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Welcome to a new take on communicating!

PersonaClues helps you feel less stressed and more confident in all spheres of life, , because you will understand yourself and others better. You will soon find yourself  'spotting' someone else’s persona instinctively.

Our eight-colour persona palette is memorable and relatable. It comprises 5 base colours and another 3 lighter blends. Neighbouring colours on the palette share certain traits so you can easily see where you 'spill over'.

We all depend on ‘gut feel’ when we meet new people, unconsciously scanning their features, gestures, accents, posture, vocabulary, clothing and accessories for clues. Resulting in instant acceptance or that nagging bit of mistrust.

Persona Clues helps you identify what you are ‘seeing’. Besides being able to manage yourself better, you will relate much better to each of the eight individual personas on the chart.

Your quiz identifies the Persona colour that you most comfortably operate in. As you compare features of your most common Persona with the other colours you will see where you might adjust your actions to create better rapport with each colour.


1. An introduction to a Yellow persona

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A quick glance at a Yellow persona

Yellows are impulsive and dynamic, they like variety and they like to be out there meeting people. They are the most people-oriented persona of all the personas, and also the only real extroverts. They are the life of any party and are easily the spokesperson for any group.

They can appear to talk without giving much thought to what they are saying. Some of the things they come out with can easily offend other people, but a Yellow doesn’t appear to care much, they just move on. Socially, Yellows are likely to be the life of a party, know everyone, want to do everything, stay the latest (they will arrive the latest as well). They appear as outgoing and fearless, which typically impacts their work, making them appear highly successful and influential.

You can often recognise a Yellow just by looking at their living conditions. They can appear to be quite untidy people, simply because their mind is a bit scatty. They are very prone to accumulate clutter and have things all over the place. Also, Yellows can be just as unorganised with their finances and are very impulsive in their shopping habits. They would buy what they want to buy and when they want it, sometimes even when they can’t afford it. However, even though Yellows can be impulsive when it comes to spending, they are also very likely to be making a good living.

Yellows give the impression of being well-off financially, are more than likely to drive a fancy car and dress well, but this is not what makes them popular. Their charm is in their charismatic and magnetic personalities.

Yellows do not appear to be susceptible to stress and don’t really experience it. They appear to have a thick skin and easily move on from one thing to another. They get stressed only in extreme situations when they feel trapped in an environment where they don’t have much choice or autonomy.

It is quite easy to recognise a Yellow by their writing as it is likely to be quirky, entertaining and amusing. If you were to view their profile descriptions on Linkedin or Facebook it is more likely than not to be quite colourful and they will definitely stand out from the crowd.

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