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As a White Persona, you have the ability to get along with just about anyone; well, initially anyway! So anyone who had the privilege of going on a date with you would have thoroughly enjoyed your company and your warm and friendly nature.

You are very open-minded and outgoing so it is not unlikely for you to find yourself sitting on a date over coffee with any of the 8 Personas, as you will find something fascinating in all of them. You may, therefore, have a range of ways that your dates may perceive you.

You are quite chatty but in a good way. You know a lot about many subjects and you have interesting stories to tell! You do also show continuous interest in your date so the conversation is likely to be fairly balanced! But only those who match you in your White Persona will be entirely comfortable with your chatty style. The more driven Personas may perceive you as just a bit shallow and also think you are too self-focused. The more quiet types will like your stories and chattiness. But here, if you do not apply some of that built-in intuition, you yourself will wonder after the date if there was anything in it or not.

It is important for you to try to read the conversation and keep it at the right level and pace, appropriate for the date that you are with. There is little doubt that your date will like you to some extent, but remember they may have seen other people too. So don’t confuse a nice conversation with a successful date. Everyone is likely to like you, but will they want to continue dating you? Similarly, you may need to turn down your ‘like everyone’ antennae and remember why you are there, or you may spend too many dates with one person, only to get to realise you don’t really fancy someone that much.

As a White Persona, you are the most intuitive of all the 8 personalities and, therefore, the best placed to read your date for what they want from you, so make sure to use this wonderful capability of yours. If you are not interested in pursuing this date, you may want to tone down your playfulness and not talk yourself into a second or third date. But if you do fancy this guy, we suggest you properly tune into what he likes and provide him with loads of that. Your Persona, more than anyone, has the inherent communicating skill to win the guy over into that second and third date!

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