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Wouldn’t you like to know

What your last date thought of you?

Take the quesswork out of dating!

Take our short quiz and find out!

100% Free

8 Questions

Takes 3 minutes

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You could be forgiven for thinking that the dating game is a bit of a lottery!

Perhaps you’ve been lucky, but most of us mere mortals know that you’d need to wade through a good few tricky dates, some upsets and a few nasty letdowns before the right woman or guy seems to pop out of the woodwork.

And that is even after dating sites claimed that they matched you!

With PersonaCue you can at least remove that guesswork. Save yourself some time, money, and those upsetting let-downs by getting to understand your own dating style, and discovering how to identify who your compatible matches are. It’s not all about smoking hot looks, but you already know that, don’t you?

You might want to share a life with this guy or girl, and that may be a totally different story!

You invest much energy in finding love that is right for you! Invest just a few minutes more for access to many insights into what you are doing that works as well as those unhelpful things that might be turning dates away!

Matching systems are common-place on dating websites. However, no-one tells you on what basis they are making recommendations to you.

We don’t make matches. We do better. Our easy-to-relate-to 8 color system tells you which colors you are most compatible with, and those you are least compatible with. But before you go do that you’d do well to gain some insight about your own dating style.

PersonaCue is now available for both women and men who are dating the opposite sex.

Yes, we know! Be patient with us, our content for same-sex couples’ dating is in production, too.

We intend putting the same effort and attention to detail into the same sex release as our heterosexual releases. So please do bear with us.