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You are a Yellow Persona – pretty much the only real extrovert out there. Studies have shown that your personality type has a lot of dopamine, a feel-good hormone, in their systems. You are vibrant, fun, adventurous, and a true explorer who is always on the go. You spin many plates, know many people, and you are able to do a lot of things at the same time. You may not necessarily always do it all to the best of your ability, but you take on a lot and always uphold your commitments.

Your most prominent persona is [memb_contact fields=_Result1] and your secondary persona is [memb_contact fields=_Result2].

As a primary [memb_contact fields=_Result1] secondary [memb_contact fields=_Result2] Persona, you are impulsive and dynamic. You like variety in your life and you love nothing more than to be out there meeting people. As the most people-oriented persona out of all, you are genuinely the life and soul of any party, and easily become the spokesperson for any group. You may often talk without giving much thought to what you are saying, and can occasionally come out with things that offend others. However, there is no malice in you, only accidental thoughtlessness – possibly as a result of your busy life.

Socially, you can be the life of a party, encouraging everyone to have a great time, and are often known for staying the latest at any event.  You may arrive the latest but you’d stay the course no matter how early you need to be up the next day.

You are an outgoing and fearless character, and these traits influence your profession too, making you likely to be highly successful and influential. However, it is easy for jealousy and conflict to arise in relationships that have a Yellow as one of the partners as there can be some tension created through your popularity and overly friendly and affectionate manner of communication.

Many women may react to this quality in you by attempting to rein in your natural energy and enthusiasm, holding you back from expressing yourself, but this approach is more likely to have the opposite outcome to what is hoped. A Yellow Persona would instinctively rebel against others attempting to control him. Rather than pointing out these issues in a negative manner, it would be better if a concerned girlfriend were to try having a conversation with you in a neutral environment and explain her issues in a non-demanding way, telling you how your behaviour makes her feel. A communicative approach is always a better way to resolve problems with an outgoing and outspoken Yellow.

It is fairly easy for others to spot you as a Yellow Persona by looking at your living conditions. You tend to be quite untidy because your mind is busy with so many things, and you are exceedingly prone to accumulating clutter and spreading your things all over your living space.

Despite this fact being due to your wide-ranging and diverse interests, it can still cause conflict in a co-habiting situation, particularly with personas who crave order and structure. Any of those types can rest assured that they will end up doing the house duties just to survive around you.

As a Yellow Persona, you also are likely to have some very impulsive shopping habits. You are likely to buy what you want when you want it, sometimes even when you can’t afford it, and might occasionally find yourself in financial difficulties through your spending habits, which can cause problems in your relationships. However, even if your spending can be impulsive at times, you are also likely to have a good quality lifestyle. Others will perceive you as being at least moderately well off financially as you are likely to be driving a nice car and be a good dresser. These things are not what will make women fall for you, as the true appeal of a Yellow lies in your charismatic and magnetically charming personality.

Yellows are not likely to be susceptible to stress. You don’t really feel or experience this emotion like others do, as you possess a thick skin and can easily move on when things become untenable for you. However, it can arise in situations where others persist in limiting your choices and autonomy, or where you have to deal with tedious amounts of detail and be subjected to red tape.

Bureaucracy and form filling is not your strong suit as your brain is not designed for what you see as unnecessary details and, when the circumstances allow, most Yellow Personas will aim to walk away from a situation that is causing them stress. It is also true that you are unlikely to stick around and involve yourself in debates that you see little or no benefit in, and if the circumstances don’t allow you to leave, your confident nature allows you to challenge those who you see as the cause of the situation.

You are easily able to persuade and influence others in groups to follow your lead, but this is not something you would easily resort to. You are normally quite composed and these confrontations only take place when you are pushed too far. This behaviour is completely out of character and will only overtake you when you feel stressful situations are getting out of control. For example, it would not be uncommon for a Yellow Persona to walk away from a new relationship just because they feel they are being repeatedly nagged at.

The woman who finds herself fortunate enough to be dating you had better think twice before putting you under unnecessary pressure with incessant nagging or complaining. To make a relationship work with you she would have to be willing to relax and join you in ‘going with the flow’. Someone who finds this difficult or impossible is probably not suited to be dating someone of your generally relaxed and spontaneous personality. Women are likely to view your online dating profile as quirky, entertaining, and amusing. Your profile description will be unique and descriptive and you will probably have enjoyed writing it.

Yellow Personas like for things to happen quickly. You can be bold in your behaviour and if you see someone you like you have no problem with introducing yourself or even suggesting a date or a meeting. You are comfortable being playful and, for you, being flirtatious is just a fun part of the dating game. When you find someone you are truly happy with, you are thrilled to share your world of exploring, travels, and adventures with him. You’d make a great dad who loves creating an exciting and fun-filled life for his family. Yellows should be on the lookout for women who want an exciting and adventurous guy, and some new and thrilling experiences as well as an ideal partner.

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