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With everything we’ve told you about your personality type, let’s elaborate on that all-important question of what your last date could have possibly thought of you.

The very first thing you will have to understand straight away is that different people will have different experiences when it comes to communicating with you. This is down to one simple fact that every person experiences the world and people in it through the prism of their own personality, values and background. So, what each individual person will think of you is not necessarily an objective reflection on YOU, but rather a reaction to the specific dynamics that both of your personas will set to play. Quite frankly, no one is everyone’s cup of tea and you will imminently come across people who will enjoy your company as well as the ones who won’t feel on the same wavelengths with you.

So let us give you some insight into how different types of personalities might have experienced your imaginative, thoughtful and warm-hearted Persona!

As a primary [memb_contact fields=_Result1] secondary [memb_contact fields=_Result2] Persona, you are likely to come across as imaginatively passionate and energetic about things that matter to you! Men are easily drawn to your positive outlook, always looking for the best in people, and seeing a silver lining to most situations. Your dreamy idealism is infectious. Your ability to encapsulate the broad knowledge of your interests in conversation ensures most first dates to be a pleasant time.  You come across as conscientious and caring, and it will be evident to your suitor that your loved ones play a major role in your life. For like-minded men who match your selfless and supportive views of others, these qualities will put you way ahead of other women these men might have met. They will feel settled by your gentle inner strength and will already be subconsciously thinking of you as a close friend.

For the more career and adventure driven men your benevolent style is not necessarily a drawcard. Your constant concern for the emotional wellbeing of others could spark mixed feelings for them. They may well admire that you care so much for others, but on the other hand, they may prefer a woman who will match them with ambition and a zest for adventure. The verdict is out on whether you actually want a man in your life who doesn’t match your drive for harmony. If you are to date a man who has different priorities in his life, you will have to take care to match his energy and zeal for his interests. You may find more luck with fellow idealists who’d love taking their time with you, reaching for one of the many dreams you will hatch together. For like-minded men, even your more idiocentric tendencies will be endearing, like your absent mindedness or when you get lost in introspective reflection.

As a general recommendation, regardless of whom you find yourself on a date with, we’d advise you to focus mostly on conversations about you and your suitor, and bring your passions into conversations at a later stage. Take care not too verbalise your idealistic expectations for either the man or the relationship. If you over-emphasize how important certain values are to you, your date may walk away with a list of criteria to fit in with, without a sense of what he would get from the impending relationship. Men with dreamy personas like yourself will find great intrigue in long conversations with you about your ideals, but the more daring men will expect their dates to commit to their impulses without much deliberation about what is important or not. They will have signed up for some exhilaration and excitement. Men like that are likely to walk away from a date thinking lengthy discourses are not their thing, regardless of how hot they may otherwise have found you.

Overall, with your kind and people-oriented nature you truly have a wonderful ability to make your dates feel at ease. Even if you cannot be to everyone’s taste, the lucky man to be taking you on a date is sure to have a pleasant time, and to be totally at relaxed in your company.  To get past the first date with some men, if you fancied them enough, dig a little deeper and find that spark for his interests too.

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