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How are YOU in a dating context?

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To give you a thorough understanding of how other personalities will interact with you, it is important for you to know how your own personality affects the communication dynamic.

As a White persona, you may seek someone who doesn’t easily fit into any stereotype, someone who has a wide variety of interests, someone who is stretching or striving for something audacious. It wouldn’t matter if these qualities were from their business, personal or leisure contexts. It will be enough of a clue for you to think that they would also be like that in other areas. Of course, you’d be attracted by looks and build and so on, but faced with a few reasonable choices, you’d go with the woman who has these qualities. A mischievous sparkle in her eye and a bold approach wouldn’t go amiss on you either.

You’d want to be romanced so an enchantress is most welcome, but fakes beware as you sound them out a mile off. You are able to get along with most people on a first date because you have great communication skills. Take care not to find yourself on endless dates that you don’t want to take further. It is easy for you to see good in people and you don’t want to risk offending someone. If you go along with a first, second or third date, knowing in the back of your mind that this is not the one, you will end up beating yourself up for putting yourself in such an awkward situation. The best thing for you is to have a clear idea of what purpose you are out there dating. Then stick to your plan and give yourself the latitude to enjoy yourself while you’re at it. If your goal is a long-term relationship, then take more time to identify your Miss Right. You are too gentle and considerate to be the one to walk away from a relationship that should not be. So stick to your list and don’t rush into anything for the sake of it.

A quick birds-eye view of your matches

As a White persona, you are likely to be quirky, fun and impulsive, and you relate well to others who have similar traits as you do. You are friendly with just about anyone, but not friends with everyone. You relate well to others who won’t stifle your creativity or your tendency to be impulsive. Some personas, like Red, Orange and Mint, would enjoy, or at least make space for, your creative and impulsive tendencies. This can add something to their worlds too. Reds and Oranges would be stimulated by your creativity, and the Mint will help you find some practical application for your ideas. This is as true about what you do in business as it would be in how you approach dating, weekends or holidays.

Green, Purple and Blue personas may find your flood of ideas and your impulsive behavior unsettling, and before long, they will want to tone you down. You will find this stifling and rebel against such attempts indignantly.

You tend to think and dream out loud; it’s part of your process. You use others as sounding boards, but just because you talk about something, does not mean you intend to act on it. Red, Orange and Mint personas can deal with this, while Greens, Purples and Blues will soon dismiss you as a daydreamer, or even as a promise breaker.

You will enjoy the company of Reds, Oranges and Mints as you will bounce off each other. You won’t be stuck for things to talk about and the conversation will be entertaining and stimulating. This will also translate well into dating as you will consistently enjoy spending time together and find much common ground. However, if you try to date Greens, Purples or Blues or be in long-term relationships with them, you may at some time discover that you are feeling boxed in, misunderstood, unappreciated and hemmed in.

Click through below to find out how your [memb_contact fields=_Result1] [memb_contact fields=_Gender] personality specifically matches other colors. Your 3 most compatible matches are: [memb_contact fields=_Mostcompatible], [memb_contact fields=FirstName]. We also tell you what it would be like dating your own color persona. Your 3 least compatible matches are: [memb_contact fields=_LeastCompatible].

Want to know what it will be like to live with your potential date? Below we tell you everything from how they spend money to how they deal with conflict. We'll tell you if they are workaholics and if you will ever win an argument with them. We could go on but best you just click through and look! Use it as your own crystal ball! Most of all use it as pointers on what to ask or look out for. PS.. You can't take all this in in one go. Come back here often and do your research before you invest too much emotion, time or money in your next dating exploit. Enjoy!


Hey [memb_contact fields=FirstName]! As you work through these color, are you becoming aware how most of your chances in dating succesfully is about how well you understand yourself? May we suggest that you step back and glance over your own descriptions every now and then. You can click through via the [memb_contact fields=_Result1] button.