To give you a thorough understanding of how other personalities will interact with you, it is important for you to know how your own personality affects the communication dynamic.

As a Red Persona, you might pursue someone who can match your intellect. Clearly, you’d be interested in looks and build and so on, but if a decision was needed between a few reasonable choices, you’d go with the guy who can match you intellectually.

From early on in a dating situation, you’d be critiquing a guy to see what he knows or how he thinks. As he engages you, you’d soon be evaluating if he could hold his place in a little debate or if he’d fold to your quick-fire mind without a fight, as that wouldn’t be satisfactory. Although your selection process can be very pragmatic, you are likely to be attracted by what you see. You tend to make snap judgements, so to increase your chances of finding the right partner, it is important you try to give your dates a good few chances to get accustomed to your direct manner, so don’t be too dismissive too quickly.

As unpleasant as it might sound, you need to understand that it can be quite daunting for someone to be on a date with you. You can get impatient if the small talk wears thin, or might try to jump into a battle of wits and opinions when all you should be doing is enjoying yourself and the company you’re in. Men can pick up on little things like that very quickly and some might get intimidated by your character. So, next time you find yourself on a date, concentrate on what you like about the guy and don’t turn the date in a critiquing marathon in your head. Once you slow down and give the man a chance to shine, you might just be pleasantly surprised!

Reds are the most testosterone-fuelled type of the eight Personas. Reds are highly competitive, quite domineering, and strive for perfection. You are a high achiever, and more often than not you are at the top of the pack. You bring competition into everything you do, from work to sport to dating.

As a primary [memb_contact fields=_Result1] secondary [memb_contact fields=_Result2] Persona, you love debating, sometimes just for the sake of it. You like the thrill of winning an argument, so when someone is tempted to debate with you, it is unlikely they will walk away the winner.

As a Red Persona, you make decisions quickly on the basis of your strongly held principles, and it is rare for you to change your mind.

When speaking, you are likely to use an abundance of metaphors. You evaluate everything around you and encapsulate that information into metaphors. Due to the fact that your thinking is highly visual, you abbreviate your thoughts into concise chunks of data, and thus a metaphor is an ideal way of expressing yourself. Your conversation tends to be very quick and witty, and you love having intelligent discussions on a wide range of topics.

Others admire you for your drive and ambition, and there should be no shortage of date offers. The only danger is that your profile could be a little scary for some personality types if you are online dating.

When a man starts dating you, he shouldn’t expect you to be affectionate or able to discuss your feelings, as this is not something you find easy to do. You won’t show your emotions until you are really comfortable with a new man. Your privacy is very important to you and you take a dim view of people who move too fast and invade your space.

You are not someone who takes kindly to idle chatter or gossip. You tend to be quite frank and can seriously lack patience.

As a result, your best defence is often to attack. This can lead you down either of two routes. If a conversation is not going the way you would like, you will either switch off quickly or launch into a surprisingly intrusive debate.

You enjoy playing devil’s advocate, taking an opposing view to your own and arguing vehemently, which can leave your adversary feeling confused and bewildered. You use this technique effectively for throwing others off track, and this is a thoroughly enjoyable process for you. You tend to be quite forceful in the way that you talk to others, sometimes even to the point of bullying in order to regain verbal control or the higher ground.

While you pride yourself on being in control, that’s not always actually the case. Every now and then there’ll be a spark which may make you explode with anger and lose control of your emotions. It is probably the case that you are already aware of this trait in your make-up, and it is something that you don’t like very much. As a result, you tend to throw up even more barriers to carefully guard your emotions, in case you lose your temper.

If anyone should become involved in a conflict with you and apply the silent treatment, they really would be better advised not to bother. It will be like water off the proverbial duck’s back and will have absolutely no effect on you whatsoever.

You are not known for giving exaggerated praise and you are not the type of woman to shower your man with compliments. You are more likely to point out what is wrong than to talk about the things you like about him.

On a date, however, you are likely to be quite attentive, polite, almost charming, and if you have anything to do with it, the date will be planned well in advance. You expect things to run like clockwork. You will have a long list of expectations of your date and will feel it is very important that these expectations are met. You are not likely to settle for anything or anyone less.

However, there is no doubt that you are likely to be a very caring partner. You tend to demonstrate this in a practical manner. Your organisational skills are admirable and you like to buy beautiful things. As a Red Persona, you pride yourself on recognising and purchasing things of quality, but there is another side to you. You are also surprisingly prudent with money. You are not afraid to buy expensive gifts and will do so if the relationship is inclined that way. But let’s not confuse these gestures with romance. They are more likely to be of a pragmatic nature.

You don’t tend to relax easily. It takes a while for you to let go and unwind. And even then it is more than likely that you are really still contemplating your next exploit in your head. So why not warn the guy you date and ask him not to be disappointed when he finds himself physically in your company, only to realise that your mind is elsewhere? Tell him not to take it personally.

It will be quite a complicated thing to be in a relationship with you as a Red Persona, but for the discerning man who can stand the heat, it will definitely be a rewarding journey.

You are not quick to give reassurance and we know that sometimes you can be very quick to explode. But it is not as easy to draw you into an argument as others may think.

Arguments will happen only when you are ready, and when that moment arrives, you’re probably not going to lose because you are very sharp, articulate, and verbal, particularly in a competition of wits. You can easily demolish someone with words and maybe that’s a tendency to think carefully about if you are hoping to make a relationship work.

When you explode, you do feel bad afterwards, but not necessarily for the harsh things you have said. Rather it is because you regret losing your composure. You may or may not feel bad about the repercussions of what you said or did.

You are not someone who finds failure easy to handle. It is one of very few things that you find deeply stressful. You will also be quite agitated by a higher than necessary display of emotions. So any man with overly emotional tendencies will soon find that you have swiftly moved on.

Apart from that, you are not prone to stress. Even when you lose your temper, you wouldn’t call it stress. On the rare occasions that stress does affect you, you will disregard other people’s feelings more than ever.

In extreme cases, you will isolate yourself from a problem altogether and just move on because you can and because you don’t care enough.

Any man who is looking for a confident and outspoken woman, who excels in pretty much every area of her life, should want to keep an eye out for you. However, it is only really confident men or those who can engage you intellectually who need apply!


Your most compatible matches

[memb_contact fields=FirstName] primary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result1] and secondary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result2]

[memb_contact fields=_ClientsName] primary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result11] and secondary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result21]

In all cases, except perhaps for two Reds dating, a guy with the same persona as your primary or secondary will be a compatible match.


A Red Persona like you has a style of communicating that is fast, challenging and intellectual, almost to the point of being abrasive and blunt. Only the personas that can cope with this and give back as good as they get will be appealing to you, or will find you appealing. The Yellow, Orange and White personas are able to match your communication style and cope with it.

You will find different aspects of these three personas appealing. The lifestyle pace of the dynamic Yellow, the drive, ambition and sophistication of the Orange, and the problem-solving ingenuity of the White persona are all personality traits that you might be attracted to.

Click through to see your three most compatible matches below:  Orange, White, Yellow. You can also consider a Red

Just like with a Yellow persona, both you and an Orange guy will be drawn to each other’s appearances before anything else, but rest assured that this man has plenty going for him besides the looks. You will find yourself intrigued by his strong straight-forward nature, charismatic character, diplomatic way of communicating and his well-educated and well-mannered personality.

You will feel on the same page with this guy in many areas of life, from career to personal aspirations. An Orange man is an organised man with a purpose and impressive ambitions who works hard and plays hard. His dominant stance will show you very early on that he is not a walkover and you will find yourself respectfully taking a step back.

You crave a strong man as a partner and an Orange man can offer this to you like no one else. These guys don’t approach anything half-heartedly and you can’t help but admire their drive and persistence with which they work their way towards goals.

You will quickly find your emotional connection growing deeper with this guy as he invests himself in a relationship with you with the same passion he goes in for his goals. You will almost feel like he is a male version of yourself in certain things and this will make you feel like you are moving in the same direction.

You are a great conversationalist and you love having a discussion partner who can match you in your debating skills. An Orange man is opinionated and isn’t afraid to voice his mind. Your conversations with one another may be rather challenging and heated at times. But it won’t stop either of you from starting a debate whenever you feel like it as most of the times you go right back to being smitten with each other once your verbal battle has been exhausted. This man will keep you mentally stimulated and entertained in a way like no one else can.

When Reds and Oranges get together, they enter a relationship with a clear understanding of what they are getting themselves into and they don’t forget easily what brought them together. An Orange can benefit from your logical insights and their style and sophistication can be of advantage to you.

A union with an Orange man will have a solid start and, if handled the right way, will only grow stronger with time.  Work is a big part of your lives and before you know it, you will find yourselves invested in each other’s careers, always there to offer a helping hand or shoulder to lean on. You will build into each other’s successes and often the partnership of a Red and an Orange brings a wealth of secure financial stability to both partners.

It is important that you don’t forget that while the Orange man can work hard and argue hard, he will also need to withdraw into a caring pair of arms and just be pampered. He is very tactile with the person that he is close with. He needs his partner to show her affection through thoughtful and romantic gestures. He is too proud to complain if either of these dry up.  He might appear to be made of steel but secretly this man needs an emotional pillar he can lean on. Being someone’s peaceful harbour is not something you do effortlessly so it is worth keeping in mind that this man needs warmth and affection as much as he needs to dominate which is another area where you can fall short. You can often find yourself in a power struggle without realising you’re doing that. An Orange persona is not a man that will tolerate bulldozing.

They are simply not built for being shushed around. So the key thing for you to remember in this relationship is that you’re the one wearing the skirt. Let him keep his trousers. Once you let your Orange man run free and fight his battles as well as take the centre stage in your relationship while you are right by his side to offer him a safe loving place to escape to whenever needed, you will be rewarded threefold. He truly appreciates a woman who can stand as an equal partner beside him, but it means nothing if she can’t turn off her inner lioness. Once in a while, you will need to hide the claws and just crawl onto his lap to cuddle and purr.

There’s no bigger boost for an Orange man’s ego than seeing his woman trust him enough to surrender and let him take care of her. You do that and you will have a fiercely loyal lion lying right at your feet.

This guy is probably your most compatible match that will fulfil most of your expectations from a relationship and complement your character with a variety of traits. This is a man who can become your knight in shining armour and your best friend, all in one, as long as you learn to take your Ice Queen hat off once in a while and let your softer side shine through.

Both you and Yellow Personas are visually oriented thinkers, so more likely than not you will first be brought together by physical attraction to each other. For both of you, looks, image and everything that comes as part of the visual package are important. You both pay attention to your appearances and appreciate the same in other people.

However, once your potential candidate passes the looks test, you will immediately start digging deeper to see what’s hiding behind the attractive façade and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a great match to your wit and intelligence in a Yellow Persona. A Yellow guy will give you plenty of quick-paced conversations, debates and banter! He will have the balls to stand up to your dominant nature and even push back. This guy is the exact opposite of a ‘doormat’ and his ability to stand his own ground will imminently appeal to you.

A Yellow guy can bring a variety of things to your life that will have a positive impact on both your lifestyle and personal relationships.  Work is a big focus for you and you need a guy who will not only understand that but will also be supportive.

Both you and a Yellow Persona have similar levels of ambition and you have the potential to become encouraging partners for each other, be it at home or in each other’s careers

You need to feel like you have your own life outside of the relationship and a Yellow guy will be understanding of that need without feeling neglected. By giving each other space to enjoy your careers and your hobbies while making time to savour the quality time together, you have an opportunity to create a well-balanced mutually-satisfying relationship.

As a Red, your decision-making abilities are second to none and this will help to steer the relationship in the right direction in every practical area. However, you often overlook less material things like romance and this is where a Yellow guy will step in. He will bring his zest for life and spark into your world and make it more exciting and adventurous. He will also be the glue that will keep your social life together. Your impatience and direct way of speaking can rub some people the wrong way and this is where your Yellow man will come to the rescue as a peacemaker and will smooth out the rough corners.

Because life is like a big game for a Yellow man, you will find that sometimes he won’t take your relationship or responsibilities that come with it as seriously as you do and this is where you might start having problems.

Communicating your issues can become a struggle unless both partners take time to learn each other’s quirks and be forgiving of them

You will have to accept the fact that this man looks out on life with childlike excitement. While it might cause certain problems, you have to ask yourself whether it’s really such a bad thing after all. If anything, this man can show you how to enjoy life to its fullest and how to make every moment count. It’s a lesson well worth closing your eyes on a few flaws for.

When dealing with a Yellow persona, any sort of criticism might seem to fly past them like water off the duck’s back but don’t let that fool you into thinking that they don’t get hurt. You have a tendency to say things in a harsh manner but even if they are true, it doesn’t make them any less painful to swallow. Don’t serve your Yellow man with a regular dose of criticism! A little bit of tact, consideration and an odd compliment thrown in here and there will be a much wiser strategy to use with this guy. The potential that this relationship has is well worth biting your tongue for once in a while.

This romantic liaison can make both of you feel like you are in a bubble like the rest of the world doesn’t exist. It can become a really fulfilling relationship where you complement each other’s strong sides and compensate together for the flaws in each other’s characters.

Like any other relationship, a union of a Red and Yellow will not be without challenges. However, for the couple that grows to understand each other’s boundaries and limitations a relationship of this nature can make for an enduring partnership.

When a White man appears on your horizon, it is their inimitable creativity and energy that will make you do a double take. You will find yourself amused by their entertaining personality, their outside-the-box thinking and their quirky outlook on life. They will draw you right in with stimulating and daring conversation that will often take unexpected turns as this man is not going to be phased out by your straight-forwardness and will surprise you with his level of irreverence.

Unlike Orange and Yellow, a White man is not going to be oozing testosterone and dominance, but his composed self-assured outlook on life will certainly spark your interest. Out of your three best matches, a White man is a match that comes with most challenges, but the rewards are worthy enough of making a few sacrifices.

You will get on effortlessly as both of you never seem to switch off. Your mind is constantly buzzing with ideas, issues, problems, their solutions and no one will understand that mental chaos as much as a White man can. His own brain is constantly working in overtime mode contemplating his next big venture or processing the details of dozens of things he has on the go, so this is a guy who will see nothing wrong with your bulldog persistence to achieve your goals.

In fact, he will genuinely admire it and it is very unlikely to become an issue. On top of that, you will actually be pleasantly surprised that someone can match you in your problem-solving skills but with a much higher level of creativity.

The very thing that initially fascinated you in a White can potentially become a source of irritation to you further down the road in a relationship. Their quirky and fun world would have mesmerized you but because their mind is like a giant web stretching out in every direction and their way of thinking can be too much on the scatty side for your liking, it can take them a while to communicate what they want to say. Their communication manner can be vague and almost all over the place. Your lack of patience and need for clarity can cause problems when you start to rush your White man and abruptly make assumptions. This man’s mental and emotional balance is more delicate than that of an Orange or Yellow persona so it doesn’t take much to crush him with words. Your casual manner of criticizing without even noticing will be equivalent to numerous paper cuts. One won’t kill, but countless ones will make him bleed and suffer. This man will require more patience from you than your matches as he needs to feel appreciated.

In a relationship with you, a White man will be almost like an exotic flower – if you look after him the way he needs to be and connect with him emotionally, he will blossom and make your world a much more exciting place. If you don’t, you’ll never get to experience what this man truly has to offer.

A White man can bring romance, creativity, an element of surprise and impulsive fun into your life in such a way like no other personality can. They approach their romantic life with just as much innovation as anything else in their life. Their gentle kind nature will wrap you in cotton wool and even though you might think that cotton wool is not something you need, you will be pleasantly surprised how colourful, adventurous and thrilling your world can become when you welcome a White man into it.

A couple of this nature cannot take each other for granted as they will quickly become disconnected and will drift apart. This partnership has fewer touch points than a union with an Orange or a Yellow has, but the depth of those points offers benefits that no other Persona can offer. This man is strong enough to handle your independent personality but his ego won’t be getting in the way of trying to tame you and he’ll be content enough with the position of the second pilot. A White man will be your perfect match if you want a man who won’t compete with you in the power struggle but will still be there for you as a reliable and supportive partner.

What happens when a Red woman comes together with a Red man? Well, the easiest way to describe it is by saying – the same thing as when a tornado meets a volcano. The battle of the Titans will seem like two toddlers peacefully playing in a sandbox.

You are the only Persona that can’t make it with a man of her own Persona. For the rest of the Personas, a male representative of their own colour makes for a good match but when you and a Red male come together, it is trouble on steroids!

A pairing of this nature will be very rare and is very unlikely to survive past a very heated fling. Both of you are leaders by nature and for both of you compromising doesn’t come easily.

It will take two very determined and madly in love people to make this partnership work long-term. You may grow to understand one another well enough to cope with each other’s characters and with enough compromise you can learn to co-exist.

This scenario will work best if both of you have busy careers that pre-occupy you most of the times and you have an outlet there for channelling your energy and your need for leading and dominating.

You have more chances of sustaining a relationship if you have a mutual hobby or are involved in the same business or in the same sport. These additional synergies and excitement will serve as the glue that keeps you together. The symbiosis of two Reds can work for two high-powered and career-oriented individuals who can stay in a dysfunctional relationship to keep the appearances and status quo for social reasons.

However, even with such a lifestyle, heated clashes at home will be hard to avoid. Both of you are bossy and argumentative and because males don’t see anything wrong with being that way, it is more likely than not that he will expect you to be the one to give in.

Getting into a relationship with a Red male might seem like a good idea. This man is a pure Alpha male and possesses a lot of qualities you value in a man. But those qualities along with some other traits are so exaggerated in this man in comparison to a Yellow or an Orange man, that it is bound to cause trouble. Since stubbornness is a natural quality of your character, the chances are you might ignore our advice, but don’t tell us we didn’t warn you when you realise that the only way of making this union work comes with a very high price and all at your own expense!

Since both of you have a tendency to keep your feelings to yourself, it will be hard to keep the romantic fire alive as neither of you are wired to display emotions and affection generously. It will also be impossible to avoid the power struggle in this partnership and unfortunately, it will be you most times who will have to move over for the sake of the bigger gain. Your ego will be screaming out loud with discontent and eventually, you’ll refuse to budge in.

Your least compatible matches

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[memb_contact fields=FirstName] primary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result1] and secondary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result2]

[memb_contact fields=_ClientsName] primary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result11] and secondary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result21] 

Those who won’t cope with your confrontational style are the more reserved personas: the Mints, the Greens and the Blues. They won’t be able to keep up with your tendency to debate for the sake of debating. And their communication to you will be too verbose and too filled with irrelevant details for you to sit up and notice them. Another of your strong traits is being decisive and quick to make decisions, and all of these three personas would prefer to stall making decisions until they have gathered up enough information or enough confidence to do so.

The three personas who stand a change of being your Mr Right all share your irreverent propensity of taking audacious risks, while the three that are unsuitable to become your Mr Right are all very risk averse.

Click through to see your three least compatible matches below: Mint, Purple or Blue

Disclaimer, and a reminder of our T&C's: We are providing you with information and context. If you really want to make a relationship work, you probably can. We are making you aware of what effort might be involved and the dynamics you may face. Bear in mind that it takes two to tango! Also consider that we aren't aware of your potential partner's culture, experiences or any other dynamics. Our content is based purely on personality traits, based on your answers to our quiz.

We are big believers that while opposites do attract, it often is for the wrong reasons and with painful consequences. Well, it doesn’t get any more opposite than a Red and a Blue persona coming together. You are pretty much polar opposite on everything from ambition levels to outlook on life and where you stand with your principles and values.

This is a partnership that is very unlikely to start at all and if it does, both of you would have to work so hard to make it work that it will feel like a full-time job. You and the Blue man are so different in how you approach life and what you want from it that it will be very difficult for you to find common ground.

During your first interactions, a Blue man will be intimidated by your almost provocative communication manner. He may very well read your style as antagonistic, if not arrogant. He is a gentle, considerate guy who doesn’t like any sort of confrontation and being dominant is not something he is built for. You, on the other hand, will struggle to get excited by his soft-spoken and almost submissive (in your eyes) manner.

This is not a man you will feel like conquering because he’ll happily surrender without a battle and will sheepishly worship you while still being petrified of you. You might find it amusing for a very short while to play the game of snake and rabbit, but this is not a man who will help you to fulfil your aspirations as a woman and an individual.

Neither of you are likely to be happy in this union. He will find himself feeling emasculated and longing for the ideal of the family he had in his mind – cosy welcoming home with a caring and kind wife, evenings in front of the fire playing with the kids, extended family coming over for Sunday dinners and peace and harmony surrounding everything in his life.

This is hardly your idea of a perfect life. You will feel claustrophobic in this scenario, you’ll miss the intensity and action of your fast-paced single life when you were constantly challenging yourself with new goals and successfully achieving them one of by one. You have immense drive and ambition and will desire those traits in your partner. A Blue man might have the drive but it is for harmony and stability, where you have an innate tendency to shake things up wherever you go.

This is not a man who will make you feel like you can trust him to take control of your life. His decision-making skills are very weak in comparison to yours and you will find yourself making a decision long before he mulls over all the details. It surely isn’t going to work for him as he’ll know what being a doormat feels like when he turns into one. If you’ve ever seen a stereotypical couple where the wife is the one with the balls bossing her husband around, it is more likely than not a duo of a Red woman and a Blue man. If you want to be fully sure ask the husband whether he regrets marrying her. ‘I’m not allowed to have regrets’ will probably be the most likely answer.

Even talking things through will be a challenge for both of you. You won’t have the patience to listen to him talk about his feelings when he tries to open up to you, you might even feel like he needs to ‘man up’. Your way of talking and addressing things can be way too aggressive for him to handle so rather than standing up to you, he’ll crawl right back into his shell feeling hurt and unappreciated.

This relationship is very likely to leave deep scars on a Blue man’s delicate nature, with his self-esteem crushed and his faith in happy-ever-after shaken to the core. You will walk away with a bad taste in your mouth wondering if there are any ‘real’ men left out there. This is perhaps your worst match out of the three and we advise you to stay away from this man because of the amount of frustration and pain this partnership can bring to both of you.

In your career, you might have worked with many Mint Personas. You will recognise them as those practical, diligent, helpful and very personable individuals who keep the workplace running. However, it is not an assistant or a project manager you are looking for. As a Red Persona, you are looking for somebody who can match you and challenge you on as many levels as possible. A Mint Persona can only provide a slither of that for you.

There is not much in the dynamic between you two that would seem appealing to either of the sides. A Mint guy wants a quite settled life, planned holidays and a stable lifestyle. There is nothing in a Red woman’s life that would seem appealing to him. He’ll be puzzled by your desire to ‘conquer the world’ and by your drive for change and improvement. A Red woman will hardly seem like a marriage-material type to him, he will almost feel intimidated by her character. If a Red woman paid him attention, he would certainly feel flattered that a female of such calibre took interest in him but apart from stroking his ego, he won’t pursue that fling to a point of a serious relationship.

For you, a Mint guy will seem plain and boring at first sight and even if you decide to dig deeper, you more than likely will get disappointed. You take a shine towards men who carry themselves with charismatic presence and a Mint guy can easily pass in front of you without you even noticing them. However, there is one exception to this – you might be introduced to the Mint in circumstances where their personality shows its rare side. We mentioned that Mints often have unexpected talents that can bring out a totally different side to them. For example, it is not uncommon for Mints to play a musical instrument and let’s say you encounter them during a gig. They will come across as a completely different person on stage and will appear captivating and intriguing. It is not unlikely for you to find them interesting and worthy of your attention at that time. However, because it is only a small part of their personality that doesn’t see the daylight too often, you will soon discover that your enigmatic crush who was keeping all the ladies on their toes from the stage, loses all his rock-star quality the minute he gets off it.  

If you do find yourself in a relationship with a Mint, you have to be prepared to leave your Sherman tank at work. It won’t get you anywhere at home. Mint men are built for harmony and respect, not for power struggles and mind games. He will grow increasingly detached and aloof if you use him as a debating punch bag or boss him around too much.

A Mint guy has a logical and practical approach to everything in life, which is not much different to how you handle things. But while your everyday life might be running like clockwork, the most spontaneous thing that is likely to happen to you is ordering a takeaway on the night when one of you should be cooking.

You will hardly find this relationship rewarding and fulfilling in the long-term. A Mint guy will hardly feel like an equal partner whom you can come to for advice and you shouldn’t be expecting him to take much pride and interest in your work. He will happily waffle about it and will respectfully give you space for doing it but will never be an active contributor.

In some circumstances, you can fall into a convenient relationship where you have a stay-at-home husband who looks after the kids and home while you are climbing your career Olympus, but it is very unlikely that a Mint guy will sign up for such a scenario. He wants a proper family where he feels like the head of the household and the scenario in which his home life is nothing but a socially-friendly façade is not his idea of the perfect family.

While this relationship is not going to be an emotional roller-coaster like the one with a Purple can, this is a partnership that is not likely to start in the first place due to the lack of spark and even if it does, is likely to die a slow and quiet death due to the lack of mutual interests, outlooks and desires.

As a Red, you do not see much sense in sugar coating what you have to say to others and you can often be rather blind to emotions being expressed by others. Purples would have a long list of things they value greatly, and high on this list would be consideration towards other people’s feelings. Your outspoken and direct manner of speaking will come across as tactless and critical to a Purple making him dismiss you as a potential candidate from very early on.

In choosing potential partners, both you and your potential Purple guy are much more likely than most to have some unrealistic criteria that your new partner will need to meet. Both of you may also have thought through how a new relationship should ideally unfold. Your potential Purple guy has strong and romantic notions of how you as a partner should be. As a Red, you may similarly tend to treat a date just like any other process, with preconceived plans of how things should unfold. While chemistry and physical attraction might spark interest between you two, neither your or the Purple’s expectations of how things should turn out can be met, no matter how incredibly hot and perfect you both may be.

As a Red, you are looking for a partner who is a ‘complete package’ of hot looks and a fascinating mind. You will want someone who can spar with you mentally, who adds something to your armoury, someone from whom you can draw some inspiration, not because you need it but because you want it.

While a Purple is certainly intellectual, he never sees the point in debating for the sake of debating. These men have motivational and orator skills persuasive enough to inspire an army, but they only put them to use for a good cause. As good of a conversational opponent these men could potentially make, on most occasions, they simply won’t be bothered to waste their mental energy on something they don’t see as worthy of a debate.

Ironically, just like yourself, Purples are also looking for someone who can match them intellectually. However, a Purple version of intellect is a lot more philosophical in nature, with them assigning deep spiritual and emotional meaning to most things in life. Purples spend a lot of their time ‘in their head’, their mentality is probably more abstract and complicated than that of any other persona. This man takes time and patience to get to know and even then one would probably struggle to say that they fully comprehend them.  

A Purple man’s outlook on life is very outward-oriented – he often cares for the well-being of other people more than he cares for his own. His altruistic tendencies will puzzle you while he’ll view your outlook on things as too self-centred.

Purples spend most of their lives feeling misunderstood as their multi-faceted identity goes way beyond what you see on the surface. It is one of the rarest personas so understanding their motivations and actions is nothing short of a challenge.

In the emotional department you two couldn’t be any more different. Your needs and desires are too unlike to create a deep bond between you so developing a fulfilling emotional connection is going to be very hard if not impossible. Both of you are not quick to bare your feelings and particular qualities of your characters are not likely to bring you to the point where you’ll feel comfortable doing that. You’ll struggle to connect with a Purple as he’ll come across as too vague, evasive and aloof. More likely than not, this distance will be created by you without you even realising that – a Purple will find your manner of talking too invasive and your approach to things too critical and judgemental. Instead of opening up to you, this already very private and reserved man will move away even further.

You need a man who will feel like a worthy match for you in every area of your life–trusted friend that you can come to for any advice, a man you can rely on to stand by you no matter what and a like-minded partner in crime to explore the world with.  

A Purple man is very unlikely to provide any of those to the full extent as you will find yourself wondering at times if this man even plays on the same team with you.

While both of you are very similar in how high you are holding your standards up, this is probably where your similarities end. The unwillingness to compromise on what you both want from your personal relationships is what will make this relationship end before it even starts.