Welcome to a new take on communicating!

PersonaClues helps you feel less stressed and more confident in all spheres of your life.

By using Persona Clues you will communicate with more success and less stress, because you will understand yourself and others better. You will soon find yourself  ‘spotting’ someone else’s persona instinctively.

Our eight colour persona palatte is memorable and easy to relate to. It comprises 5 base colours and another 3 blends that are as easy to grasp as it is when you mix paint with white. Neighbouring colours share some traits so you can easily see where you ‘spill over’.

We all depend on ‘gut feel’ when we meet new people, unconsciously scanning their features, gestures, accents, posture, vocabulary, clothing and accessories for clues. Resulting in instant acceptance or that nagging bit of mistrust.

PersonaClues helps you identify what you are ‘seeing’. Besides being able to manage yourself better, you will relate much better to each of the eight individual personas on the chart.