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How are YOU in a dating context?
Hi, [memb_contact fields=FirstName]!

To give you a thorough understanding of how other personalities will interact with you, it is important for you to know how your own personality affects the communication dynamic.

As a Green persona, you seek someone to match your composure, need for stability and organization. Of course, you’d be interested in looks and build and so on, but faced with a few reasonable choices, you’d go with the guy who is reliable, caring, sensible and responsible. Looks may actually rank a little lower on your list of priorities as you consider there to be other important things in life too. You are refreshingly balanced and level-headed and don’t like to complicate your life with anything that can be easily avoided, so you’d be looking for a guy who is down-to-earth, unpretentious, kind and supportive, and, like you, treasures simple things in life. You’d be looking for cues and clues about hobbies and interests to see if there is a match. In fact, take a little care not to get too stuck on any one topic in an early date as you need to explore all his interests to make your choice.

You are not shallow and, when you say you prefer personality over looks, you really mean it. Having fun and a connection with someone special on a low-key date goes a much longer way for you than being stuck with someone self-absorbed in a pretentious, posh place.

Men who you perceive to be players are not an option for you, and you’d be on the alert as to whom to avoid. An overly charming or flamboyant style is more likely to turn you off than to turn you on. You’d have to work hard for your questions for it to not sound like an inquisition, but this is not necessarily a bad thing because your ideal man is, in general, very much like you. A man who has a similar temperament to yours will warm to your cautious style and answer your questions respectfully. In fact, he will have a good few areas of his own where he’d want to be cautious, but it won’t seem like something unnatural to either of you. Both you and your ideal date might need some perseverance as you’re trying to find common ground but it will be worth the effort.

A quick birds-eye view of your matches

As a Green persona, with your admirably structured and organised way of thinking, you are best matched with someone who can offer the same benefits, so your own persona color would be a wonderful match for you to keep your world in perfect order.

A Mint persona can also make your world run like clockwork and they will be enormously nice about it while they are at it. Mint’s delicate and friendly approach will smooth any bumps on the road and you will effortlessly get on in most areas of your relationship.

The caring and even-tempered Blue persona may be just the date and mate for you. You both have strong family values and your union can become unbreakable once you learn to deal with a few differences.

Greens and Purples are very similar in nature. You can make a great team where the Purple will steer your relationship in the right direction, thanks to their ability to have an overall picture in mind, while you’ll bring structure and stability to your partnership by taking care of the details.

The types of men you may best want to avoid include the impulsive types, like the Yellow, Orange and White personas. Not only do these personas never allow enough time to plan anything properly, but they also frequently skip over details that you will regard as essential for any type of normal communication. When it comes to time keeping, Yellow personas are the worst offenders on this list. They tend to chop and change their plans at the drop of a hat. They can come across as brash and rude and don’t seem to think before they speak, which will, without a shadow of a doubt, rub you the wrong way.

The ambiguous White persona that seems to dream their way through life will leave you wondering if they will ever deliver on their grandiose plans. Their shallowness and scattered way of thinking will be a source of constant friction.

And lastly, you should give the forceful and determined Orange persona a wide berth as you will struggle to keep up with their pace, as well as lack of obvious organisation in pretty much every area of their life. Also, both of you can get quite temperamental, which will lead to heated arguments. It takes both of you a considerable amount of time to move on from an argument and, in many cases, the chemistry flames will quickly cool down as you’re trying to recover from the aftermath of an argument.

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Want to know what it will be like to live with your potential date? Below we tell you everything from how they spend money to how they deal with conflict. We'll tell you if they are workaholics and if you will ever win an argument with them. We could go on but best you just click through and look! Use it as your own crystal ball! Most of all use it as pointers on what to ask or look out for. PS.. You can't take all this in in one go. Come back here often and do your research before you invest too much emotion, time or money in your next dating exploit. Enjoy!


Hey [memb_contact fields=FirstName]! As you work through these color, are you becoming aware how most of your chances in dating succesfully is about how well you understand yourself? May we suggest that you step back and glance over your own descriptions every now and then. You can click through via the [memb_contact fields=_Result1] button.