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Your relaxed and friendly manner of carrying yourself would have made anyone who ends up on a date with you feel comfortable and at ease. You can come across as quite reserved, so this is something for you to watch out for. It is natural to be nervous before a date, but don’t let the jitters hide the friendly and chatty nature of your personality.

As with most things in life, you will approach dating with some serious intent. Things will need to be right and correct for you. Romance has the uncanny capability of throwing most of us off track, but even so, you will have some real criteria that the guy who takes you on a date will need to live up to. In fact, the guys who are lucky enough to be sitting across from you on a date will already have been scrutinised thoroughly during the process that they may have mistaken for flirting.

On the date, this process of yours might take a back seat, or you will be doing this in the back of your mind. This is because you enjoy small talk and you enjoy getting down to some detail in whatever topic you are talking about.

From those who are suited to your style, you will experience hours of pleasant conversation. On the other hand, those who aren’t as well matched to you and have slipped through your process of checking your criteria might find a conversation peppered with detail a bit tedious.

You may not easily notice the cues being given off as they shuffle around uncomfortably while they contemplate how to end the date. Of course, this only happens in the rare situation when the guy you are dating is not suited for you. Most of the time your date and you will get along great. Where you may need to pay more attention is where you’d like the relationship to develop further.

You may need to think through and plan simple things like asking if you will see one another again. However, if you feel that this guy is not your Mr Right, don’t be afraid to make it known that you are not interested in exploring this relationship further.

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