To give you a thorough understanding of how other personalities will interact with you, it is important for you to know how your own personality affects the communication dynamic.

As a White persona, you may seek someone who doesn’t easily fit into any stereotype, someone who has a wide variety of interests, someone who is stretching or striving for something audacious. It wouldn’t matter if these qualities were from their business, personal or leisure contexts. It will be enough of a clue for you to think that they would also be like that in other areas. Of course, you’d be attracted by looks and build and so on, but faced with a few reasonable choices, you’d go with the guy who has these qualities. A mischievous sparkle in his eye and a bold approach wouldn’t go amiss on you either.

You’d want to be romanced so a charmer is most welcome, but fakes beware as you sound them out a mile off. You are able to get along with most people on a first date because you have great communication skills. Take care not to find yourself on endless dates that you don’t want to take further. It is easy for you to see good in people and you don’t want to risk offending someone. If you go along with a first, second or third date, knowing in the back of your mind that this is not the one, you will end up beating yourself up for putting yourself in such an awkward situation. The best thing for you is to have a clear idea of what purpose you are out there dating. Then stick to your plan and give yourself the latitude to enjoy yourself while you’re at it. If your goal is a long-term relationship, then take more time to identify your Mr Right. You are too gentle and considerate to be the one to walk away from a relationship that should not be. So stick to your list and don’t rush into anything for the sake of it.

Whites are fun, thoughtful and intuitive communicators of our spectrum. Studies have shown this type of Personality to have a lot of oestrogen in their systems; often seen as the reason that women can multitask better than men. However, men with White Personas have similar levels of oestrogen, and you as a White Persona will have more than other women have. In short, this allows you to ‘see the bigger picture’ better, to be more creative, and to be more intuitive and thoughtful in your relationships.

As a primary White persona, you are likely to create unique, unusual experiences for your partners or dates, and surprise them with romantic gestures. You always follow your heart and have a natural ability to make your date feel at ease. Organising the things around you is also a gift that comes easily to a White Persona. Waiters in restaurants, for example, are easily charmed by your friendly attitude and give you great service. That said, intuition is one of your strongest attributes. You will sense what your partner needs and do the right thing in a nurturing way. This ability to make your date or partner feel cared for means you are likely to be a very attentive lover.

White Personas are very playful by nature, and can even be perceived as flirtatious when you are uninterested in pursuing a relationship, as you have a way of finding a genuine connection with pretty much everyone. You have an adaptable, warm and sociable nature that allows you to walk into a room and effortlessly connect with everyone in it.

The flip side is that people will easily warm to you but might just as easily be left feeling let down. This is because, as a White Persona, you are a real people person and come across as very friendly and responsive. This can result in people placing too much meaning on what for you is simple friendliness, and misunderstanding your intentions; almost latching onto you. This can be true with dates but also with everyone else that you meet, and new friends may place more importance on your communications than you intended. Add to this your tendency of thinking out loud and you have ample room for misunderstandings or for people being left disappointed. Thinking out loud and using people as a sounding board is part of your thinking style. It helps you to ‘hear yourself’ say things, and you read how people respond to your ideas and then make adjustments.

However, most other Personas will take what you say literally and expect you to deliver on it. It would be wise of you to tell people you are just thinking something through if you say things that may sound to them like a commitment. This is in no way a negative attribute; simply something you should be aware of, to simplify the dating process.

Your Persona is likely to come across as extroverted due to your friendly and outgoing manner. In reality, you are a closet introvert and, despite your capability to come across as outgoing, you may be quite reserved or even shy. Your confidence is learnt behaviour. What people may not understand about you is that you need time alone in order to re-charge your batteries. You may occasionally feel pressured to socialise when you’d prefer to be taking some down-time, and if this resonates with you, it would be good for you to develop some coping strategies. Letting friends and dates know that you do value peace and quiet as much as fun and activities may be a way for them to get to know and understand you better. It is also true that you are likely to know a lot of people, but your inner circle of close friends may, in fact, be quite small.

As a White Persona, you are extremely good at remembering conversations, and you can often remember exactly what was said, almost word for word. Audio is your main thinking style, meaning you are likely to take longer than others to speak, to use longer sentences, and take longer pauses. Those who are more visual thinkers and faster talkers will tend to interrupt you and talk over you.

You need to either get used to this or develop the ability to talk at a pace that others are comfortable with. However, your disorganised way of thinking typically has a reflection in your surroundings. Your home may be prone to clutter and your finances may often be confused. You know that you are disorganised in this manner and you do have your own ways of coping with it. When things get on top of you, you may have a period of impressive organisation, but once things settle down again you slowly slip back into your old ways. You are aware of this ‘weakness’ and genuinely try to battle it with various coping mechanisms, be it a detailed calendar or diary or new filing system. While this constant quest for self-improvement works for you, it can be a source of conflict in a relationship.

As a White Persona, you are an intuitive problem-solver. You love suggesting and implementing solutions and organising people. In an environment with the freedom to fill that role, you are the happiest you can be, and you are likely to create romantic or fun dating opportunities, even though you are the female in the relationship. You are very aware of all that is going on around you and have strong gut feelings which you know you can totally rely on.

You are an impulsive, spontaneous being and will not get too excited by plans in the distant future. You prefer to live in the moment, which makes you vibrant and exciting to connect with. However, any future dates or partners with a love of long-term planning, like booking next year’s holiday, may be disappointed by your lack of enthusiasm, and it’s only fair to let them know you prefer to live life in a more “off-the-cuff” style.

Although you aren’t keen on planning the future in any great detail, when it comes to your dreams and aspirations, you feel very differently. You are a perpetual dreamer in every area of your life and can visualise your ambitions for your career, relationships, travels, and experiences. More than any other Persona, you have the ability, quiet personal confidence, and patience to be quite comfortable for your plans to take years to come to fruition.

You can imagine your future life very clearly, and your dreams and hopes are as vivid to you as real life. Coupling this with your need to think out loud and you can see how you might be creating the impression that you are unreliable, which can hurt your credibility. Developing an awareness of this behaviour will help you to manage any potential repercussions. Making sure others believe you can deliver on your promises is crucial for maintaining your stable long-term relationships.

The fact is that as a charming and engaging White Persona, you can potentially go on a date with any other Persona and have a genuinely great evening. However, there are a few clear partnerships that will work better for you in the short to medium term, and as a more relaxed and spontaneous person, you will get along better with those who share your ethos in life. A White Persona makes a caring, loving and thoughtful partner, and your idealistic nature makes you perfectly suited to an equally original and open-minded soul.

As a White persona, you are likely to be quirky, fun and impulsive, and you relate well to others who have similar traits as you do. You are friendly with just about anyone, but not friends with everyone. You relate well to others who won’t stifle your creativity or your tendency to be impulsive. Some personas, like Red, Orange and Mint, would enjoy, or at least make space for, your creative and impulsive tendencies. This can add something to their worlds too. Reds and Oranges would be stimulated by your creativity, and the Mint will help you find some practical application for your ideas. This is as true about what you do in business as it would be in how you approach dating, weekends or holidays.

You tend to think and dream out loud; it’s part of your process. You use others as sounding boards, but just because you talk about something, does not mean you intend to act on it. Red, Orange and Mint personas can deal with this.

You will enjoy the company of Reds, Oranges and Mints as you will bounce off each other. You won’t be stuck for things to talk about and the conversation will be entertaining and stimulating. This will also translate well into dating as you will consistently enjoy spending time together and find much common ground. 

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When a Red man shows up on your horizon, you’ll find yourself hopelessly in awe of this impressive Alpha male. He is oozing confidence and testosterone and you find confident self-assured men very appealing. He, in turn, will be attracted to your soft feminine nature that hides an abundance of surprising qualities that he will imminently find alluring.

This man is a visual thinker so before you can captivate him with your intriguing personality, you need to make sure that your appearance lives up to his high standards. We don’t necessarily urge you to go out of your way to doll up for your dates, but looking stylish and sophisticated would go a very long way with this man.

Reds have a somewhat pragmatic approaching when looking for a partner. They want someone to add to their already formidable capabilities, and the capacity of your persona offers him plenty of qualities that he either lacks or doesn’t have them on the same level. He will find your way of thinking refreshing and even useful. He is always looking for solutions and you are a solution-creating factory. He will admire the way you can find common ground with pretty much everyone and will be in awe of your outlook on life and how you bring an element of fun into everything you do.

A very large part of this guys’ life revolves around his career. He won’t expect you to be involved but he’d often talk about this and if you have a useful perspective on this, he will start considering you as one of his confidants. This man has no use for a wallflower or leisure housewife type of woman. A red guy never switches off and neither do you. If you find a way to combine your collective thinking and put it to fruitful collaboration, this aspect alone can make your relationship rock-solid and put you on a respect pedestal in his eyes.

Regardless of how dominant and headstrong this man is, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion and even insist on it if you strongly believe to be right. A Red guy respects people who can stand up to him, matching his wit and level of debating. Let’s face it – you will hardly win the debate as this guy would have an Olympic medal in debating if they were giving them out, but standing up to him is all he needs to respect you.

You have some ambitions of your own and a Red guy will be supportive, encouraging, and have some very useful insights for you. Being with this man will be a refreshing experience for you as you are buzzing with ideas and he will never disappoint you with accurate and productive advice. You will discover that his insights and problem-solving abilities are second to no one and will come to trust him so much that you wouldn’t dream of doing things without referencing him. As you are very capable, and there will be a great level of trust between you, this referencing will never be expected or cast a shadow on your abilities. You would simply reference him because you can and because you want to.

This very capable man is going to have some rough edges that a discerning woman like you can help to pull straight.  Although a Red man is socially very adept, he will often overstep the mark with harsh or overly direct comments and not even know that he caused offence. Your social skills and sense of tact will effortlessly smooth over his social blunders. Before long you’d be able to signal him when you can see a situation brewing, and avert them before they even occur. He will be hugely impressed, proud and thankful for your interventions and you can easily become essential at all of his important functions, which has the potential to make you indispensable in his life.

This relationship could be seen as the closest to the traditional view on male/female gender roles. This man is a true Alpha male that will not shirk away from taking a leading role in the relationship. You, again, will be comfortable enough to trust him in his role without feeling downtrodden. You have the capability to say what you are thinking and feeling and will find creative ways of managing his controlling style.

All will not necessarily be heavenly in this relationship. Red men are not known for their abilities to show their affections or to talk about their feelings. This is something that you will have to train your man to do over months and years, and as intelligent as he is, this is not something he will easily adapt to.

You will have to unlearn some of the relational strategies that might have worked for you in the past. This man has a thick skin and he will not be phased by any temperamental displays on your part. If you want to sulk or be silent, you will have to do it on your own as these manipulation tactics are like water off a duck’s back for this man. If you attempt snide remarks or sarcasm, you have to be prepared to lose the verbal skirmish. The best way to get through to a Red man is in a constructive and calm manner. As an Intuitive White, you will be well capable of teasing the right kind of behaviour out of this man.

You will know what level of trust he places in you by how he involves you in his affairs. So to make sure that this partnership only grows deeper over time, we would encourage you to actively participate in all areas of this guy’s life. If you manage to become a Red man’s Grey Cardinal, you can rest assured that this partnership will become unbreakable.



As a woman with a White Persona, your most likely best candidate for a life partner is a man with an Orange Persona. This is a relationship that both of you would find fulfilling as you prioritize and value the same things when it comes to a romantic partnership.

When you and an Orange man cross paths, he will be immediately attracted to your inimitable creativity, energy, entertaining personality, outside-the-box thinking and quirky outlook on life. You, in turn, will be smitten with his charismatic yet dominant nature, adventurous approach to everything he does and enviable drive to pursue his goals.

Romance is highly ranked in both of your books and you will go out of your way to surprise and treat each other. You both won’t spare time, effort or money to make your romance seem like something out of a movie.  Between sweet romantic gestures, surprises, thoughtful gifts, weekends away, you will find yourself in a whirlwind of experiences and adventures that neither of you might have set out to do on your own.

You will endlessly keep each other entertained and amused with stimulating conversations and will soon find yourself being best friends on top of everything else. An Orange man is highly opinionated and isn’t afraid to voice his opinion. He will meet a great debating opponent in your persona. You both will quickly be drawn right in with daring conversations that will often take unexpected turns as you are not going to be phased out by the Orange’s straight-forwardness and will surprise him with your level of irreverence.

For both of you, emotional closeness is extremely important and you can provide it for each other like no one else. You will both make each other feel extraordinarily special and there will be no shortage of affection.

An Orange man can work hard and argue hard, but he will also need to withdraw into a caring pair of arms and just be pampered. He is very tactile with the person that he is close with and needs his partner to show her affection. He might appear to be made of steel but secretly this man needs an emotional pillar he can lean on. You can satisfy this need more than any other persona. Your gentle, caring and forgiving nature is ideal to keep this man feeling like he is lovingly wrapped in cotton wool by his woman.

A common challenge that an Orange man would come across with women he is naturally attracted to is a power struggle. You are the only Persona that won’t compete with him for the leading role in the family while still keeping him on his toes. Orange men find strong confident women appealing but then get disappointed when they are met with a cold façade without much affection. He truly appreciates a woman who can stand as an equal partner beside him, but it means nothing if she can’t turn off her inner lioness. You are a confident woman with a composed self-assured outlook on life who, at the same time, has a huge capacity for making a man’s world feel like a very welcoming and safe place. This will set the scene for a very favourable relationship dynamic between you two.

With your unrivalled intuition and caring nature, you are well placed to become this man’s haven when he needs to take shelter from his battle-zone life. His lifestyle is very fast-paced and he is living his life on the edge. Once in a while, he will need to withdraw from his chaotic schedule, and when he does, you are one of the best-equipped personas to create a welcoming home that he is longing to return to after a long day. You will find it easy to let him take the lead in your relationship as his strong nature will make you feel safe and cared for. There’s no bigger boost for an Orange man’s ego than seeing his woman trust him enough to surrender and let him take care of her.

If you take the time to learn each other’s quirks, you have the potential to create a rock-solid relationship. You will have to address your differences early on in the dating process to make sure you both develop a deep understanding of what makes each of you tick.

You will have to stretch yourself and put effort to match your man’s level of clarity and organisation as he can often be unsettled by your scattered thinking. He, in turn, will have to keep his temper under control as your skin is nowhere near as thick as his. Once you learn to address these minor mismatches and work around them without friction, you will discover that you have a fiercely loyal lion lying at your feet, ready to surround you with affection and care, but also prepared to ferociously fight to protect you. Between being each other’s best friend, trusted companion and a partner in crime, this union has the potential to bring you emotional and mental contentment on all major levels of a relationship.

When you meet a Mint man, you are more likely than not to take an immediate shine towards this guy. He is friendly, likeable and very approachable. You will find yourself getting on with him superbly well on relational and social levels. He has a genuine interest in people and there are very few individuals who wouldn’t find this guy to be an absolute sweetheart. He is easy to talk to and will engage you with stimulating and interesting conversations. Before you know it, you will feel relaxed and at ease in his company.

You will find yourself in a committed relationship with this guy very early on. None of you are into mind games and you are naturally at your happiest when in a loving union with a like-minded person. A Mint man will effortlessly feel like that person. Your relationship in the initial dating stages will be effortlessly easy, there’ll be plenty of romance and you will be inseparable. You both are thoughtful caring people and showering each other with attention, consideration and affection will quickly deepen your connection.

You might find a Mint guy slightly more reserved and traditional than you would be but he is in no way shy so those shortcomings won’t feel like much of an issue. You are also likely to be more outgoing than him as well as more creative and innovative. However, this won’t upset the dynamic of your relationship as you will quickly learn your roles in this partnership.

Your Mint guy will admire your out-of-the-box thinking while you will appreciate his level-headed practical approach to things. While you might be dreaming up your next venture, this guy rolls his sleeves up and actually gets things done. However, he won’t be judgemental of your tendency to dream big and not following through on some of the things. Any time you use him as a sounding board, he will be genuinely interested in what you have to say and will actively participate in the brainstorming process.

When he clearly sees that you are getting carried away and need a reality check, he will do it in such a diplomatic way that you won’t feel offended. Unlike Reds and Oranges, this guy has an abundance of sense of tact and consideration to sugarcoat even the most upsetting news. When a Red or an Orange delivers a reality check, you can easily end up feeling crushed and emotionally beaten up. But this guy will give you constructive criticism with a double portion of TLC which you will grow to appreciate a lot.

You will happily let this guy take the lead and will be pleased to learn that his leading style is very democratic. You will feel like equal partners and will contribute to the relationship on equal terms.

Due to the strengths and weaknesses of your characters, the best way to balance out this partnership is by letting him be the decision-maker on anything to do with planning and finances, while you take over the emotional and social side of your relationship.

You crave novelty and spontaneity so you will have to be the one to fuel your relationship with adventure and exciting experiences as your Mint guy is unlikely to provide them on his own initiative. He craves for things to be planned, budgeted and arranged in advance. These are all strong characteristics of his nature and what he does best so before you have a temptation to rebel against such predicted lifestyle, ask yourself whether you can do it better. More likely than not, you won’t rival your Mint man on this subject and quite frankly taking care of the practical things is not something that excites you, so before you make his and your life more difficult out of pure boredom, recognize what a gem you have on your hands who is volunteering to take those worries off your shoulders.

You will also have to be the driving force of inspiration and ambition in this union. Your intuition and creativity equip you well to come up with ideas that would be of a great benefit to you as a couple and a Mint guy has a great capacity to carry you with practically implementing these ideas into life.  

This relationship can incur minor challenges and more likely than not you’ll be the one stirring the pot. Your Mint guy will often try to micromanage you as in his eyes you can lack stability and consistency in some of the things you do. You are much more relaxed about handling money, time and planning than a Mint and this is likely to cause friction. While you might feel that life is for living and not worrying about silly things, you often end up dismissing quite important issues into the pot of ‘silly stuff’, so it won’t harm you to actually listen to your Mint partner as he is much more down-to-earth and efficient than you are in many matters.

On the plus side, any arguments you do walk into are likely to be more of a bickering nature rather than a full-blown fight, and will be quite rare to happen as both of you are thoughtful and tactful and will address issues early to preserve the peace. In general, this partnership will be very easy to carry long-term and will be a fulfilling arrangement for both of you. You have the potential to become best friends and each other’s confidants while enjoying an effortlessly friendly and warm dynamic of your relationship.

As a White Persona, you will instinctively warm to a guy with the same personality type as your own. There is very little in this man’s character that you will find off-putting. He is friendly, quirky, creative and fun to be around, just like you! You will quickly feel on the same page with this man as he sees and feels the world in a very similar way to you.

This is a union that will be full of romance and affection. Emotional closeness is an important element of a relationship for both of you so you and your White man will spare no time or effort to treat each other with gifts, surprises, and other romantically-inclined gestures to show how special you are. Your dating process will hardly be boring as you’ll find yourself living life to the full with this man as you go about exploring the world together. This adventurous approach to life is not likely to ever disappear from your union as both of you crave novelty and exciting experiences. And what more can you wish for than sharing those with a man who is your beloved partner as well as a best friend?

Being close friends is what puts this union apart from any other one. While your friendly and outgoing nature helps you to befriend pretty much anyone you want, you will have a deep level of trust and care with this man thanks to thoughtfulness and kindness of both of your natures.

It will be a union based on respect, consideration and utmost care and affection for one another. You won’t feel the need to either lead or to be lead. A partnership of two White is typically a bond of two equal partners who see themselves as best friends.

As a couple you are sure to be popular and well-liked. You both possess incredible social and people’s skills and your unrivalled intuition steers you in the right direction regardless of the circumstances. In your relationship those skills will give you a well-tuned radar to feel your partner’s mood and quickly sense if there’s something wrong. You both are great communicators and unlike in a relationship with any other Persona who might struggle with your roundabout ways of expressing your thoughts and feelings, you will have a trusted and patient partner in each other. This will allow you to quickly grow close and become each other’s confidants early in the relationship but also will help you to effectively diffuse any conflict further down the line. Your White man is probably the only person who will have a good idea of what’s going on inside your head and how you are processing your thoughts and feelings. He will be patient and considerate when you have your touchy moments or voice your concerns or fears.

You will quickly find yourself and your White man tightly engrossed in each other’s lives, taking great interest in each other’s hobbies, careers, social circles, etc. Neither of you hold back when you feel there is a connection and you will pretty much immediately want to explore each other’s worlds.

You’ll be delighted to discover that you match each other on pretty much every important aspect like ambition, aspirations, what you want from life and your vision of the future together. You are likely to get tightly involved in each other’s interests and careers providing a helping hand and a willing-to-listen ear whenever the other person needs it.

However, just like with any match within one Persona type, there are a few things that your personalities will struggle with. You would have to be aware that there is no-one in the team to bring some balance. In fact, all of your good traits, as well as your shortcomings, will be amplified for you as a couple.

You both have challenges in managing time and finances. While repeatedly being late, be it to appointments or with agreed plans, might only cause mild friction in your relationship, mismanagement of finances can easily have much more lasting consequences. You both can have a tendency of being impulsive spenders. On top of that, neither of you are particularly good at budgeting or keeping an eye on the bank balance. Your love of adventure and bringing exciting experiences to your life is very likely to contribute to the problem. Once you take this into consideration and decide as a team who’s going to be handling what, you can come up with an effective routine on managing your finances in such a way that they don’t get out of control.

You both have a tendency to make assumptions and while in most cases your intuition guides you correctly, there are times when you get it wrong.

Before you know it, you are inventing ‘issues’ and scenarios in your head that can quickly hijack your common sense. If open communication between you and your White man starts drying up, you can be heading for some serious problems in your relationship. It would be wise for both of you to commit to a habit of talking things out and clarifying issues before they escalate to anything serious.

Those potentially challenging scenarios are manageable if two Whites enter into a relationship knowing that they would need to compensate for the lack of certain qualities and balance each other out on them. Once you learn how to do that, you are looking at a man who has a very strong potential to make you feel like you found your soulmate and best friend.

As a White persona, you are likely to be quirky, fun and impulsive. You are friendly with just about anyone, but not friends with everyone. You relate well to others who won’t stifle your creativity or your tendency to be impulsive. 

Green, Purple and Blue personas may find your flood of ideas and your impulsive behaviour unsettling, and before long, they will want to tone you down. You will find this stifling and rebel against such attempts indignantly.

You tend to think and dream out loud; it’s part of your process. You use others as sounding boards, but just because you talk about something, does not mean you intend to act on it. Greens, Purples and Blues will soon dismiss you as a daydreamer, or even as a promise breaker. If you try to date Greens, Purples or Blues or be in long-term relationships with them, you may at some time discover that you are feeling boxed in, misunderstood, unappreciated and hemmed in.

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Disclaimer, and a reminder of our T&C's: We are providing you with information and context. If you really want to make a relationship work, you probably can. We are making you aware of what effort might be involved and the dynamics you may face. Bear in mind that it takes two to tango! Also consider that we aren't aware of your potential partner's culture, experiences or any other dynamics. Our content is based purely on personality traits, based on your answers to our quiz.

At first glance, you might think that a Green man can be a good match for you. When you cross paths, you might even find yourself mildly interested in him as he exudes confidence and a quiet quality. On the surface, a Green man is a friendly, chatty and helpful guy who’s knowledgeable about a lot of things, strives for perfection and stands for what he believes in, which are all very appealing qualities to you.  However, don’t misjudge their character as the true problems come after they get comfortable enough with you. Once you get to know him better, you will experience him as head-strong, opinionated and someone who sticks rigidly to his principles. He can be stubbornly set in his ways and really believes that he is always correct.

Out of your three incompatible matches, you will find him to be the most difficult to get on with very early on in a relationship. The way you clash on things will eventually make you want to pull your hair out in frustration and anger.

If it came to sharing lives, you are virtually polar opposite with this man. In a work context you might pragmatically concede a need for a Green’s skills but not without some sticking points. Green Personas think and feel dramatically different about the world than you do.

They will find many aspects of your behaviour irritating, and you, in turn, will get easily frustrated by a Green’s rigid stance on everything. They won’t have a problem telling you about it and before you know it, you’ll be on a brink of an explosive argument.

You are an agile organiser, known by all as someone who can pull strings to get things done. Any and all of your attempts to get a Green to make unplanned or last-minute changes to anything will be met with a blunt ‘no’. You are also very persuasive and will be used to being able to bust through resistance with your charms. Such attempts will only strengthen a Green’s resolve for presenting you with an even more emphatic and final ‘no’! In any other context, you will write such a person off and thereafter pride yourself for working around them. Clearly, this can’t be the basis for a relationship.

You have a wonderful ability for broadmindedness. For you, nothing is black and white, it’s more like multiple shades of grey. A Green man will view the world in a much more limited palette and will frustrate you with their tunnel-like vision. He has pre-set ways of doing everything and won’t be swayed from these hardwired processes.

You like to talk in high-level concepts, glossing over details as if they don’t exist, and if you are pressed for something you don’t know, you will just guess or make it up. This works for you and doesn’t cause any trouble when you are interacting with other Personas that think on a similar scale.  You will not get past a Green man with such inconsistent and incomplete statements or arguments. They will bring you right back to facts. If the Green was your brain surgeon, you wouldn’t mind it whatsoever, but when it comes to someone you’ll be potentially spending your life with, you’d need a much more flexible man!

On top of that, your Green guy won’t let you off the hook with your time-keeping abilities (your skill of gracefully coming late is not acceptable in his books), your attitude to money (which is too carefree in his eyes), your lack of rock-solid plan for the next decade (he regards your ability to change course of action depending on the circumstances as being an inconsistent airhead) as well as a variety of other things that probably never crossed your mind before as an ‘issue’. As likeable and fun as this guy might appear at the start, he is just as pedantic, meticulous, pragmatic and almost narrow-minded on the other hand.

One of the biggest gaps between your characters is your focus on change. You always want to do things differently and better. The reason for this is that partially you genuinely want progress but also because you get bored with things always being the same. A Green’s focus is mostly on guarding stability while you get a kick out of shaking things up with change. He will have worked hard to achieve what he perceives as a good life and he will firmly believe that his ways are the only ways. He’ll be puzzled, if not downward judgemental, of your constant chase after change and novelty. He will desire your lives together to be your number one priority and when he realises that he’ll have to compete with other things in your life, he is not going to be accepting of that fact.

To top that, every time you do something wrong, you’ll be forgiven but the incident won’t be forgotten. Don’t be surprised when during the next argument (which are going to be very frequent as you do nothing right in this man’s eyes), some or all of these often unrelated mistakes will be thrown right back into your face. This peculiar tendency of a Green persona will make it very difficult for you to have a constructive discussion with him. Before there is a chance to solve the problem, the argument is very likely to get very heated, personal and spiral out of control.

While this man has qualities that could hypothetically balance your traits and enhance your world, your polar differences will bring no sense of fulfilment to either of you and this partnership will turn into a very turbulent rollercoaster before you know it. You will end up wasting your mental energy on countless debates on how things should be done and the only way to make this relationship work will be possible pretty much entirely at your expense. You will have to be the one to give in to his demands because this man has the stubbornness of a mule and is very unlikely to meet you even halfway.


A Blue man might not seem like a bad match at a glance. You are actually quite a suitable match for him, but this is not a partnership that would be of satisfaction to YOU as a White Persona. Unfortunately, this is a man that will hold you back in ways that you will eventually find untenable.

A Blue man is a gentle, considerate guy who doesn’t like any sort of confrontation and being dominant is not something he is built for. Unlike Greens who will resist your impulsive quests for novelty, a Blue will find this to be quite an exciting feature of your life and will go along with it until things go wrong at which time he will leave you to deal with the mess. He will initially go along with most of your impulses without really providing any resistance or guidance. His co-operation will come in the form of simply not throwing sand in your wheels. Your good matches, on the other hand, will also go along with your impulses, but they will significantly add to your efforts. A Blue man will mainly be a willing passenger. In comparison, a Mint guy will budget and plan your world for you, an Orange will add some exciting angle to your plans along with hands-on help, while a Red will focus you and help you make it to the finish line. In the case of a Blue man, you will be doing most of the leading and he will do the following.

This will never be much of a problem for him but as a White Persona you want a stronger man by your side who will allow your feminine side to blossom while being your trusted advisor and active partner.

A Blue guy will provide a wonderful ear for you to talk over all of your issues and concerns, and as a White Persona you love to run things by other people. The problem here is that once a Blue man hears you out, he will tend to take your issues to heart.  As soon as this happens, his input to you is no longer objective and he will simply help you to go deeper into the hole you are digging. And let’s face it – as a White intuitive who runs mental tapes of all sorts of scenarios that might never even materialise, you can dig deep holes for yourself without being helped. Reds, Oranges and Mints are all objective and direct enough to pull you straight and actually help you. If you have worked with or been in a relationship with those direct-speaking Personas, you will know the value of having straight-talking people around you.

Your Blue guy will undoubtedly have some advice for you during the course of your relationship. Except you have the tendency of hearing people out and then doing whatever you feel is most appropriate regardless of the advice. For a Blue, this will become a sticking point. He will want to hold you accountable for the advice he has given you.

A Blue man is similar in his temperament to a Mint, one of your most compatible matches. He has a mild personality, is friendly, caring and supportive. So while it is possible to have a relationship with this man, certain things will eventually subtly drive you up the wall. A Blue guy, when he is not happy with the impulsive risk-embracing courses of life that you are taking, will attempt to start micro-managing you, but without the benefits that a Mint will bring. When a Mint micromanages you, you will benefit from it because they are effective, and you will eventually come to value it. When a Blue tries to micromanage you, it will come across as nagging. He will want to dissuade you from your course of action but offer only the safest of alternatives that will leave you uninspired. You won’t jump at any of those ideas so you will enter a spiral of endless admonitions to do something you are never going to do.

Blues tend to argue with sarcasm and snide remarks and when those don’t have an effect, they follow up with the silent treatment. Their nature is anti-confrontational and so is yours, but when compared to a Blue guy who can be almost submissive in his nature, you can be seen as rather fierce! Your issues are rarely going to be solved in a constructive debate where things are brought out in the open and finally dealt with. With a Blue you will experience a slow build-up residue of discontent which, even for you, might become too much. This is a partnership that will not give you a satisfaction of having a strong reliable man by your side but will rather leave you feeling like you are on your own with a dead weight hanging off your neck.

When White and Purple personas cross paths, it is quietly likely for them to spark interest in each other. Both you and a Purple guy are intuitive creative people who think outside the box so you will find yourself intrigued by this guy with a unique perception of the world. You will be entertained by the way he enthusiastically and playfully flirts with word-games and will find the way he passionately pursues his aspirations very inspiring. He, in turn, will find your imaginative people-oriented character appealing and will enjoy your quirky way of creating fun wherever you go.

However, communicating at the early stages of getting to know each other will not be easy. And the more time you’ll be spending together, the more obvious it will become that similarities between your characters lie only on the surface. There are tendencies in both of your characters that each of you will find very difficult to work around.

This brilliantly creative and bright man has a fascinating mind, so much that he even struggles to get his notions communicated to others. This can cause him to come across as almost condescending as he has to dumb down what he has to say for his audience to get it, even to the point of being rude. Some personas won’t pick up on slight tone changes and this will hardly be a problem for them, but as intuitive and perceptive as you are, you will quickly sense his frustration and won’t appreciate the patronising tone. Your tendency to gloss over the details and lack of structure in conversation and certain behaviours will contribute to Purple’s frustration without you even realising that.

Such turn of events will dampen your spirit and rather than enjoying and getting carried away in a conversation, you will be holding back and keeping your guard up. While you are a true people’s person, you have a low tolerance of people who display qualities you don’t like. Purples never mean to come across as critical, judgemental or condescending, but you are very likely to interpret some of their actions/comments in a negative light. Once that happens, the chances for that person to redeem themselves in your eyes are slim. Things will not get any easier when you realise that your Purple suitor is silently trying to pigeonhole you to fit into his perception of his ‘perfect’ woman. Purples are very idealistic about the notion of what calibre of woman they believe they deserve, so they are very picky during the selection process. There is little left for spontaneity and unplanned surprises in a Purple’s world when it comes to finding the right partner. He has an arm-long list of expectations and every scenario played out in his head of how things should develop. Your independent character will rebel the minute you realise that someone is evaluating your every step and move and making judgements and conclusions about

 Your tendency to run your own scenarios in your head will only make things more complicated. Once you feel something is a bit ‘off’, your mind can turn into a runaway train and blow up the proportions of an issue. Take into consideration that you often imagine the worst, it is only a matter of time before you misinterpret something a Purple says or does. You both will equally contribute to continued misunderstandings – Purple with his inconsistent behaviour and you with your tendency to create scenarios in your head.

Purples can come across as playing the game of hot and cold with their behaviour ranging between caring and affectionate when they are present in the moment to cold and distant when they are occupied with something. It is such contrast in their behaviour that will repeatedly be putting you on alert. Any time the Purple draws deep inside himself, you will be jumping on another agonizing rollercoaster wondering whether you have anything to do with them coming across as disinterested and aloof.

Trying to talk things through is unlikely to yield any substantial results. Your potential Purple will be puzzled and irritated that you are questioning their way of thinking as it is the only way they know how to be. That way of being is foreign and disconcerting to you as you prefer to discuss challenges that are on your mind out loud and preferably by bouncing them off someone. You will both end up running around a vicious circle – Purple wanting his space that he feels he is entirely entitled to and you wanting to be let into that space and welcoming the Purple into your own. Your desire to be let into his space a Purple will regard as neediness and clinginess which he will find off-putting and irritating.

If you persevere with this man, you could possibly make things work, however, you have to be prepared that you will have to be the one doing most of the heavy lifting in this relationship. Getting to the bottom of any problem is going to be nothing short of a challenge as your Purple will be avoiding any confrontation and will struggle to directly tell you what’s bothering him. As a result, he will remain stuck in his ways and if you want to move on from the conflict, you will have to make compromises on your side. You will be unpleasantly surprised to discover that some of the issues you thought were resolved will resurface as Purples tend to hold on to grudges and don’t let things go easily. Instead of addressing the issue directly, your Purple will resort to cutting sarcasm and painful digs which will not have any practical effect except hurting you deeply.

While both of you are committed and caring partners who would do anything for their loved one’s happiness, you will both find yourself spending most of the time getting frustrated with little quirks of your partner’s character. While individually none of those quirks are deal breakers, the sheer amount of them will put any relationship under severe pressure. However, the major problem in this union will lie not in constant misunderstanding and battling to make room for other partner’s flaws, but in lack of ability to reach true emotional connection because of those constant tensions. Both of you seek deep mental and emotional closeness with a partner but it will be very hard, if not impossible to reach in this union. You and your potential Purple are both sensitive people with delicate emotional balance and your difference will be cutting your connection with numerous small cuts without letting a proper bond to develop. Neither of you will feel like you have the relationship you envisioned and will eventually give up what will feel like a struggle rather than a caring loving union of two like-minded people.