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Welcome to a whole new take on dating!

Hi, [memb_contact fields=FirstName]! We claimed to tell you what the last person you went on a date with thought of you, didn’t we? You are probably intrigued by how we can possibly do that?

Without a crystal ball…

Well, we are not mind-readers – in case you wondered! But we are damn good personality profilers! Thanks to PersonaCue, our unique and highly effective method, we can tell more about you than your mother or your best friend!

But don’t worry, [memb_contact fields=FirstName]! We won’t use it against you!

In fact, what we are here for is to make your dating life (and pretty much any other area of your life that involves interacting with other people) easier and much more exciting!

So, everything we promised is right below! Enjoy!

The PersonaCue team

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So then, how do you come across on a date?

Before we spill the beans on everything you need to know about your dating persona, we want to help you answer the question that bothers pretty much everyone to some extent – what do other people, and most importantly,  my date, think of me?

The human subconscious mind is hugely complicated, and at the same time remarkably simple. It looks for patterns. You do it, your date is doing it, we all do it. So when your dates are sitting across from you, they are scanning through a multitude of variables, like your features, the tone of your voice, your vocabulary, your body language, your dress sense, etc. all at the same time to find something they like or do not like.

Are we doing this on purpose or do we even know we are doing it?

Yes and no! While we search for some things consciously, most of the scanning happens automatically in our sub-consciousness.

What your date is unconsciously looking and listening for is something in you that they have seen somewhere else that they know they like. During this process, they might also spot things they don’t like!

If they see something they have never seen before, they will be intrigued and drawn in. It is also possible that they might be alarmed.

Every individual is quite unique so we can’t really tell you what your date thought unless we’ve interviewed them. But we can make an accurate prediction of the types of things they will have noticed, based on what we know about your personality from your questionnaire answers.

How can we do this?

Because we know a great volume of detail how the human brain works AND we know what your personality is like, we can make strong assumptions in regards to how you come across in other people’s eyes.

So as we tell you what impression you leave on people, we’d love you to understand your own persona better. Once you do, you’ll know which areas of your character you need to let shine through next time you are on a date, and which ones you need hold back on.

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So what seductive-super-powers do you possess?

We are giving you descriptions of the two Personas that you scored the highest in. (There are eight)

Why give you two descriptions?

As individuals, we don’t always act or react the same in every situation. We might be one way at the office and a different way at home. Or we may act one way when we are relaxed and a different way when we are stressed.

Instead of looking at this in a negative light, consider it as a positive thing, in that we all have additional resources to tap into when we need to.

For this reason, we are not only giving you a description of your dominant persona, but also your second strongest. We call it your Primary and your Secondary Persona.

Your Primary Persona describes you in a comfortable setting, doing the things that you may do every day in familiar circumstances with people you are comfortable with. In other words, you are not overly relaxed and you are not stressed either. Some personality tools will say a secondary trait is the one you revert to when under pressure. We maintain that it is too hard to call, and also largely unproven.

From years of observation, we have seen that some people may revert into a Secondary Persona when they are under pressure, and others might slip into that mode when they are relaxed; for example, on holiday. When you read the material, you will be the best judge of when you are in your Primary Persona and when you are in the Secondary Persona.

When you possess an understanding of your Secondary Persona you’ll be able to slip into it as easily as you change your outfits! You can use this to your advantage, like an extra coping mechanism when you need it. This is a far better way of viewing this than simply accepting that you change when you lose control.

PersonaCue has 8 personality types that are given colour names. Colours don’t neccesarily bear any specific meaning; although you’d probably guees the personalities of some of them without even knowing. The colours are mainly there to make it easy for you to remember the types, So from now on we’ll be referring to each particular type by colour.

So here we go, [memb_contact fields=FirstName]!  Your colours are:

Your Primary Persona is: [memb_contact fields=_Result1]

Your Secondary Persona is: [memb_contact fields=_Result2]

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