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How are YOU in a dating context?

Hi, [memb_contact fields=FirstName]!

To give you a thorough understanding of how other personalities will interact with you, it is important for you to know how your own personality affects the communication dynamic.

As a Purple persona, you seek someone to match your charitable heart, so a woman who can relate to your passion for doing good work in the community is your best match. Service and people are important to you. Look for clues as to what this woman gets up to with her spare time – a woman who volunteers or is otherwise inclined to contribute to the society in an honorable way is very likely to earn your respect. You have an ability to get along with most people but you will quickly discount those who look to be too loud or too outgoing. You like friendly people and those who look like they will be loyal companions.

Your family is important to you, so keep in mind how they might fit into your circle of family and friends and look for clues as to how you might fit into theirs. However, take care not to structure your interactions with a woman too much like a job interview.

You have the ability to get along with a lot of women so your options are pretty wide. You find a variety of qualities attractive in men. For example, you may find a very direct, but still polite, sort of woman appealing, as you will know exactly where you stand. Or the soft and sensitive type of woman who oozes kindness will also strike a chord with you. The few types of women who are not compatible with you are not likely to end up on a date with you as you will quickly sense a lack of common ground.

It is important for you to get a feel of the woman’s personality before you decide whether they are a suitable candidate, but when it comes to you opening your card, you may tend to hold back and not reveal too much about yourself when you first meet someone. Bear in mind that you are on a date and you want to give the woman enough to be able to know if she likes you too. Once you keep a date as a two-way street, you’ll quite easily spot who is right for you and who is not.

A quick birds-eye view of your matches

As a Purple persona, you are in the fortunate position to have access to more internal ‘personality resources’ than most people. While this is great for your work life, it could hamper you in relationships when you switch modes, as some women will think you are inconsistent or moody. For example, when you are concentrating, you can be distant and focused, and when you are relaxed, you can come across as caring and close. The best strategy for you is to go for relationships where the woman shares something of your nature because she will understand you better. The personas that match you best are Blue, Red and Green personas.

A woman with a Blue persona will be slightly less organised than you but will provide you with a loving and harmonious relationship. If family ranks high on your priority ladder, this is the woman who can give you a fairy tale of a fulfilling relationship, as both of you would be inclined to put family above all and work through any issues to preserve it.

A Green persona can become your rock and take the worries off the practical aspects of life, which is something you may value. You will feel like you have a strong, reliable shoulder to lean on and support you in every sense when you need it the most.

If you are very career-oriented, a Red persona will help you engender good structure and will be supportive of your goals and ambitions. Reds can also cope well with you changing in nature from scenario to scenario without being thrown by it, as they are inclined to behave similarly.

Your least compatible personas may consider you to be moody because you behave differently depending on which ‘hat’ you have on. You, on the other hand, will find them frustrating because of the apparent lack of planning in how they live and approach most things. You will also consider them shallow when it comes to the depth of conversation and what they prioritise in a partner.

Click through below to find out how your [memb_contact fields=_Result1] [memb_contact fields=_Gender] personality specifically matches other colors. Your 3 most compatible matches are: [memb_contact fields=_Mostcompatible], [memb_contact fields=FirstName]. We also tell you what it would be like dating your own color persona. Your 3 least compatible matches are: [memb_contact fields=_LeastCompatible].

Want to know what it will be like to live with your potential date? Below we tell you everything from how they spend money to how they deal with conflict. We'll tell you if they are workaholics and if you will ever win an argument with them. We could go on but best you just click through and look! Use it as your own crystal ball! Most of all use it as pointers on what to ask or look out for. PS.. You can't take all this in in one go. Come back here often and do your research before you invest too much emotion, time or money in your next dating exploit. Enjoy!


Hey [memb_contact fields=FirstName]! As you work through these color, are you becoming aware how most of your chances in dating succesfully is about how well you understand yourself? May we suggest that you step back and glance over your own descriptions every now and then. You can click through via the [memb_contact fields=_Result1] button.