Like it or not..

We are all in Sales

It is hard to argue against that statement.

Think about it!

Whether you are:

  • trying to close an actual deal
  • sitting in a job interview
  • trying to convince your team of the best way to solve a problem
  • even just convincing your spouse about that weekend away…

You are always selling!

We don’t always succeed…

  • maybe because we dont create the right impression
  • or ask the right questions
  • or we just underestimate what the other person(s) wants from us.

Imagine having a crystal ball

  • Imagine knowing what someone will expect from you before you go into a discussion.
  • Or when you have to convince several people, knowing what each one would value the most and being able to give them exactly that.

By answering just 3 questions, Persona Clues reveals details to you that would otherwise take you months to discover.

Our 3-minute 3-question quiz can be applied to any context.


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