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How are YOU in a dating context?

Hi, [memb_contact fields=FirstName]!

To give you a thorough understanding of how other personalities will interact with you, it is important for you to know how your own personality affects the communication dynamic.

As an Orange persona, you seek someone to equal your drive and ambition. Of course, you’d be interested in looks and build and so on, but faced with a few reasonable choices you’d go with the woman who can match your drive for progress, perfection, and for fun as well!

You’d probably rather be single than settle for someone just for the sake of it, so when you are on the lookout, you are enthusiastically seeking the perfect woman, as mediocre is never good enough for you. You’d be looking for cues and clues that there is a woman with some drive behind those words and photos (if you are online dating). You might be enticed by a woman who has a fun and engaging manner that will appeal to the explorer in you. You are quite prepared to take a risk or two even if it leads to a short-term fling. You are confident in your own ability to ‘hire and fire’ at will. You’re not likely to get drawn into things that you are not prepared or ready for, so in most cases, you expect dating to happen on your terms. women find your relaxed approach to dating very appealing, as your self-content and confident nature allows you, and whoever ends up on a date with you, to actually have fun in the process.

You are likely to be confident enough to trust your internal sense of who is suitable and who is not, and you are not likely to compromise. However, we would advise that you don’t make snap judgements on everyone who comes your way and give a woman at least a little time to prove herself or to hang herself.

A quick birds-eye view of your matches

As an Orange persona you are, by nature, challenging and unconvinced until proven otherwise. You are well read, well informed and, quite likely, well-educated too. Someone who would want to be your Miss Right would have the confidence to stand up to your challenging style, and even to match it. The irreverent and risk-embracing Yellow, Red and White personas stand a chance of becoming your Miss Right, while the risk-averse Greens, Blues and Purples will struggle with your challenging style.

As an Orange persona you are ambitious, adventurous, and likely to be involved in several stretching exploits or enterprises. You’d want your ideal Miss Right to share this enthusiasm for change and progress, or at least have some enthusiasm and ambitions of her own. The system-oriented Red, the ambitious Yellow, and the innovative White all may tick some of the right boxes for you.

Those personalities who are the self-proclaimed guardians of stability will struggle with your drive, pace and avoidance of rigid structure. You are not likely to take kindly to anyone telling you how things should be done.

Click through below to find out how your [memb_contact fields=_Result1] [memb_contact fields=_Gender] personality specifically matches other colors. Your 3 most compatible matches are: [memb_contact fields=_Mostcompatible], [memb_contact fields=FirstName]. We also tell you what it would be like dating your own color persona. Your 3 least compatible matches are: [memb_contact fields=_LeastCompatible].

Want to know what it will be like to live with your potential date? Below we tell you everything from how they spend money to how they deal with conflict. We'll tell you if they are workaholics and if you will ever win an argument with them. We could go on but best you just click through and look! Use it as your own crystal ball! Most of all use it as pointers on what to ask or look out for. PS.. You can't take all this in in one go. Come back here often and do your research before you invest too much emotion, time or money in your next dating exploit. Enjoy!


Hey [memb_contact fields=FirstName]! As you work through these color, are you becoming aware how most of your chances in dating succesfully is about how well you understand yourself? May we suggest that you step back and glance over your own descriptions every now and then. You can click through via the [memb_contact fields=_Result1] button.