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The first thing that will strike any of your dates is how collected and confident you appear. Your date will perceive you as a person who knows what they want from life and who is not scared to go and get it.

Any men that you’ve been out with have enjoyed your sharp wit and the fact that you can talk on so many subjects authoritatively. They’d be impressed that you have achieved many things academically, in sport, and even in business. However, it is a rare date that will not at times be taken aback by your direct stance. Some will enjoy your candour and some may certainly be thrown by it. But that part you already know, because keeping people on their intellectual toes is something you pride yourself on.

You’re not likely to feel you want to impress anyone for the sake of being liked. You will come across as impressive, quite possibly consciously and on purpose.

You may not always realise how intimidating your direct style of communicating can be. It may work for you perfectly in other settings like business or in sport, but at the early stages of a relationship, you may want to choose to tone down your candour.

By all means, use your skills of a well-versed conversationalist to keep your date entertained, but avoid any type of debate because in your case it can get heated without you even realising that. So turn to your wonderful communication capabilities, not so much to win in the conversation, but to get your potential Mr Right smitten enough to ask you out again.

You are a very strong character. If you were a man, you’d be classified as the most dominant, intense and almost forceful persona of all. You’d make a great match in business or any other area for even the most domineering of the males, but let’s not forget that in the dating world you don’t want to be the one wearing the pants.

Your personality has a naturally soft side to it, so let that side guide you when you are in a man’s company. He will still be impressed by that air of confidence and composure you have, but your gentle feminine side is what will sweep him off his feet and will make him want to fight for your attention

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