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The guys you’ve been on dates with could use a lot of words to describe the experience of being on a date with you, but ‘boring’ is surely not going to be one of them!

No other Persona has the same capacity and energy for people, fun, laughter, and banter as you do. The men that find themselves on dates with you will kind of know what they let themselves in for because they will have experienced some of your energy in the build-up to the date. While you will always be favoured and liked by most people in any context, when it comes to being on an intimate date, some personalities will love the fun that you create and not be able to get enough of you, while others will be utterly exhausted by your energy. You are an interesting conversationalist, and the things that you will be interested in will undeniably be of interest to many people. It’s up to you to gauge if the guy sitting across from you is managing to keep up with your pace and energy.

Ideally, your perfect date will match your energy, but don’t dismiss that guy that just needs to take a breather from the banter every now and then. It would be wise to slow yourself down just a little to enable you to see if the guy looks satisfied being in your company.

Be intentional as you ask him some questions about his interests, and try and place yourself into his environment.

As a Yellow Persona, you are fantastic company for most people. The person that you will have that ideal relationship with will need more capacity for adventure and experiencing new things than the average person though. The person who ventures into a relationship with you will also need to be secure in themselves in order not to succumb to some jealousy. You are, by nature, a little bit flirtatious, in a nice way. This can be misconstrued by the guy in a relationship with you. In order for you and your Mr Right to have a good understanding about things, this is something you’d need to talk through.

Next time you find yourself on a date, most definitely be yourself, but also regularly tune in to what he is saying about things he likes and doesn’t like, and if his energy is not quite on the same level as yours, bring your bubbliness down a level so you don’t come across as a one-woman circus to him.

In all, the guy who matches your energy and your zest for life, and wins that favourable spot of being in a relationship with you, is definitely in for the most memorable years of his life!

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