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With everything we’ve told you about your personality type, let’s elaborate on that all-important question of what your last date could have possible thought of you.

The lucky man who had the pleasure of taking you out on a date, or, in fact, has a privilege of dating you now, will have been swept along with your vibrant zest for life regardless of what Personality he is.

Chances are that you wouldn’t be sitting across from anyone that you are particularly mismatched with. You will be perceived as a go-getter and a fun person to be around.

If you specifically talk about your work or vocation, which is likely as this is your passion, they will have started getting the picture that you don’t let trivial things get in the way of what you want.

You will have come across as someone who prides herself in her achievements, but not to the extent where the date would think you are arrogant. You’d have come across as someone who values the things that you have worked hard for.

These would be evident in that some or all of your possessions are tastefully put together and of quality.

The person on the date would have had a hard time reading if you are interested, unless you were totally smitten! You have a well-practiced ability to not give away too much via your facial expressions. You put this ability to good work in every sphere of your life!

You have a wonderful way to make people feel at ease with your chatty and bubbly personality, but keep in mind that if you are the one doing all the chatting on the date, your date will walk away with plenty of information about your personal life, but how much have you actually learned about him?

For men who like the conversation to be a two-way street, you can leave them feeling like you didn’t take enough interest in getting to know them.

Apart from that, we can almost bet that a date with you has been an experience to remember for that lucky guy!

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