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Reds are the most testosterone-fuelled type of the eight Personas. Reds are highly competitive, quite domineering, and strive for perfection. You are a high achiever, and more often than not you are at the top of the pack. You bring competition into everything you do, from work to sport to dating.

As a primary [memb_contact fields=_Result1] secondary [memb_contact fields=_Result2] Persona, you love debating, sometimes just for the sake of it. You like the thrill of winning an argument, so when someone is tempted to debate with you, it is unlikely they will walk away the winner.

As a Red Persona, you make decisions quickly on the basis of your strongly held principles, and it is rare for you to change your mind.

When speaking, you are likely to use an abundance of metaphors. You evaluate everything around you and encapsulate that information into metaphors. Due to the fact that your thinking is highly visual, you abbreviate your thoughts into concise chunks of data, and thus a metaphor is an ideal way of expressing yourself. Your conversation tends to be very quick and witty, and you love having intelligent discussions on a wide range of topics.

Others admire you for your drive and ambition, and there should be no shortage of women interested in dating you. The only danger is that your profile could be a little scary for some personality types if you are online dating.

When a woman starts dating you, she shouldn’t expect you to be affectionate or able to discuss your feelings, as this is not something you find easy to do. You won’t show your emotions until you are really comfortable with a new woman. Your privacy is very important to you and you take a dim view of people who move too fast and invade your space.

You are not someone who takes kindly to idle chatter or gossip. You tend to be quite frank and can seriously lack patience.

As a result, your best defence is often to attack. This can lead you down either of two routes. If a conversation is not going the way you would like, you will either switch off quickly or launch into a surprisingly intrusive debate.

You enjoy playing devil’s advocate, taking an opposing view to your own and arguing vehemently, which can leave your adversary feeling confused and bewildered. You use this technique effectively for throwing others off track, and this is a thoroughly enjoyable process for you. You tend to be quite forceful in the way that you talk to others, sometimes even to the point of bullying in order to regain verbal control or the higher ground.

While you pride yourself on being in control, that’s not always actually the case. Every now and then there’ll be a spark which may make you explode with anger and lose control of your emotions. It is probably the case that you are already aware of this trait in your make-up, and it is something that you don’t like very much. As a result, you tend to throw up even more barriers to carefully guard your emotions, in case you lose your temper.

If anyone should become involved in a conflict with you and apply the silent treatment, they really would be better advised not to bother. It will be like water off the proverbial duck’s back and will have absolutely no effect on you whatsoever.

You are not known for giving exaggerated praise and you are not the type of guy to shower your woman with compliments. You are more likely to point out what is wrong than to talk about the things you like about her.

On a date, however, you are likely to be quite attentive, polite, almost charming, and if you have anything to do with it, the date will be planned well in advance. You expect things to run like clockwork. You will have a long list of expectations of your date and will feel it is very important that these expectations are met. You are not likely to settle for anything or anyone less.

However, there is no doubt that you are likely to be a very caring partner. You tend to demonstrate this in a practical manner. Your organisational skills are admirable and you like to buy beautiful things. As a Red Persona, you pride yourself on recognising and purchasing things of quality, but there is another side to you. You are also surprisingly prudent with money. You are not afraid to buy expensive gifts and will do so if the relationship is inclined that way. But let’s not confuse these gestures with romance. They are more likely to be of a pragmatic nature.

You don’t tend to relax easily. It takes a while for you to let go and unwind. And even then it is more than likely that you are really still contemplating your next exploit in your head. So why not warn the woman you date and ask her not to be disappointed when she finds herself physically in your company, only to realise that your mind is elsewhere? Tell her not to take it personally.

It will be quite a complicated thing to be in a relationship with you as a Red Persona, but for the discerning woman who can stand the heat, it will definitely be a rewarding journey.

You are not quick to give reassurance and we know that sometimes you can be very quick to explode. But it is not as easy to draw you into an argument as others may think.

Arguments will happen only when you are ready, and when that moment arrives, you’re probably not going to lose because you are very sharp, articulate, and verbal, particularly in a competition of wits. You can easily demolish someone with words and maybe that’s a tendency to think carefully about if you are hoping to make a relationship work.

When you explode, you do feel bad afterwards, but not necessarily for the harsh things you have said. Rather it is because you regret losing your composure. You may or may not feel bad about the repercussions of what you said or did.

You are not someone who finds failure easy to handle. It is one of very few things that you find deeply stressful. You will also be quite agitated by a higher than necessary display of emotions. So any woman with overly emotional tendencies will soon find that you have swiftly moved on.

Apart from that, you are not prone to stress. Even when you lose your temper, you wouldn’t call it stress. On the rare occasions that stress does affect you, you will disregard other people’s feelings more than ever.

In extreme cases, you will isolate yourself from a problem altogether and just move on because you can and because you don’t care enough.

Any woman who is looking for a confident and outspoken guy, who excels in pretty much every area of his life, should want to keep an eye out for you. However, it is only really confident women or those who can engage you intellectually who need apply!

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