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With everything we’ve told you about your personality type, let’s elaborate on that all-important question of what your last date could have possibly thought of you.

The very first thing you will have to understand straight away is that different people will have different experiences when it comes to communicating with you. This is down to one simple fact that every person experiences the world and people in it through the prism of their own personality, values and background. So, what each individual person will think of you is not necessarily an objective reflection on YOU, but rather a reaction to the specific dynamics that both of your personas will set to play. Quite frankly, no one is everyone’s cup of tea and you will imminently come across people who will enjoy your company as well as the ones who won’t feel on the same wavelengths with you.

So let us give you some insight into how different types of personalities might have experienced your warm and practically thoughtful Persona!

As a Purple woman with a strong Mint secondary, you are likely to come across as someone who knows what they want and what they stand for. It will be clear to your date that you prefer some order in your world, and that you maintain some high standards. Regardless of this, most men will be pleasantly surprised by the mischievous twinkle in your eye. Regardless of you craving order you are also a hopeless romantic at heart, and men with a slight chivalrous tinge to them will love courting you. You take most things in life fairly seriously, and being on a date will be no different. Men with a similar outlook on life will tap into this and enjoy courting you on your terms, like real gentlemen. You are knowledgeable about many things and would rather engage in conversations about things that matter than be part of meaningless small talk. Men who match you intellectually will enjoy the engaging chats, even if it should border on a bit of playful debating.

On the other hand, there are two broad categories of men who may find dating you to be hard work for them. You don’t respond well to people who are flippant, who talk too much, or who crack jokes at the expense of others. You also don’t take kindly to men who are prepared to walk over others to get what they want. These men, in turn, will find your conventional and tactful style to be too subdued for them. They may prefer women who communicate as irreverently as they like to. Alpha males fueled by large doses of testosterone don’t have the patience to watch all of their words so that their date can be at ease. These men are likely to prefer a woman who can roll with their impertinence and not be so sensitive. They most likely don’t mean any harm but they don’t want to be curbed in either.

The jury is out if you would enjoy yourself in the company of such a man. As someone who will take dating seriously, you will want the first date to be indicative of what a relationship would look like, and you are not likely to want to put up with such impertinence.

As a general recommendation, we would encourage you to determine to be yourself and not to go against your own instincts. Of course, allow a man at least a date or two to see if he is a good fit for you or not. We’d suggest you be slightly less idealistic about the non-essential aspects of a man’s make-up, but that you trust your instincts on the things that you feel that you cannot put up with.

Overall, you possess really strong people skills that will enable you to have a pleasant evening in the presence of most men, except for those who are particularly flippant or obnoxious. By and large, you can trust that your own instincts will cause you and the ideal man to feel drawn to one another.

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