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How are YOU in a dating context?

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To give you a thorough understanding of how other personalities will interact with you, it is important for you to know how your own personality affects the communication dynamic.

As a Yellow persona, you seek someone to match your pace and zest for life. Of course, you’d be interested in looks, build and so on, but faced with a few reasonable choices you’d go with the woman who can match your hunger for new experiences and living life to the full. You’d go with the impulsive fast mover any day and leave the polite plodders right back on the dating scene.

In the online dating context, you’d rather meet up quickly or hear the woman’s voice than engage in days of meaningless email chitchat. If a profile hits a few right notes and the woman looks fit, you’d be ready to take the jump. Your outlook is ‘life is too short’. You’d rather just meet the woman and get to see if things feel right or not instead of ‘wasting’ your time on countless emails.

You’d confidently experiment with a few follow-on dates if things are all sounding up-beat enough for your liking. At the same time, you would have no qualms just calling time on a woman who starts hitting the wrong notes, even if it takes saying this to her face to face on a date. However, when you do find the right woman, she is in for an unforgettable experience that will feel more like an action movie than a love story.

When you are out dating, try to remember that the whole process is not just about you. In fact, tone down your fountain of energy to get a deeper insight into what the woman in front of you is like. Give her a chance to impress you, rather than comfortably sit in your shadow. This will give both of you a much-needed opportunity to see whether there is a real connection there.

Yellow personas are outgoing and exploring extraverts; the only true extraverts of all the personas. Your Miss Right would need to be able to keep up with your pace and your larger than life personality. You enjoy variety and novelty and will display this in your quest for doing exciting, new things. You’d be well matched with someone who has a similar drive to achieve things, someone who is not afraid of taking a risk alongside you. The impulsive White persona, the fast-talking and irreverent Red persona, and the challenging Orange persona may all enjoy your rollercoaster.

A quick birds eye view of your matches

Out of all the personas, yours is the one that was born with a short circuit between your brain and your mouth. You tend to blurt out things without thinking them through. This can have the effect of you appearing like you are making things up or exaggerating, or you could easily cause offence by what you say. Whites, Reds and Oranges will not think much of this and will make room and even enjoy your outspokenness.

The more conservative Green, Mint and Purple personas will not be as forgiving. In fact, they will silently take offense and write you off. These dynamics will play themselves out in all walks of life as well as dating.

Those for whom you would be too much to cope with are the personas further down the introvert scale. Although they may admire the things that you get involved in, they would be mentally and emotionally exhausted by you and the company that you keep. The detail-oriented and serious Green and Purple personas will find your conversation too shallow. (We are not saying it is, but from their perspective, it will be.) For the more reserved Mint persona, you will simply be too loud and ostentatious.

Your irreverent stance on most things in life (rules, processes, traditions, etc.) will strike the right chords for the Reds, Whites and Oranges, but it will not be something that the Greens, Purples and Mints will want to have in their well-orchestrated worlds and are very likely to rain on your parade.

Curious about the juicy details about these matches, [memb_contact fields=FirstName]?

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