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Your relaxed and friendly manner of carrying yourself would have made anyone who ends up on a date with you feel comfortable and at ease. You are very easy to talk to and it is highly unlikely that there will be long, awkward pauses in any conversation that you are involved in.

However, it can be a bit of a challenge to narrow down to how exactly you might come across on a date, as your personality type is multi-faceted. As a Purple Persona, you have access to no less than three styles, plus your own unique style. You have the intuition and creativity of the White Persona, the care for others of the Blue Persona, and the systematic thinking of a Red Persona. While this is all rather handy to you in terms of what you are able to accomplish, this can be confusing to other people, including the date sitting across the table from you.

You are able to easily weave in and out of personality traits. This means you can be very caring at times and really zone in on what someone is saying. At other times, you can become quite pragmatic and direct, especially where a difficult decision needs to be taken.

When you are working in this mode, you tend to be more distant and even aloof without realising it. The problem is that to the observer you can come across as inconsistent. Generally, we all tend to project ourselves in a positive manner on our first date with someone, so your date may not pick up how you are able to change. They may, however, start noticing how you switch from one to the other on subsequent dates. If they start having misgivings about you, you may find that the guy drops off after the second or third date, as they will have a feeling that you are playing hot and cold.

The best strategy for you to get on with that guy that you really fancy is to try and gage what their needs are early on and then respond to him in an appropriate fashion. You can explain to them on subsequent dates how your particular personality enables you to function in multiple modes. Tell them, for instance, that sometimes you can seem distant but it has nothing to do with them. At least they will then not be surprised when your personality changes from one thing to the other. The fact that you have access to many resources is a positive thing. Make sure that those around you understand that and appreciate that, including the lucky men who date you.