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Orange Personas are the go-getters on our spectrum. As an Orange persona, you know what you want, how to get it, and there is very little that you are prepared to allow to stand in the way of achieving it.

Your most prominent persona is [memb_contact fields=_Result1] and your secondary persona is [memb_contact fields=_Result2].

Goals, objectives, and targets are like oxygen to you, and keep you driving forward, ever determined to reach them. You are comfortable with, if not downright motivated by change and you thrive on seeing continual progress and improvement. Variety and challenge inspire you. The identity that describes you most precisely is that of a dynamic perfectionist. An impossibility for some personas, but a no-brainer where you are concerned. Your standards are unwaveringly high, but you will not let your overall schedule be held up by small, insubstantial details.

Orange Personas are fun and exhilarating to be around. You have a reputation for being academically inclined and you are an intelligent person who likes to do interesting and exciting things. Even a trip down to a furniture store with you could be quite an adventure for your discerning date. You are extremely knowledgeable about a whole range of subjects, which makes you a great conversationalist.

The competitive drive is very high in Orange Personas, but it is generally the case that you are competing with yourself. Your inspiration comes from your ability to see the potential in every situation; exactly what it will take to improve the position you are in. This includes not only your home surroundings and your career, but also, just as importantly, your romantic relationships.

Oranges have a great deal of confidence and carry themselves with the utmost dignity. When an Orange Persona walks into the room, almost everyone will notice. You are dazzling and, as a result, people gravitate towards you. Hence your popularity is high.

However, you do not naturally choose the limelight. Your goals are more substantial than that. While it is true that you know a lot of people, it does not follow that you are friends with everybody. You may display all the signs of being an extrovert, but in reality, you are somewhat introverted. Your real circle of friends is tight-knit and the people who are close to you are there because they share a very special connection with you. You have neither need nor desire for a large group of friends.

Orange people tend to have quite strong intuition. You are very aware of all that is going on around you and have strong gut feelings which you know you can totally rely on.

Oranges make very thoughtful partners. When someone receives a gift from you, they can be sure you have given what to choose real thought.  You see to it that gifts or presents are purchased well in advance; these are typically well-thought-out, quality gifts that often carry a special meaning behind them. When someone receives a gift from an Orange Persona, it will genuinely be worth having.

There is a part of your persona – and this is possibly something to watch out for – that has a need to always be right. It is true, given your wide knowledge and understanding, that in many cases you actually are. But it is when you are not that conflict can arise, particularly if someone decides to challenge you. Then it is even harder for you to admit your mistake and the antagonism may become unpleasant. It is worth acknowledging that while to the outside world, you come across as a very confident, positive being, deep inside there is a strong tendency to doubt yourself and your abilities. Due to this struggle with criticism, it would be strongly beneficial to surround yourself with people who naturally see the positives and won’t do things to feed your inner doubts.

Unlike other personas, you don’t tend to show your feelings easily, although this does change when trust has been built up and you have allowed someone to get close.

Nonetheless, you tend to bottle up your feelings, then when everything becomes too much for you to cope, you explode. Others are likely to be left feeling pretty shell-shocked, as often there will have been no warning. Outbursts like these will also leave you feeling exposed and really quite embarrassed, but even this you would rather hide.

Your buying patterns can be somewhat impulsive, which can create obvious difficulties in a relationship. You prefer to spend money on things that you know have quality and lasting value, but you do not always choose to buy them at the times when you can, in reality, afford them.

Impulsiveness is one of the traits of an Orange Persona, which can be seen in many areas of your life. Deciding to do something on the spur of the moment, even something like taking off on a last minute holiday is almost a part of your identity. However, your impulsiveness seems more of a spontaneous thing than it actually is, because it is generally the case that you have thought things through, possibly quite carefully; you just hadn’t got around to putting those thoughts into words and sharing them. It appears as though you are just throwing caution to the wind, but in reality, you are still very much in control!

When Orange Personas create bonds with other people, these bonds are deep. You are a passionate person and it probably feels as though you would kill for those you care about should it be necessary to protect them. You wouldn’t actually follow this through, of course. Once a strong bond is established and you see how a future with someone important might look, you will use your huge energy and commitment to do things for them, determined to do whatever it takes to bring you both into a good and happy place.

The woman concerned should never take these efforts for granted, however, because that would be deeply hurtful to you. You might not say so straight away, but you mentally take record of everything and it would eventually all come pouring out.

There is a hidden side to you. You experience a whole range of emotions that you don’t often show, but which you are most definitely aware of. Others can be fooled by your cool and collected composure. But, in reality, your life is spent living on the edge, very close to a small explosion. It is best to accept this about yourself. This is how you function.

A clever personal goal would be to develop clear-cut coping mechanisms that enable you to look after yourself.

Maintaining that exercise regime might be one suggestion or fitting in sufficiently short breaks. It might not hurt to let that special woman in on the secret too. It is, after all, your vibrancy and zest for life that attracted her in the first place.

When you do establish a close and emotional connection with a woman, you are likely to want to be really quite affectionate and tactile in private, and just occasionally even in public. You like to be pampered, comforted and taken care of. Your everyday world is like a war zone, always on the battlefront, pushing and doing things for yourself, for the cause, for projects or for those you care about. You put yourself in the firing line all the time and push yourself to the absolute limit. The role of the woman in your life is therefore also to be someone with whom you can share affection, relax and have downtime with. It’s a hugely important role for a very special man.

As an Orange Persona, you take very good care of your appearance. Orange Personas are usually in great physical shape.

You are typically well-groomed and well-dressed. Because you are fit, active, and healthy, you have a strong physical side and you really enjoy the physical side of a relationship.

You are a discerning person who loves clarity, and you are impatient with ambiguity and small talk. You are easily irritated by lack of quality, general sloppiness, poor logic and poor language, particularly written language. So the message for anyone who has it in mind to date you is that they had better make sure their profiles are beautifully written, not overly wordy and that their photos are stylish and suggest that they, too, are discerning women.

Being on a date with you is likely, in the first instance, to be a whirlwind experience. The woman concerned had better have the energy to keep up with you, but if she has, then for her, you are certainly going to be well worth the investment.

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