both want from your personal relationships is what will make this relationship end before it even starts.