To give you a thorough understanding of how other personalities will interact with you, it is important for you to know how your own personality affects the communication dynamic.

As a Yellow persona, you seek someone to match your pace and zest for life. Of course, you’d be interested in looks, build and so on, but faced with a few reasonable choices you’d go with the guy who can match your hunger for new experiences and living life to the full. You’d go with the impulsive fast mover any day and leave the polite plodders right back on the dating scene.

In the online dating context, you’d rather meet up quickly or hear the guy’s voice than engage in days of meaningless email chitchat. If a profile hits a few right notes and the guy looks fit, you’d be ready to take the jump. Your outlook is ‘life is too short’. You’d rather just meet the guy and get to see if things feel right or not instead of ‘wasting’ your time on countless emails.

You’d confidently experiment with a few follow-on dates if things are all sounding upbeat enough for your liking. At the same time, you would have no qualms just calling time on a guy who starts hitting the wrong notes, even if it takes saying this to him face to face on a date. However, when you do find the right guy, they are in for an unforgettable experience that will feel more like an action movie than a love story.

When you are out dating, try to remember that the whole process is not just about you. In fact, tone down your fountain of energy to get a deeper insight into what the guy in front of you is like. Give him a chance to impress you, rather than comfortably sit in your shadow. This will give both of you a much-needed opportunity to see whether there is a real connection there.

You are a Yellow Persona – pretty much the only real extrovert out there. Studies have shown that your personality type has a lot of dopamine, a feel-good hormone, in their systems. You are vibrant, fun, adventurous, and a true explorer who is always on the go. You spin many plates, know many people, and you are able to do a lot of things at the same time. You may not necessarily always do it all to the best of your ability, but you take on a lot and always uphold your commitments.

Your most prominent persona is [memb_contact fields=_Result1] and your secondary persona is [memb_contact fields=_Result2].

As a primary [memb_contact fields=_Result1] secondary [memb_contact fields=_Result2] Persona, you are impulsive and dynamic. You like variety in your life and you love nothing more than to be out there meeting people. As the most people-oriented persona out of all, you are genuinely the life and soul of any party, and easily become the spokesperson for any group. You may often talk without giving much thought to what you are saying, and can occasionally come out with things that offend others. However, there is no malice in you, only accidental thoughtlessness – possibly as a result of your busy life.

Socially, you can be the life of a party, encouraging everyone to have a great time, and are often known for staying the latest at any event.  You may arrive the latest but you’d stay the course no matter how early you need to be up the next day.

You are an outgoing and fearless character, and these traits influence your profession too, making you likely to be highly successful and influential. However, it is easy for jealousy and conflict to arise in relationships that have a Yellow as one of the partners as there can be some tension created through your popularity and overly friendly and affectionate manner of communication.

Many men react to this quality in you by attempting to rein in your natural energy and enthusiasm, holding you back from expressing yourself, but this approach is more likely to have the opposite outcome to what is hoped. A Yellow Persona would instinctively rebel against others attempting to control her. Rather than pointing out these issues in a negative manner, it would be better if a concerned boyfriend were to try having a conversation with you in a neutral environment and explain his issues in a non-demanding way, telling you how your behaviour makes him feel. A communicative approach is always a better way to resolve problems with an outgoing and outspoken Yellow.

It is fairly easy for others to spot you as a Yellow Persona by looking at your living conditions. You tend to be quite untidy because your mind is busy with so many things, and you are exceedingly prone to accumulating clutter and spreading your things all over your living space.

Despite this fact being due to your wide-ranging and diverse interests, it can still cause conflict in a co-habiting situation, particularly with personas who crave order and structure. Any of those types can rest assured that they will end up doing the house duties just to survive around you.

As a Yellow Persona, you also are likely to have some very impulsive shopping habits. You are likely to buy what you want when you want it, sometimes even when you can’t afford it, and might occasionally find yourself in financial difficulties through your spending habits, which can cause problems in your relationships. However, even if your spending can be impulsive at times, you are also likely to have a good quality lifestyle. Others will perceive you as being at least moderately well off financially as you are likely to be driving a nice car and be a good dresser. These things are not what will make men fall for you, as the true appeal of a Yellow lies in your charismatic and magnetically charming personality.

Yellows are not likely to be susceptible to stress. You don’t really feel or experience this emotion like others do, as you possess a thick skin and can easily move on when things become untenable for you. However, it can arise in situations where others persist in limiting your choices and autonomy, or where you have to deal with tedious amounts of detail and be subjected to red tape.

Bureaucracy and form filling is not your strong suit as your brain is not designed for what you see as unnecessary details and, when the circumstances allow, most Yellow Personas will aim to walk away from a situation that is causing them stress. It is also true that you are unlikely to stick around and involve yourself in debates that you see little or no benefit in, and if the circumstances don’t allow you to leave, your confident nature allows you to challenge those who you see as the cause of the situation.

You are easily able to persuade and influence others in groups to follow your lead, but this is not something you would easily resort to. You are normally quite composed and these confrontations only take place when you are pushed too far. This behaviour is completely out of character and will only overtake you when you feel stressful situations are getting out of control. For example, it would not be uncommon for a Yellow Persona to walk away from a new relationship just because they feel they are being repeatedly nagged at.

The guy who finds himself fortunate enough to be dating you had better think twice before putting you under unnecessary pressure with incessant nagging or complaining. To make a relationship work with you he would have to be willing to relax and join you in ‘going with the flow’. Someone who finds this difficult or impossible is probably not suited to be dating someone of your generally relaxed and spontaneous personality. Men are likely to view your online dating profile as quirky, entertaining, and amusing. Your profile description will be unique and descriptive and you will probably have enjoyed writing it.

Yellow Personas like for things to happen quickly. You can be bold in your behaviour and if you see someone you like you have no problem with introducing yourself or even suggesting a date or a meeting. You are comfortable being playful and, for you, being flirtatious is just a fun part of the dating game. When you find someone you are truly happy with, you are thrilled to share your world of exploring, travels, and adventures with him. You’d make a glamorous mother who loves creating an exciting and fun-filled life for her family. Yellows should be on the lookout for men who want an exciting and adventurous woman, and some new and thrilling experiences as well as an ideal partner.


Your most compatible matches

[memb_contact fields=FirstName] primary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result1] and secondary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result2]

[memb_contact fields=_ClientsName] primary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result11] and secondary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result21]

In all cases, except perhaps for two Reds dating, a guy with the same persona as your primary or secondary will be a compatible match.


Your Mr Right would need to be able to keep up with your pace and your larger than life personality. You enjoy variety and novelty and will display this in your quest for doing exciting, new things. You’d be well matched with someone who has a similar drive to achieve things, someone who is not afraid of taking a risk alongside you. The impulsive White persona, the fast-talking and irreverent Red persona, and the challenging Orange persona may all enjoy your rollercoaster.

Out of all the personas, yours is the one that was born with a short circuit between your brain and your mouth. You tend to blurt out things without thinking them through. This can have the effect of you appearing like you are making things up or exaggerating, or you could easily cause offence by what you say. Whites, Reds and Oranges will not think much of this and will make room and even enjoy your outspokenness.

Your irreverent stance on most things in life (rules, processes, traditions, etc.) will strike the right chords for the Reds, Whites and Oranges, but it will not be something that the Greens, Purples and Mints will want to have in their well-orchestrated worlds and are very likely to rain on your parade.

Your Most Compatible Personality Types: White, Red, Orange and Yellow


Both you and Red Personas are visually oriented thinkers, so more likely than not you will first be brought together by physical attraction to each other. For both of you, looks, image and everything that comes as part of the visual package are important. You both pay attention to your appearances and appreciate the same in other people.

However, once your potential candidate passes the looks test, you will immediately start digging deeper to see what’s hiding behind the attractive façade and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a great match to your wit and intelligence in a Red Persona. A Red guy will give you plenty of quick-paced conversations, debates and banter! In fact, this man’s debating skills are second-to-none so don’t be surprised if you find yourself running out of counter arguments pretty early in a conversation. This guy is the exact opposite of a ‘doormat’ and his ability to confidently stand his own ground will imminently appeal to you.

A Red guy is a text-book Alpha male which you are naturally drawn to. He is a charming and charismatic man with a pragmatic streak and impressive ambitions. You are longing for a strong man and this male is as strong and independent as they come but with a quiet quality and without show-off tendencies. You’ll find it hard to resist his powerful dominant stance and this is a man who is more than capable of taming you.

A Red guy will be attracted by your larger-than-life personality as he himself can be quite reserved and collected. You are the heart and soul of every party and bond with pretty much everyone who comes your way. Reds rarely reach such levels of popularity and because they tend to know what they are lacking, they often find themselves attracted to people who have an abundance of those qualities. The good thing about a Red partner is that not only will he admire your outgoing personality, but he also will not be threatened by your popularity. He is pretty secure and confident in himself to not get overly jealous.

While this partnership is compatible on most levels, certain challenges can still take place. For you, they can come in the shape of your Red man’s lack of romance and affection. This guy needs to be educated on how to display his emotions and affection. You can show him how to do that by taking the lead and bringing a romantic spark into your partnership while making sure you are vocal about what you want from your romantic relationship. On the other hand, a practical and organised Red can be unsettled by your carefree attitude to money and life in general. It would be very easy for you to let the Red take over anything to do with finances, but resist that urge as you can quickly become dependent on him and lose your financial independence.

A Red guy can keep you focussed in many areas of your life while still being helpful and supportive. His decision-making abilities are second to none and this will help to steer the relationship in the right direction in every practical area.  He has great potential to become your trusted friend and mentor. You are a very opinionated individual and it will take a strong and decisive guy to make you feel safe. This is what a Red guy can do like no other. This is the only man that you would confidently allow to take the lead and be in control of your relationship, knowing well that you are in the capable hands.

Both you and a Red have similar levels of ambition and you have the potential to become encouraging partners for each other, be it at home or in each other’s careers. Work is a big focus for both of you and you need a guy who will not only understand that but will also be there for you when you need his advice. You need to feel like you have your own life outside of the relationship and a Red guy will be understanding of that need without feeling neglected. By giving each other space to enjoy your careers and your hobbies while making time to savour the quality time together, you have an opportunity to create a well-balanced mutually-satisfying relationship.

This romantic liaison can make both of you feel like the rest of the world doesn’t exist. It can become a really fulfilling relationship where you complement each other’s strong sides and compensate together for the flaws in each other’s characters. Like any other relationship, a union of a Red and Yellow will not be without challenges. However, for the couple that grows to understand each other’s boundaries and limitations a relationship of this nature can make for an enduring partnership.


Just like with a Yellow persona, both you and an Orange guy will be drawn to each other’s appearances before anything else, but rest assured that this man has plenty going for him besides the looks. You will find yourself intrigued by his strong straight-forward nature, charismatic character, diplomatic way of communicating and his well-educated and well-mannered personality.

You will feel on the same page with this guy in many areas of life, from career to personal aspirations. An Orange man is an organised man with a purpose and impressive ambitions who works hard and plays hard. His dominant stance will show you very early on that he is not a walkover and you will find yourself respectfully taking a step back.

You crave a strong man as a partner and an Orange man can offer this to you like no one else. These guys don’t approach anything half-heartedly and you can’t help but admire their drive and persistence with which they work their way towards goals.

He’d be able to debate most things with just as much energy as you. Your conversations with one another may be rather challenging and heated at times. But it won’t stop either of you from starting a debate whenever you feel like it as most of the times you go right back to being smitten with each other once your verbal battle has been exhausted. This is the man that will keep you mentally stimulated and entertained in a way like no one else can.

Even though you often find yourself having heated arguments with your tempestuous Orange partner the making up will be just as passionate as the argument itself. Neither of you are likely to hold grudges or harbour things for too long. Over time you will find your own ways of getting these issues behind you.

However, once the initial fiery chemistry wears off, you would need to take care to not to succumb to frequent misunderstandings and leaving things unresolved between the two of you. As a Yellow Persona, you are not that good at completely resolving issues. And even though your Orange guy is well able to voice his disapproval at things, there are also certain things that he will expect you to understand about him.

As you both have fairly fiery temperaments, you may only deal with surface issues and never slow yourselves down enough to deal with issues comprehensively. So every time there is a new flare-up, previously unresolved issues may again take centre stage.

It is important that you don’t forget that while the Orange man can work hard and argue hard, he will also need to withdraw into a caring pair of arms and just be pampered. He is very tactile with his woman. He needs his partner to show her affection consistently and generously. He might appear to be made of steel but secretly this man needs an emotional pillar he can lean on. You can very successfully provide that for him. What will make your union really strong is the ability that both of you have to create a really intense bubble-like connection. Even as you work your way through the challenges of the relationship, you won’t lose the sense of closeness and a mutual desire to make it work.

You will quickly find your emotional connection growing deeper with this guy as he invests himself in a relationship with you with the same passion he goes in for his goals. You will enjoy this irreverent risk taker’s outlook on life. Your initial attraction and sense of fun is likely to be the thing that will keep your flame alive in a relationship for a long time. You will bring out the adventurous streak in him that he doesn’t get to explore much with other personas. Having a thrill-seeking element to his life is something this man appreciates a lot and he is not likely to walk away easily from someone who provides it in abundance. Besides bringing a spicy flavour to his life, he will appreciate your encouraging and caring nature. You, in return, will find that he is fiercely protective and loyal to you

You are a great conversationalist and you love having a discussion partner who can match you in your debating skills. An Orange man is opinionated and isn’t afraid to voice his mind.

This guy is probably your most compatible match that will fulfil most of your expectations from a relationship and complement your character with a variety of traits. He is dominant enough to tame your fiery character, but with his gentle streak, he has the capability to become your best friend and be the source of never-ending affection and romance. You will always feel like a team when you are in a partnership with an Orange man. Like Bonnie and Clyde, you’ll find yourself taking on the world together, planning your next big adventure and turning even the most mundane things into memorable experiences.

As a Yellow Persona, you would appreciate a man who is also up for having some fun and who can create a relaxed setting for a relationship to flourish in.  While you will probably outrun a White man with your bucket-loads of energy, this guy has no off-switch either. With your combined temperaments you will often get lost in your own world of fun and adventure. These guys are creative in their approach to everything in life, and that will include how they are romancing you.

You will find yourself amused by his entertaining personality, his outside-the-box thinking and his quirky outlook on life. He will draw you right in with stimulating and daring conversation that will often take unexpected turns as this man is not going to be phased out by your energy or your irreverent conversation. His composed self-assured outlook on life will certainly spark your interest.

You value romance high in your books and man, can this guy deliver when it comes to turning your relationship into a fairy tale! He doesn’t spare time, effort or money to make your romance seem like something out of a movie.  Between sweet romantic gestures, surprises, thoughtful gifts, weekends away, you will find yourself in a whirlwind of experiences and adventures that you’ve never set out on your own.

His thoughtful nature will wrap you in cotton wool and even though you might think that cotton wool is not something you need, you will be pleasantly surprised how colourful yet peaceful your world can become when you welcome a White man into it.

A White guy is a man that will appeal to your soft side. His patient and forgiving nature will create a safe environment for you to run to after you are tired of spinning multiple plates and juggling numerous things. He is the least dominant match of your good matches but his kind and gentle nature is what will compensate for that. This man is strong enough to handle your independent personality but his ego won’t be getting in the way of trying to tame you and he’ll be content enough with the position of the second pilot. A White man will be your perfect match if you want a partner who won’t compete with you in the power struggle but will still be there for you as a reliable and supportive companion.

While this is a man that you won’t feel like fully handing reins of power over to, he can become your trusted advisor as he will take great interest in everything you do and will strive to be of help whenever possible. Don’t hesitate to come to him when looking for a solution to a tricky problem or when you want insight from someone who can think outside the box. He will surprise you with his suggestions.

A guy with a White Persona is a softer and more intuitive version of your own persona, which is a large part of the reason the two of you will click. But don’t forget that this guy does not have thick skin as you do. While it takes a lot for someone’s comments to cut through and hurt you, a White persona can more easily be offended or hurt, even if they project a tough exterior. To make sure that this relationship lasts the distance, you would need to learn to tone your abrasive side down. Even if it is hard for you to manage your utterances, may we suggest you cultivate the ability to read how your White partner is feeling. Even if he likes to think he can hide his feelings well, you will soon notice that his face, his gestures and his moods are fairly transparent. As a Yellow Persona you aren’t that accustomed to paying attention to how other people are. To protect the relationship possibilities that you can have with this man, it will be an investment well worth making for you.

But let us assure you that those small sacrifices are nothing in comparison to what you gain with this man. In fact, this man will have to give up more to make your relationship is smooth sailing and many of those things will fly by you without being noticed. In your partnership, he is more likely to take the burden of looking after practical things and making sure that bills are paid on time and the daily routine is organized and well-planned.

While he might not appear as a knight in shining armour who bravely comes to your rescue, he will diligently work in the background to make your world a peaceful harbour. His intuition is second to none and before you know it, your White man will learn to ‘read’ your every move and mood and work around them effortlessly. There is hardly any other man who would put your interests above his own without asking for much in return.

Once you learn to accept him the way he is and shift your focus from what this man is lacking and concentrate on what he brings into a relationship instead, you will quickly realise that this guy will bring peace and harmony in your life like no one else and will fit in perfectly into your social life and friends and family circle.

When two Yellows come together, their dynamic is nothing short of a carnival on steroids. This partnership is incredibly energetic and unstoppable and there will be no couple more popular in the social circles than you and your fellow Yellow. To people outside, your life will seem like a never-ending party as you will bring fun, excitement and adventure pretty much everywhere you two go.

You will find yourself well aligned with a Yellow guy, on most important levels like emotions, family values, career aspirations, etc. You will clearly understand each other’s needs and will have the capacity to provide what the other person needs in most areas. A Yellow guy will tend to be a bit more dominant than you are but not dominant enough for you to be getting into a power struggle so this aspect has a potential to create a well-balanced mutually-respectful dynamic.

You both have high expectations from your careers and your work is an important part of your life that you invest a lot of time and effort into. You will be very forgiving of each other’s often hectic lifestyles as this dynamic is a natural part of your lives.

Not only will you be understanding of your partner placing a high priority on work, but you will also be very supportive of each other’s career exploits, even to the point of burning the midnight oil on behalf of each other. You have the potential to become each other’s trusted advisors and closest confidants.

It is important for both of you to have a life outside of your partnership and you will be very accepting of this fact without feeling neglected. When you do spend quality time together, you will easily find yourself lost in time as you will immensely enjoy each other’s company. You both will be devoted to your partnership and will provide each other with plenty of much needed emotional closeness and affection. You have the capacity to build a relationship full of continued openness and trust where your partner is the first person you run to, be it to share the good news or to seek comfort on the not-so-good days. This element of your relationship is what will keep the fire of your affection alive for years to come.

However, this very element can turn into a weak spot if one of you distances yourself from the other. Because both of you invest yourselves fully into whatever you do, it is not uncommon for a Yellow persona to shift all their focus into one area, often neglecting others. If a fellow Yellow persona happens to be one of those neglected areas, they might go and seek affection elsewhere. So all that trust that you worked so hard to build can be easily broken when either of you are continuously disgruntled with one another.

It is worth mentioning that jealousy is not something that this union will naturally suffer from. An element of jealousy is very likely to be present in your relationships with other Personas but not so much with a fellow Yellow. You both will give each other much more leeway with the people of the opposite sex than other people would.

While your romantic relationship doesn’t easily break out of the idyllic fascination with each other, same can’t be said for the practical aspects of your life together. There is a high chance that a lot of things in your life would be easily described as chaotic. Many of those things like struggling to stick to a pre-agreed schedule or plan are not going to cause any major discomfort to either of you, but when it comes down to practical things of everyday living, one of you will have to step up. Otherwise, it’s likely that you two will be so busy having fun that you will not watch your bank balances. You will overcommit, overextend and overlook paying essential bills that will incur even bigger fines.

One thing you both should be careful of not doing in this union is expecting the other person to step up and take over those mundane tasks. If one of you ends up doing that job and not by choice, but rather by lack of it, it is only a matter of time before friction and resentment build up. One of the best dynamics of your partnership is being a team, so make sure you act as one when it comes to practical arrangements.

You have a chance to acquire a best friend, a passionate lover and an adventure companion in the person of a Yellow man, but to make sure that this partnership lasts longer than a few thrill-seeking pursuits, you both will need to learn how to attend to each other’s needs without dismissing the responsibilities that come with a relationship. You do that and we can guarantee you are in for the ride of your life!

Your least compatible matches

Click through to see your least compatible matches below:

[memb_contact fields=FirstName] primary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result1] and secondary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result2]

[memb_contact fields=_ClientsName] primary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result11] and secondary persona [memb_contact fields=_Result21] 

Out of all the personas, yours is the one that was born with a short circuit between your brain and your mouth. You tend to blurt out things without thinking them through. This can have the effect of you appearing like you are making things up or exaggerating, or you could easily cause offence by what you say. 

The more conservative Green, Mint and Purple personas will not be as forgiving as your matched personas. In fact, they will silently take offence and write you off. These dynamics will play themselves out in all walks of life as well as dating.

Those for whom you would be too much to cope with are the personas further down the introvert scale. Although they may admire the things that you get involved in, they would be mentally and emotionally exhausted by you and the company that you keep. The detail-oriented and serious Green and Purple personas will find your conversation too shallow. (We are not saying it is, but from their perspective, it will be.) For the more reserved Mint persona, you will simply be too loud and ostentatious.

Your irreverent stance on most things in life (rules, processes, traditions, etc.) will not be something that the Greens, Purples and Mints will want to have in their well-orchestrated worlds and are very likely to rain on your parade.

Your Least Compatible Personality Types: Green, Mint, Purple

Disclaimer, and a reminder of our T&C's: We are providing you with information and context. If you really want to make a relationship work, you probably can. We are making you aware of what effort might be involved and the dynamics you may face. Bear in mind that it takes two to tango! Also consider that we aren't aware of your potential partner's culture, experiences or any other dynamics. Our content is based purely on personality traits, based on your answers to our quiz.

Ironically, Yellows and Purples approach dating or romance in a similar manner – both are very fussy and demanding in what they want from a potential partner. As a Yellow persona, you are driven by physical attraction and are looking for a strong adventurous streak in a potential partner. However, you don’t get as specific in your search criteria as a Purple man does. This guy has a very detailed and exhaustive list of things he wants from a potential partner and unfortunately is not willing to compromise much, so needless to say, meeting his expectations can be nothing short of a challenge at times.

However, a Purple man doesn’t evaluate his potential match from the place of shallowness or vanity. He assigns deep spiritual and emotional meaning to most things in life and romantic relationships hold utmost importance on the scale of priorities for Purples. Depth of connection and emotional closeness are extremely important to this man and he has a very clear idea of what a fulfilling relationship for him specifically entails. Unfortunately, there is little in your character this man would find attractive and for you, he is a far cry from your idea of a perfect man.

It is safe to say that your lives move at a different pace and focus on different things. Unfortunately too different for either of you to feel at home in the potential partner’s world. There are very few things you would have in common with this man and while you might initially be intrigued by how different a Purple guy is to most men you know (Purples are one of the rarest personas so when you encounter one, you can easily find yourself interested for the sheer contrast if nothing else), your attention span is very unlikely to last long enough to get to know this man properly. In the long run, however, you will find this guy too reserved and distant as he is a typical introvert with a philosophical mind and a completely different value system. He, on the other hand, will be puzzled and then frustrated by your larger-than-life personality, your outspoken and irreverent nature and your fast-paced lifestyle.

It is only a matter of time before a Purple guy will find himself offended by something you say or take personally a comment or an opinion you pass. As if this wasn’t putting this relationship on a shaky enough ground, Purples have a difficulty letting things go when they have been wronged so rest assured, they will hold on dearly to any tactless blunder or too irreverent of an opinion that you might have a misfortune of blurting out. Without meaning in the slightest to be hurtful or offensive, you may inadvertently offend a Purple a dozen times in just a short conversation, simply because your outlooks on things are so different.

One might think that once two people work out where their boundaries lay, there should be nothing stopping them from exploring a romantic relationship.

However, this only works in theory. While you might be willing to talk openly to a certain extent, a Purple guy will be very evasive when it comes to discussing his feelings. Not only that, you probably won’t even realise you’ve offended or hurt him as he is very unlikely to even mention it to you.

A relationship like this would result in the Purple feeling that you are uncaring and obnoxious, while you might feel that the Purple is unreasonably touchy and needs to man up. This relationship will be characterised by a treadmill of miscommunications and misunderstandings where two people who mean to do the right thing for each other inadvertently do just the opposite.

This guy’s delicate nature is also very likely to suffer from your overly friendly (in his eyes) and flirty nature. If you happen to go on a date with a Purple guy, he may be bewildered and even offended by how you tend to engage everyone that you meet in conversation. He will be particularly uneasy when you get friendly with men, even if it is nothing more than just small talk. While you love interacting with people, a Purple is more likely to keep his conversation and socialising to a smaller number of close acquaintances. While your bubbly and extroverted personality might be endearing and entertaining for some Personas, you may leave a Purple guy feeling traumatised after just one night out.

And although most Purples will idealistically believe themselves to be rather organised on these fronts, the reality is that Purples also get lost in space and time when they are engrossed in what they deem to be important. The result will be a family environment where there are spurts of really untidy environments, where the paying of bills is forgotten and where appointments are overlooked or forgotten. One of you will have to forsake what you are doing to step up to the plate to do these tasks. And whether that is you or the Purple, if this should have to become an on-going expectation, you are both likely to end up passionately resenting this.

You are not going to find the traits you value in men in Purple’s candidacy and your vocal, outspoken and adventurous character will be too much to handle for a Purple. This is a union that neither you nor the Purple will find fulfilling or even remotely worthy of making the effort for.

Out of your most incompatible matches, Mint Persona can probably qualify as the least offender, but don’t let that trick you into thinking that a partnership with this guy is a good idea. You will find that you have more touch points with this guy in comparison to the Green man, but the areas where you don’t match will eventually cause severe cracks in the relationship.

In simple terms, a Mint guy is a milder version of a Green Persona. He is just as detail-oriented and systematic in his thinking. You will have many similar issues that you’d have with a Green if you date a Mint. A Mint guy is not as head-strong and unaccommodating as a Green might be but he has his quirks that will not go down well with you.

Both Greens and Mints love to micromanage, but if a Green micromanages details, a Mint can’t help but to relentlessly micromanage time. You and a Mint live in different mental time zones. You regard time as something that can be stretched and pushed if needed, while a Mint guy lives on a tight schedule. This particular gap alone can cause a lot of friction – you’ll always be late, he’ll always be early. Both of you will be annoyed with each other, just for a different reason. He’ll be frustrated with your systematic mismanagement of time, you’ll be annoyed with his never-ending whining about it.

You’ll be hitting the scales of opposites on many different things. Money will be a permanent subject of your fall-outs. A Mint will always voice his disapproval of your spending habits – you love to spend, he loves to save. The same pattern will extend to how both of you make plans. A Mint man will plan everything in advance, make arrangements beforehand and leave very little to last minute. Last minute is how you operate on many occasions. Your impulsive and spontaneous nature doesn’t want to be restrained by time frames and limits.

Mints tend to live off a list while you seem to carry all the to-do things in your head and think on your feet. Putting arrangements down for anything, be it routine day-to-day life or planning a holiday, will put both of you through a considerate amount of friction and disagreement as you’ll view differently how things need to be done. You are not detail-oriented and it wouldn’t be uncommon for you to forget things once in a while. You won’t think much about it while this tendency would properly rub the Mint the wrong way.

You often speak without thinking twice and some of these things can make a Mint man freeze in shock. These guys have a very sensitive sense of tact and can find a friendly approach to pretty much any Persona. They hate to find themselves in situations where something irreverent or border-line rude.

You are not fazed by situations like that and often find yourself being the one who makes the room go quiet. Being a constant witness and participant to scenarios like that will make a Mint guy feel increasingly uneasy.

While a Mint man is friendly and likeable, he doesn’t have any need for being in the limelight. They are loved by many but never find themselves being the heart and soul of the party or group. This is your prerogative! You shine bright wherever you go and while that might not be a problem for a Mint man in a social setting, he surely won’t take lightly to the fact that your energizing personality attracts a lot of male attention. He won’t admit he is jealous and these feelings will keep bubbling up inside him.  He will resort to sarcasm and snigger remarks which are more than likely to go unnoticed by you.

You and a Mint man view your lives differently on a bigger scale. You can’t live without adventure and adrenaline on a daily basis which is too much to handle for a gentle peace-loving Mint. You want to have a life of your own outside of the home, pursue your dreams and goals and not be dragged down by your partner. A Mint has a much more traditional and conservative view of what kind of family he wants. He is very unlikely to be supportive of your buzzing lifestyle and will feel that he is at the bottom of your priority list, even if you don’t see it that way at all. Your nature needs freedom, not a golden cage, and unfortunately, this man will want to snap your wings off.

This is not a union that would make either of you feel fulfilled. You’ll be restricted in your impulses, while he’ll feel overpowered and almost emasculated at times. You have come this far in your life without having to bend and blend on things and you will not see why you’d need to change purely because some nice guy wants you to. You and a Mint man are not quite as polar as you and Green would be, but the same negative forces come to play in this partnership, making it incredibly difficult to survive in the long run.

A man with a Blue persona is considerate, outgoing and warm-hearted and will take a shine towards your equally friendly and composed demeanour. Being two representatives of the same Persona, you share the same strengths and weaknesses which can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. In partnerships with other personas some of your traits can be effortlessly balanced out but there is little room for balancing in a union of two same personas.

In general, a Blue man can be considered your good match but it will probably be your weakest match out of your most compatible ones. While certain areas of this relationship will work wonderfully, there will be significant gaps that can have long-stretching consequences.

You will find yourself on the same page in many areas of life. You place family highly in your value system and you both have a similar view of what kind of relationship you’d like to have. There will be a strong emotional connection in this union as you both have a tremendous capacity for making each other feel loved and cared for.  You will both love your ability of getting lost with one another in your fairytale-like world of affection and romance. When it comes to showing care for loved ones and friends, you will be known as a couple who can lift others just by being around them.

When it comes to emotions, there is hardly any other man who can create such a loving and caring environment for you while also proudly allowing you space to shine in the areas where you are strong. However, there will be massive gaps in this union when it comes to practical things. You are similar in how you approach finances and time-handling, but in this context it is not a good thing. Neither of you are particularly well-organised or disciplined when it comes to budgeting and planning. Between being prone to occasional impulse buys and not structuring your budget efficiently, you will often find yourself staring at an overdrawn bank account and neither of you will have a capacity to sole-handily change this dynamic. If you don’t address this issue, you may find yourself in financial distress in the long-term.

To make a union of two Blues work, it would be wise to create a good understanding of who will perform what role and for how long. This will serve you well as it alleviates that sense of resentment when one of you ends up with having to do a task not by choice, but by lack of it. While assigning duties might sound simple, another aspect of your personalities might make it more difficult than you’d expect. Both of you despise any sort of confrontation so you might find it challenging to even bring up any of the practical issues in a conversation. You have to remember that not talking about a problem doesn’t make it disappear. You’ll have to develop a habit of addressing issues as they are rising without waiting till they turn into an elephant in a room.

As if those challenges weren’t enough, neither of you have strong tendencies to act decisively. You feel at your most comfortable when given an opportunity to sleep on things for a few days. This would not cause any problems in a relationship with a Mint, for instance, but when two people procrastinate making a decision and committing to it, things can quickly spiral out of control, especially if any of these issues have a time-sensitive nature.

Between struggling to confront each other on things that are bothering you, lacking decision-making aptitude as well as planning savvy, this partnership has a fair share of roadblocks to overcome. However, if you come from the place of strengths that this union provides, you can both work your way through the issues and come out on the other side stronger and more united than ever. We couldn’t dismiss this partnership as a bad match because when things are good between you two, it is a wonderful place for both of you to be. You and a Blue man have an unusually strong chance to create a bubble-like relationship where both of you feel blissfully happy and emotionally connected. It is the most challenging one of your compatible matches, but the one well worth fighting for as the benefits can outweigh the flaws threefold.