To give you a thorough understanding of how other personalities will interact with you, it is important for you to know how your own personality affects the communication dynamic.

As an Orange persona, you seek someone to equal your drive and ambition. Of course, you’d be interested in looks and build and so on, but faced with a few reasonable choices you’d go with the guy who can match your drive for progress, perfection, and for fun as well!

You’d probably rather be single than settle for someone just for the sake of it, so when you are on the lookout, you are enthusiastically seeking the perfect man, as mediocre is never good enough for you. You’d be looking for cues and clues that there is a man with some drive behind those words and photos (if you are online dating). You might be enticed by a man who has a fun and engaging manner that will appeal to the explorer in you. You are quite prepared to take a risk or two even if it leads to a short-term fling. You are confident in your own ability to ‘hire and fire’ at will. You’re not likely to get drawn into things that you are not prepared or ready for, so in most cases, you expect dating to happen on your terms. Men find your relaxed approach to dating very appealing, as your self-content and confident nature allows you, and whoever ends up on a date with you, to actually have fun in the process.

You are likely to be confident enough to trust your internal sense of who is suitable and who is not, and you are not likely to compromise. However, we would advise that you don’t make snap judgements on everyone who comes your way and give a guy at least a little time to prove himself or to hang himself.

Orange Personas are the go-getters on our spectrum. As an Orange persona you know what you want, how to get it, and there is very little that you are prepared to allow to stand in the way of achieving it.

Your most prominent persona is [memb_contact fields=_Result1] and your secondary persona is [memb_contact fields=_Result2].

Goals, objectives, and targets are like oxygen to you, and keep you driving forward, ever determined to reach them. You are comfortable with, if not downright motivated by change and you thrive on seeing continual progress and improvement. Variety and challenge inspire you. The identity that describes you most precisely is that of a dynamic perfectionist. An impossibility for some personas, but a no-brainer where you are concerned. Your standards are unwaveringly high, but you will not let your overall schedule be held up by small, insubstantial details.

Orange Personas are fun and exhilarating to be around. You have a reputation for being academically inclined and you are an intelligent person who likes to do interesting and exciting things. Even a trip down to a furniture store with you could be quite an adventure for your discerning date. You are extremely knowledgeable about a whole range of subjects, which makes you a great conversationalist.

The competitive drive is very high in Orange Personas, but it is generally the case that you are competing with yourself. Your inspiration comes from your ability to see the potential in every situation; exactly what it will take to improve the position you are in. This includes not only your home surroundings and your career, but also, just as importantly, your romantic relationships.

Oranges have a great deal of confidence and carry themselves with the utmost dignity. When an Orange Persona walks into the room, almost everyone will notice. You are dazzling and, as a result, people gravitate towards you. Hence your popularity is high.

However, you do not naturally choose the limelight. Your goals are more substantial than that. While it is true that you know a lot of people, it does not follow that you are friends with everybody. You may display all the signs of being an extrovert, but in reality, you are somewhat introverted. Your real circle of friends is tight-knit and the people who are close to you are there because they share a very special connection with you. You have neither need nor desire for a large group of friends.

Orange people tend to have quite strong intuition. You are very aware of all that is going on around you and have strong gut feelings which you know you can totally rely on.

Oranges make very thoughtful partners. When someone receives a gift from you, they can be sure you have given what to choose real thought.  You see to it that gifts or presents are purchased well in advance; these are typically well-thought-out, quality gifts that often carry a special meaning behind them. When someone receives a gift from an Orange Persona, it will genuinely be worth having.

There is a part of your persona – and this is possibly something to watch out for – that has a need to always be right. It is true, given your wide knowledge and understanding, that in many cases you actually are. But it is when you are not that conflict can arise, particularly if someone decides to challenge you. Then it is even harder for you to admit your mistake and the antagonism may become unpleasant. It is worth acknowledging that while to the outside world, you come across as a very confident, positive being, deep inside there is a strong tendency to doubt yourself and your abilities. Due to this struggle with criticism, it would be strongly beneficial to surround yourself with people who naturally see the positives and won’t do things to feed your inner doubts.

Unlike other personas, you don’t tend to show your feelings easily, although this does change when trust has been built up and you have allowed someone to get close.

Nonetheless, you tend to bottle up your feelings, then when everything becomes too much for you to cope, you explode. Others are likely to be left feeling pretty shell-shocked, as often there will have been no warning. Outbursts like these will also leave you feeling exposed and really quite embarrassed, but even this you would rather hide.

Your buying patterns can be somewhat impulsive, which can create obvious difficulties in a relationship. You prefer to spend money on things that you know have quality and lasting value, but you do not always choose to buy them at the times when you can, in reality, afford them.

Impulsiveness is one of the traits of an Orange Persona, which can be seen in many areas of your life. Deciding to do something on the spur of the moment, even something like taking off on a last minute holiday is almost a part of your identity. However, your impulsiveness seems more of a spontaneous thing than it actually is, because it is generally the case that you have thought things through, possibly quite carefully; you just hadn’t got around to putting those thoughts into words and sharing them. It appears as though you are just throwing caution to the wind, but in reality, you are still very much in control!

When Orange Personas create bonds with other people, these bonds are deep. You are a passionate person and it probably feels as though you would kill for those you care about should it be necessary to protect them. You wouldn’t actually follow this through, of course. Once a strong bond is established and you see how a future with someone important might look, you will use your huge energy and commitment to do things for them, determined to do whatever it takes to bring you both into a good and happy place.

The man concerned should never take these efforts for granted, however, because that would be deeply hurtful to you. You might not say so straight away, but you mentally take record of everything and it would eventually all come pouring out.

There is a hidden side to you. You experience a whole range of emotions that you don’t often show, but which you are most definitely aware of. Others can be fooled by your cool and collected composure. But, in reality, your life is spent living on the edge, very close to a small explosion. It is best to accept this about yourself. This is how you function.

A clever personal goal would be to develop clear-cut coping mechanisms that enable you to look after yourself.

Maintaining that exercise regime might be one suggestion or fitting in sufficiently short breaks. It might not hurt to let that special man in on the secret too. It is, after all, your vibrancy and zest for life that attracted him in the first place.

When you do establish a close and emotional connection with a guy, you are likely to want to be really quite affectionate and tactile in private, and just occasionally even in public. You like to be pampered, comforted and taken care of. Your everyday world is like a war zone, always on the battlefront, pushing and doing things for yourself, for the cause, for projects or for those you care about. You put yourself in the firing line all the time and push yourself to the absolute limit. The role of the man in your life is therefore to be someone with whom you can share affection, relax and have downtime with. It’s a hugely important role for a very special man.

As an Orange Persona, you take very good care of your appearance. Orange Personas are usually in great physical shape.

You are typically well-groomed and well-dressed. Because you are fit, active, and healthy, you have a strong physical side and you really enjoy the physical side of a relationship.

You are a discerning person who loves clarity, and you are impatient with ambiguity and small talk. You are easily irritated by lack of quality, general sloppiness, poor logic and poor language, particularly written language. So the message for anyone who has it in mind to date you is that they had better make sure their profiles are beautifully written, not overly wordy and that their photos are stylish and suggest that they, too, are discerning men.

Being on a date with you is likely, in the first instance, to be a whirlwind experience. The man concerned had better have the energy to keep up with you, but if he has, then for him, you are certainly going to be well worth the investment.

As an Orange persona you are, by nature, challenging and unconvinced until proven otherwise. You are well read, well informed and, quite likely, well-educated too. Someone who would want to be your Mr Right would have the confidence to stand up to your challenging style, and even to match it. The irreverent and risk-embracing Yellow, Red and White personas stand a chance of becoming your Mr Right, while the risk-averse Greens, Blues and Purples will struggle with your challenging style.

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Both you and Red Personas are visually oriented thinkers, so more likely than not you will first be brought together by physical attraction to each other. For both of you, looks, image and everything that comes as part of the visual package are important. You both pay attention to your appearances and appreciate the same in other people.

A Red guy is a text-book Alpha male which you are naturally drawn to. He is a charming and charismatic man with a pragmatic streak and impressive ambitions. You are longing for a strong man and this male is as strong and independent as they come but with a quiet quality and without show-off tendencies. You’ll find it hard to resist his powerful dominant stance and this is a man who is more than capable of taming you.

A Red male often comes with an impressive status and certain success and popularity level which makes him appear as quite a catch. This is one of the very few men whom you’ll let take the lead without feeling disgruntled. Moreover, he will make you feel quite fulfilled as a woman. You will see this man as an equal if not even superior and this will set a wonderful dynamic for your relationship which will balance out both of your personalities.

You will both be quickly smitten with each other and will in awe discover more and more similarities between your personalities. You will find yourself on the same page in many important areas like work and life aspirations. You will admire your Red man for his strong character, his ambitions and drive while he will find himself mesmerized with your multi-faceted personality.

Your conversations with one another may be rather challenging and heated at times. But it won’t stop either of you from starting a debate whenever you feel like it as most of the times you go right back to being smitten with each other once your verbal battle has been exhausted. This is the man that will keep you challenged and on track in a way like no one else can.

Work is a big part of your lives and before you know it, you will find yourselves invested in each other’s careers, always there to offer a helping hand or shoulder to lean on. You will build into each other’s successes and often the partnership of an Orange and a Red brings a wealth of secure financial stability to both partners.

However, this relationship is certainly not the one without challenges. Both of you are very head-strong individuals who want to have it their way and once you learn to work around it without damaging your relationship, you will regard this trait as an advantage in each other rather than a flaw.

The only area where you might struggle with a Red man is in the emotional department. You will have to teach him that display of affection is just as important in a relationship as anything else. Risking to be ridiculed for such a suggestion, may we recommend that you watch the cartoon ‘Beauty and The Beast’? It is a light-hearted fool-proof manual on how to bring out a softer side out of your Beast. It is a perfect illustration of a dynamic between an Orange woman and a Red man!

When Oranges and Reds get together, they enter a relationship with a clear understanding of what they are getting themselves into and they don’t forget easily what brought them together. You will find yourself so closely involved in each other’s lives, so genuinely proud of and admiring each other that when things might take a turn for the worse, you will find enough passion and desire to get things right back on track.

This guy, regardless of some prickly peculiarities of his character, is probably your most compatible match that will fulfil most of your expectations from a relationship and complement your character with a variety of traits. This is the only man who can take on a position of your lover, partner, best friend and most importantly, your trusted mentor.

There is no other man that will appear as worthy and wise of that status in your eyes. This connection on top of an already positive dynamic of this union provides for very strong chances of surviving any threat or problem that life might throw your way. More likely than not, you will deal with it successfully as a team and will come out the other way stronger than ever.

When a White man appears on your horizon, it is their inimitable creativity and energy that will make you do a double take. You will find yourself amused by his entertaining personality, his outside-the-box thinking and his quirky outlook on life. He will draw you right in with stimulating and daring conversation that will often take unexpected turns as this man is not going to be phased out by your straight-forwardness and will surprise you with his level of irreverence. His composed self-assured outlook on life will certainly spark your interest.

You are not short of being creative and impulsive but a White guy takes it to the next level. You will find his outlook on life so refreshing and his world so exciting that your own will seem safe and boring without him. You value romance high in your books and man, can this guy deliver when it comes to turning your relationship into a fairy tale! He doesn’t spare time, effort or money to make your romance seem like something out of a movie.  Between sweet romantic gestures, surprises, thoughtful gifts, weekends away, you will find yourself in a whirlwind of experiences and adventures that you’ve never set out on your own.

His gentle kind nature will wrap you in cotton wool and even though you might think that cotton wool is not something you need, you will be pleasantly surprised how colourful yet peaceful your world can become when you welcome a White man into it.

A White guy is a man that will appeal to your soft side. His patient and forgiving nature will create a safe environment for you to run to after you are tired of fighting your battles. He is the least dominant match of your good matches but his kind and gentle nature is what will compensate for that. This man is strong enough to handle your independent personality but his ego won’t be getting in the way of trying to tame you and he’ll be content enough with the position of the second pilot. A White man will be your perfect match if you want a partner who won’t compete with you in the power struggle but will still be there for you as a reliable and supportive companion.

You will get on effortlessly as both of you never seem to switch off. Your mind is constantly buzzing with ideas, issues, problems, their solutions and no one will understand that mental chaos as much as a White man can. His own brain is constantly working in overtime mode contemplating his next big venture or processing the details of dozens of things he has on the go, so this is a guy who will see nothing wrong with your bulldog persistence to achieve your goals. In fact, he will genuinely admire it and it is very unlikely to become an issue.

On top of that, you will actually be pleasantly surprised that someone can match you in your problem-solving skills but with a much higher level of creativity.

While this is a man that you won’t feel like fully handing reins of power over to, he can become your trusted advisor as he will take great interest in everything you do and will strive to be of help whenever possible.

Don’t hesitate to come to him when looking for a solution to a tricky problem or when you want insight from someone who can think outside the box. He will surprise you with his suggestions.

This relationship, like any other one, comes with its certain challenges that you will have to learn to work around. Your White guy’s slightly scatty nature might rub you the wrong way as you need clarity. His master plans to overtake the world might be met with a sarcastic dismissal on your side when you realise that not everything he plans comes to fruition straight away.

You will have to learn how to bite your tongue and serve your opinion with a generous coating of sugar as this guy does not have the same thick skin as you do. He will be going out of his way to make your world a happy place so it will be your job to not make it a hostile place for him to live in. So if you intend on making this partnership work, you will have to start exercising patience, tact and consideration.

But let us assure you that those small sacrifices are nothing in comparison to what you gain with this man. In a relationship with you, a White man will be almost like an exotic flower – if you look after him the way he needs to be and connect with him emotionally, he will blossom and make your world a much more exciting place. If you don’t, you’ll never get to experience what this man truly has to offer.

While he might not appear as a knight in shining armour who bravely comes to your rescue, he will diligently work in the background to make your world a peaceful harbour. His intuition is second to none and before you know it, your White man will learn to ‘read’ your every move and mood and work around them effortlessly. There is hardly any other man who would put your interests above his own without asking for much in return.

Just like you and the Red Persona, both you and Yellow Personas are visually oriented thinkers, so appearances, more likely than not, will play the key part in bringing you together. However, once your potential candidate passes the looks test, you will immediately start digging deeper to see what’s hiding behind the attractive façade and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a great match to your wit and intelligence in a Yellow Persona. A Yellow guy will give you plenty of quick-paced conversations, debates and banter! He will have the balls to stand up to your dominant nature and even push back. This guy is the exact opposite of a ‘doormat’ and his ability to stand his own ground will imminently appeal to you.

You will be mesmerized by this man’s larger-than-life personality. He creates quite a stir in everything he does and everywhere he goes. You will find yourself hopelessly hooked up on his adventurous approach to life, his irreverent stance on most things, his spontaneous and humorous nature

Beneath the fun exterior of a Yellow Persona, you will find a person who can be very encouraging and caring towards loved ones. You, in turn, have a tendency of being fiercely protective over those you care for. You will find yourself closely connected and moving in the same direction in many areas of your lives.

A Yellow guy can bring a variety of things to your life that will have a positive impact on both your lifestyle and personal relationships.  Work is a big focus for you and you need a guy who will not only understand that but will also be supportive. Both you and a Yellow Persona have similar levels of ambition and you have the potential to become encouraging partners for each other, be it at home or in each other’s careers.

You need to feel like you have your own life outside of the relationship and a Yellow guy will be understanding of that need without feeling neglected. By giving each other space to enjoy your careers and your hobbies while making time to savour the quality time together, you have an opportunity to create a well-balanced mutually-satisfying relationship.

Because life is like a big game for a Yellow man, you will find that sometimes he doesn’t take your relationship or responsibilities that come with it as seriously as you do and this is where you might start having problems. Communicating your issues can become a struggle unless both partners take time to learn each other’s quirks and be forgiving of them. You will have to accept the fact that this man looks out on life with childlike excitement. While it might cause certain problems, you have to ask yourself whether it’s really such a bad thing after all. If anything, this man can show you how to enjoy life to its fullest and how to make every moment count. It’s a lesson well worth closing your eyes on a few flaws for.

When dealing with a Yellow persona, any sort of criticism might seem to fly past them like water off the duck’s back but don’t let that fool you into thinking that they don’t get hurt. You have a tendency to say things in a harsh manner but even if they are true, it doesn’t make them any less painful to swallow.

Don’t serve your Yellow man with a regular dose of criticism! A little bit of tact, consideration and compliments thrown here and there will be a much wiser strategy to use with this guy. The potential that this relationship has is well worth biting your tongue for once in a while.

Over time you will both develop a strong belief in the longevity of your relationship. Even if your relationship is heated at times, you are likely to display huge doses of selfless service for one another. This man, like no other persona, has a capability to turn your life into a never-ending adventure where you savour every moment of creating memories together.

This romantic liaison can make both of you feel like you are in a bubble like the rest of the world doesn’t exist. It can become a really fulfilling relationship where you complement each other’s strong sides and compensate together for the flaws in each other’s characters.

Like any other relationship, a union of an Orange and a Yellow will not be without challenges. However, for the couple that grows to understand each other’s boundaries and limitations a relationship of this nature can make for an enduring partnership.


A male representative of your own colour has a great potential in many cases to become your compatible match, especially when two Orange personas come together. You will imminently find yourself attracted to an Orange man as he is pretty much a male version of you. You will feel on the same page with this guy in many areas of life, from career to personal aspirations.

An Orange man is an organised man with a purpose and impressive ambitions who works hard and plays hard. His dominant stance will show you very early on that he is not a walkover and you will find yourself respectfully taking a step back.

You crave a strong man for a partner and an Orange man can offer this to you in the same way a Red man can. These guys don’t approach anything half-heartedly and you can’t help but admire their drive and persistence with which they work their way towards goals.

You will quickly find your emotional connection growing deeper with this guy as he invests himself in a relationship with you with the same passion he goes in for his goals. You will quickly feel like you want the same things in life and are moving in the same direction.

It is important that you don’t forget that while the Orange man can work hard and argue hard, he will also need to withdraw into a caring pair of arms and just be pampered. He is very tactile with his woman. He needs his partner to show her affection consistently and generously. He might appear to be made of steel but secretly this man needs an emotional pillar he can lean on. You can very successfully provide that for him. What will make your union really strong is the ability that both of you have to create a really intense bubble-like connection. You will always feel like a team when you are in a partnership with an Orange man. Like Bonnie and Clyde, you’ll find yourself taking on the world together, planning your next big adventure and turning even the most mundane things into memorable experiences.

This guy is probably your second best match after a Red male if you place a high value on dominant qualities of your potential partner. However, it means this man will be more hard work than a White or a Yellow as he is just as head-strong as you are. You can often find yourself in a power struggle without realising you’re doing that. An Orange persona is not a man who will tolerate bulldozing. He is simply not built for being shushed around. You will view him as an equal rather than someone superior and will expect just as much compromise from him as you’re willing to offer yourself. However, because he is an Alpha male, giving in is not something that he’ll be prepared to do willfully. This provides ground for a lot of clashes that can quickly escalate unless you address them early on in the relationship.

If you are determined to make this partnership work long-term, the key thing for you to remember is that you’re the one wearing the skirt. Let him keep his trousers. Once you let your Orange man run free and fight his battles as well as take the centre stage in your relationship while you are right by his side to offer him a safe loving place to escape to whenever needed, you will be rewarded threefold. He truly appreciates a woman who can stand as an equal partner beside him, but it means nothing if she can’t turn off her inner lioness. Once in a while, you will need to hide the claws and just crawl onto his lap to cuddle and purr. There’s no bigger boost for an Orange man’s ego than seeing his woman trust him enough to surrender and let him take care of her. You do that and you will have a fiercely loyal lion lying right at your feet.

This guy’s personality intricately combines a strong dominant side with a really soft and gentle streak and this combination has the potential to fulfil most of your expectations from a relationship and complement your character with a variety of traits. This is a man who can become your knight in shining armour and your best friend, all in one, as long as both of you learn that a relationship is not a battlefield and compromising is essential from both sides.

As an Orange persona you are ambitious, adventurous, and likely to be involved in several stretching exploits or enterprises. You’d want your ideal Mr Right to share this enthusiasm for change and progress, or at least have some enthusiasm and ambitions of his own. The system-oriented Red, the ambitious Yellow, and the innovative White all may tick some of the right boxes for you.

Those personalities who are the self-proclaimed guardians of stability will struggle with your drive, pace and avoidance of rigid structure. You are not likely to take kindly to anyone telling you how things should be done.

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Disclaimer, and a reminder of our T&C's: We are providing you with information and context. If you really want to make a relationship work, you probably can. We are making you aware of what effort might be involved and the dynamics you may face. Bear in mind that it takes two to tango! Also consider that we aren't aware of your potential partner's culture, experiences or any other dynamics. Our content is based purely on personality traits, based on your answers to our quiz.

As a woman with an Orange Persona, you are poles apart from a guy with a Blue Persona. You strive for different things and you go about getting them in very different ways. You are an ambitious and calculated risk taker while a Blue guy is a harmony-seeking peacemaker.  His gentle friendly nature might appeal to your soft side initially, but you are fundamentally different and it is only a question of time before these differences will cause irreparable cracks.

During your first interactions, a Blue man will be intimidated by your almost provocative communication manner. He is a gentle, considerate guy who doesn’t like any sort of confrontation and being dominant is not something he is built for. You, on the other hand, will struggle to get excited by his soft-spoken and almost submissive (in your eyes) manner. This is not a man you will feel like conquering because he’ll happily surrender without a battle. You might find it amusing for a very short while to play the game of snake and rabbit, but this is not a man who will let you to fulfil your aspirations as a woman and an individual.

Your work is your passion and there will come a time where your Blue man will no longer want to accept it.

He will be tolerant towards your drive initially, might even create an illusion of being helpful (that will simply mean he won’t be getting in your way or trying to stop you), but he’ll never become someone you’ll come to for advice or opinion. Your business acumen is by far more advanced than that of a Blue man and you will struggle to see him as an equal when it comes to anything work-related. You’ll always feel like you’re on different pages on most things outside your private relationship.

Your Blue guy will feel like your priorities are not where he wants them to be. He will be coming home from work and his house is his castle and his peaceful harbour. Your fast-paced lifestyle and your never-ending ventures and pursuits will be too disruptive for his nature as you seem to carry them wherever you go. He will grow increasingly annoyed that you never switch off even at home; you’ll be getting frustrated with his complacent outlook on life. You’ll feel like he hasn’t much going on for him and is trying to take your passions away from you as well. This will make you feel trapped and misunderstood.

Talking things through to try and clarify any of your differences will be just as much of a challenge. A Blue guy is not a match for your quick persuasive arguments and he will try to avoid any confrontation at all costs. If he finds himself being offended by your arguments, he won’t hesitate to subject you to the silent treatment.

When you finally get over the argument and his way of handling it, he will want to come back with a new angle after having mulled over all the details and counter-arguments. You won’t have the patience to listen to him talk about his feelings, you might even feel like he needs to ‘man up’. Your way of talking and addressing things can be way too aggressive for him to handle so rather than standing up to you, he’ll crawl right back into his shell feeling hurt and unappreciated.

Neither of you are likely to be happy in this union. He will find himself feeling emasculated and longing for the ideal of the family he had in his mind – cosy welcoming home with a caring and kind wife, evenings in front of the fire playing with the kids, extended family coming over for Sunday dinners and peace and harmony surrounding everything in his life. And while you might go along with such course of events initially, it is only a matter of time before you will start feeling claustrophobic. You’ll miss the intensity and action of your fast-paced single life when you were constantly challenging yourself with new goals and successfully achieving them one of by one.

You have immense drive and ambition and will desire those traits in your partner. A Blue man might have the drive but it is for harmony and stability, where you have an innate tendency to shake things up wherever you go. He won’t be dominant, mentally and emotionally strong and confident enough for you to treat him with respect he deserves and this dynamic alone will quickly throw the relationship off balance.

This is not a man who will make you feel like you can trust him to take control of your life. If anything, you might end up feeling like you have to carry responsibility for both of you. This is not what you ultimately crave from a relationship and this partnership is bound to leave both of you feeling unfulfilled and regretful. This is probably the worst of your matches if we are to base this judgement on how different you are pretty much every level.

When you and a Green guy meet each other, it won’t be unusual for you to be attracted to him. He is a confident man with a quite quality to him. He’s head-strong, opinionated and sticks with his principles. It is easy to mistake this stance for dominance. However, this dominant impression is not created by the typical Alpha male nature that is characteristic for Reds and Oranges but rather stems from his rigid almost stubborn character.

On the surface, a Green man is a friendly, chatty and helpful guy and you might quickly warm up to his approachable nature. He’s knowledgeable about a lot of things, strives for perfection and stands for what he believes in which are all very appealing qualities to you.

The dating process might not raise any alarms as a Green guy will be quite a pleasant date. He will be considerate, charming and interesting. The reason we are dismissing this man as one of your incompatible matches is because of what comes after they get comfortable enough with you. Out of your three incompatible matches, he is the least ‘offender’, but the things that you will clash on will eventually make you want to pull your hair out in frustration and anger.

This guy possesses some qualities that, when looked at on their own, don’t raise any suspicions and are actually quite admirable. He has a great logical and analytical capacity and is nothing short of a perfectionist. However, he takes all these qualities to the point of being anal, especially when you are looking at them from the point of view of your Orange persona. For a Green guy, things have to be done a certain way, problems have to be solved in a certain manner, and there is a set of unbendable expectations and demands in his mind for pretty much every area of life. His perception of many things is almost black and white. From handling money to cleaning house, he thinks he knows best how it needs to be done. As a dynamic Orange persona, you don’t get bogged down by these small and insignificant, from your point of view, details. You think in a different way to a Green persona, you view things on a larger scale and strive for bigger achievements. Being so unreservedly pulled down back to earth to deal with such silly things like dishes in the sink or bills, will feel almost like an insult to you.

Your Green guy won’t let you off the hook with your time-keeping abilities (being late is not acceptable in his books), your attitude to money (which is too carefree in his eyes), your lack of rock-solid plan for the next decade (he regards your ability to change course of action depending on the circumstances as being an inconsistent airhead) as well as a variety of other small things that probably never crossed your mind before as an ‘issue’. As likeable and fun as this guy might appear at the start, he is just as pedantic, over scrupulous, pragmatic and almost narrow-minded on the other hand.

A union of an Orange woman and a Green man is like an old car that has been patched up on the surface only. It might look shiny, but the minute you look deeper, it is barely holding together. Pretty much every area of this relationship is bound to cause some sort of friction. One of the biggest gaps between your characters is your ambition levels. Ambition is a huge part of your value system. It drives you and most things in your world. While most people have ambition, many focus that ambition on becoming comfortable and settled and safe. None of those things will stir your passion. Your ambition drives you onto the edge where there is danger and risk but where the potential reward is tantalisingly massive. A Green guy operates on the opposite scale of this. He’ll work hard to achieve what he perceives as a good life and will then get only put effort to maintain the lifestyle. He’ll be puzzled, if not downward judgemental, of your constant chase after the next big goal.

To top that, every time you do something wrong, you’ll be forgiven but the incident won’t be forgotten. Don’t be surprised when during the next argument, some or all of these often unrelated mistakes will be thrown right back into your face. This peculiar tendency of a Green persona will make it very difficult for you to have a constructive discussion with him. Before there is a chance to solve the problem, the argument is very likely to get very heated, personal and spiral out of control.

While this man has qualities that could hypothetically fulfil your expectations, some of the quirks of his character will rub you the wrong way and can turn this relationship into a very turbulent rollercoaster. You will end up wasting your mental energy on countless discussions on how things should be done and the only way to make this relationship work will be possible pretty much entirely at your expense. You will have to be the one to give in to his demands because this man has the stubbornness of a mule and is very unlikely to meet you even halfway.

Initially, it would be quite easy to mistake a Purple for an Orange persona. At a surface level they may appear fairly similar. Both are fairly organised. Both can take the lead in a group in any context, be it work or family or community. Both can appear to have mood swings, or at times appear to have a short fuse. So based on these similarities, perhaps one could think that an Orange woman and a Purple man might be a good match for a relationship. This is not so.

As an Orange Persona your career or business world is a serious thing, and this forms a massive part of your value system. You have worked hard to get where you are, and you will most likely know where you want to get to and have a plan as to how to get there. You are very ambitious. And, regardless of the context, wherever you come across people who instinctively block things you will be agitated before you even get out of the starting blocks.

Have you ever come across someone who’s first answer to most things is no? They start with a no and then it’s up to you to convince them otherwise! This is how a Purple approaches things. Purple Personas are actually also very career minded, but they are internally wired towards maintaining standards and stability. They will be well informed and well studied and able to argue their cases effectively.

As a dynamic Orange persona you will have become used to getting your way in most situations, swiftly and effectively. Even where you encounter resistance you are able to circumvent people without them even knowing what hit them and still maintain a wholly friendly environment because of your charm.  In a Purple persona you will have met your nemeses. Not only will they block you but they will be wise to all you subversive antics and block those too. You will pick this up subconsciously and you will not easily sit at the same campfire with a Purple persona.

Another sticking point that you will encounter with a Purple guy is in their mood swings. Now if we are honest here you of all people should understand what it is like to have mood swings because you have them too! The difference with you and a Purple lies in how you deal with the relational issues you encounter. You have a pragmatic approach to most things in life, and while you may feel the need to blow off steam with someone once in a while you tend to get over it quickly and move on from there.

To others you appear to be something of an extravert. You and I know that not to be the case but this is how you appear. A purple will appear to be more introvert. They experience just as much emotion as you do but they internalise it and suppress it. Because they do this they tend to brew over things longer and issues that could have blown over quickly get incubated for days, weeks, sometimes for years. So days or weeks after you will have moved on from things a Purple mate will bring up the same issues, typically in a sarcastic or snide manner because they have not dealt with the issues. This will not sit well with you as an Orange persona.

You are fairly decisive and will want to move on things quickly. A Purple guy will stall making a decision so that he can sleep on it for longer. This may not have been pointed out to you before but you have a tendency of assuming everyone is with you once you have made your take-over bid speech. In a relationship with a Purple, it will be easy for you to assume that the two of you had come to some conclusion only to discover the next day that Mr Purple now has other ideas. And once he has had time to mull things over he will strongly hold to his position as if it was the only position that ever existed.

Along with Blues and Greens, a Purple persona will have a very strong need for things to be fair. They will, for example, make excellent labour union leaders because of this sense of fairness. You, on the other hand, are more likely to have the view that ‘Life is not fair! Get over it!’

While it might be difficult to put one’s finger specifically on why this relationship will not work we are of the opinion that a pair like this will quickly unravel into chaos. In a business team, a Purple and an Orange will eventually see the sense in making space for each other’s style for the greater good of the business objective, but in a relationship these dramatically different approaches will be hard to compensate for.