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Your relaxed and friendly manner of carrying yourself would have made anyone who ends up on a date with you feel comfortable and at ease. You are very easy to talk to and it is highly unlikely that there will be long, awkward pauses in any conversation that you are involved in.

As a Blue Persona, you will favour the dates that have similar ideals for harmony as your own. Of course, no one is likely to be aggressive or overly contentious on a date. And you are not likely to ask difficult questions. Because you tend to like most people, you may not uncover which dates you might not like in the longer term. Besides the general chatting and the search for some chemistry, you’d need to consider how you will uncover what kind of person your date is.

The guys you date will find it pleasant to be with you. You are likely to be considerate and interested in what they have to say and in what they do. It won’t take long for you to be talking about the other people in your life like your family, and especially your children if you have any. Remember at this time that your date is primarily interested in you.

Perhaps, keep the chat about your family down to a minimum and leave it for a later opportunity.

The balance that you need to strike on a date is to make sure that your date gets enough information to keep him interested in you, and not overly too much to put him off. It is equally important for you to get information about the guy’s temperament. You could get this by asking about his family and his working relationships. Pay attention to how he replies to your questions, or to the things he tends to talk about. While you are able to get along with just about anyone, the same does not apply to who you can be in a relationship with. You generally need to be more careful not to end up in a relationship where the general tone is contentious and argumentative.

Next time you find yourself on a date, carefully tune in to the topics that your date is enthusiastically talking about and draw conclusions based on how similar his values and interests are to your own. You are very family-oriented and you want to make sure that these values are strongly present in your potential Mr Right as well.

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