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You would have immediately put at ease anyone who had the privilege of going on a date with you. Your relaxed and friendly manner of carrying yourself would have made your date almost sigh with relief. You are very easy to talk to and it is highly unlikely that there will be long, awkward pauses in any conversation that you are involved in. Your polite and respectful manner leaves the best of the impressions with anyone who comes into contact with you.

You may tend to hold back a little until you feel you can trust the guy. You don’t like overbearing or loud people much, or those that may come across as arrogant. If you both manage to get past this awkward little phase in the date, he may then have discovered the person that only those you trust get to meet. As you relax in his company, you might start showing your adventurous side, or even your mischievous side. Mint Personas often have skills that require some technical ability and combined with your tendency of sticking to things and practising it, this may develop into some real-life skills.

For example, playing musical instruments or having a pilot’s licence for a small aircraft.

These skills will place you in interesting contexts and will give your date much to be intrigued about. As you relax with the guy, he may also experience that you can let go when you want to. You are normally very composed, polite and correct in your dealings with other people, as you believe this is the right way to be. So when you have the opportunity to let your hair down with someone that you trust, you can go with the flow and have fun, be entertaining and, even to some extent, daring. It will be great for the guy that you go into a relationship with to have seen this side of you. Of course, you do not need us to tell you who to get comfortable with; you already know this in the first few minutes of a date. What we can encourage you to do is to continue trusting your instincts when you first meet someone and to stick to your convictions. And when you are with your Mr Right, allow yourself the freedom of letting go whenever you feel like it.

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