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How are YOU in a dating context?
Hi, [memb_contact fields=FirstName]! To give you a thorough understanding of how other personalities will interact with you, it is important for you to know how your own personality affects the communication dynamic. As a Blue persona, you are charming, relaxed and warm. You have a live and let live attitude that makes you well-liked by most people. You are never going to try and ‘put it on’ for a date. You value honesty and integrity too much. So with you it is the case of ‘what you see is what you get’, but you’d never portray such an image in an arrogant manner. Although you have a mildly impulsive streak, you are more likely to want to make sure that a potential relationship will last the distance. For this reason you are likely to take dating seriously. Most dates will be pleasantly surprised when they experience how creative you can be in responding to the needs of others, and how easily you do thoughtful things to please them. You are observant about what others are experiencing and can be swift and practical in the way you come to their aid. You have a genuine interest in others and you remember the finest details that are shared with you. Most people around you will feel cared for and listened to, and as a result feel drawn to you. The same can be said for your dates. Although you are quite outgoing, a first date may yet perceive you as a bit reserved. It is more of a case of you wanting to be polite, happy to let someone else talk, and being genuinely interested in what they have to say. Once you relax in someone’s company, the real you will more easily shine through, and that real you can be expressed in a delightful sense of humour and a willingness to try new things. Overall, you are thought of as a very likeable person, and it is easy for most guys to see themselves in a relationship with you. For your part, because you favour harmony and stability, you may tend to move too quickly into the relationship phase with someone that you get on with. You are more comfortable with the idea of a settled relationship than with the dating scene. Be sure to give yourself enough time to see that you are really with the right guy, even when he feels like Mr Perfect initially. A quick birds-eye view of your matches As a harmony-loving Blue persona, you are well matched with other peace-loving personas. Green, Mint and Purple personas will share many of your family-oriented values and your healthy respect for traditions. A Mint persona, equally, will add that and a dimension of order and planning that your sometimes unorganised world can do with. Or, if you want to be wowed by an ultra-efficient man’s man that will still be caring, you may want to consider a Purple or a Green persona Other personas like the Orange, Red and Yellow have a more irreverent approach to traditions and social norms. You may tend to take your time making decisions, preferring to think things through properly and considering how things will affect other people before you act. Greens, Mints and Purples will share this concern for others, while Orange, Red and Yellow personas will just get on with things and do what they please. The compatible matches mentioned all want to maintain peace and stability, and like you, they prefer to take things slowly and not act hastily, while the personas listed as poor matches for you are risk takers. They are individuals who would rather see things changed at the slightest sign of dissatisfaction than leave them as they are. Letting them into your calm world can easily upset its balance. The boisterous, extravert Yellow persona will make you feel like you are on the rollercoaster with their overwhelming energy, but you’ll always struggle to feel that this man has your back. The driven Orange persona has such a dramatically differing worldview to yours when it comes to work-life balance that just watching them will exhaust you. And the straight talking Red persona will overwhelm you with debates that feel more like arguments to you. Not only will these personas drain you and cause you stress, but also you will have a similar effect of frustrating them. You are not matched on drive and ambition with these personas, and their life pace will make you feel like you are constantly playing catch-up with them. Such mismatches will, in time, exacerbate any potential relationship and put it under severe strain. Curious about the juicy details about these matches, [memb_contact fields=FirstName]?

Click through below to find out how your [memb_contact fields=_Result1] [memb_contact fields=_Gender] personality specifically matches other colors. Your 3 most compatible matches are: [memb_contact fields=_Mostcompatible], [memb_contact fields=FirstName]. We also tell you what it would be like dating your own color persona. Your 3 least compatible matches are: [memb_contact fields=_LeastCompatible].

Want to know what it will be like to live with your potential date? Below we tell you everything from how they spend money to how they deal with conflict. We'll tell you if they are workaholics and if you will ever win an argument with them. We could go on but best you just click through and look! Use it as your own crystal ball! Most of all use it as pointers on what to ask or look out for. PS.. You can't take all this in in one go. Come back here often and do your research before you invest too much emotion, time or money in your next dating exploit. Enjoy!