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Did you notice, [memb_contact fields=FirstName], that just being aware of your own persona makes you conscious of your interactions with other people, including your dates. As you read through the descriptions of your primary and secondary personas, some lights might have been going on where you could visualize yourself doing things, or hear yourself saying things, or recognising how you would feel in a particular situation.

What can you do with this information? Can you use this information to your advantage? What can you do more of or what can you stop doing to improve your chances when you are dating? We are not suggesting that you project anything false that is not the real you, but we are suggesting that you make small adjustments.

On a first date especially, you’d want the guy to notice what he likes in you! We gave you an honest overview of your personality type without any sugar-coating, so now you can choose what you want to project more of, what character traits you want to display only in certain circumstances, and what you want to totally avoid displaying.

Obviously, you can’t please everyone, and we’d highly encourage you not to do that, but what we want you to take away from this report is the understanding of how simply being aware of your personality ‘quirks’ can help you to change your dating life and, in fact, any other area of your life.

Embrace all those great traits of your personality because they are what makes you unique! This is how you landed the date with that guy in the first place – he saw something in you that fascinated him!

But even if you end up not being his Mrs Right, don’t be disheartened! There is a guy out there who will truly appreciate all those wonderful things about you and will happily embrace all the challenging sides of your character as well.

Now that you are aware of those traits in your personality that can cause friction when interacting with other people, you can make a conscious effort to tame them. Doing this is not going to alter your personality in any way. What it will do is make interactions with you much more enjoyable for other people, and you’ll see dramatic improvements in your communication with other people, and men in particular.

Use this report as a guiding tool to help you evaluate your personality and find those areas of your character that might need some attention. At the end of the day, our personality is what makes us bond with other people, and being fully aware of all sides of your personality and how you are being perceived will help you to put your best foot forward in any setting, be it a first date or perhaps even a dinner with the potential in-laws!

We hope you enjoyed this report and would love nothing more than to hear your feedback, so feel free to drop us an email at

Also, why not tell your friends about our questionnaire? Hint: they might finally find out about that character trait of theirs that annoys everyone but no one has it in them to say it to their face! 😛

That’s all from us for today! Thank you!

PersonaCue Team

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